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[CM] Blossoming Fire Dancer


 + Annie MYO Custom for @poly-peptide

I love getting to design masc-presenting characters and my joy of creating them has increased so much this year. This boy was definitely a fun experiement with chibi muscles and exploring polynesian cultures! I tried looking up real tattoo examples to make sure they had the right vibe and Poly's ref ideas were super helpful. He is bright and powerful and the cool older bro to his little sister!



Blessing Name: Golden Dust Day Geko | Scarlet Jade Vine
How many Blessings: 2
Rarity: Uncommon
Eyes: Common

Annies are a closed species by Yamio


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ani you and your abs jkadhsa XD I love this pose so much! the tattoo and tail scales are really pretty!

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Such amazingly designed Annie~ Love how you drew the details like holy moly they look great! His color palette is so colorful and just really pleasing to the eyes~!

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Waaaa a pacific islander character design~! I absolutely adore all the attention to details of the culture put into him! The tattoos and markings especially, I just love all the careful details there! Other aspects like his headdress is so well drawn too, the plants, the flowers, the paintbrush, it all comes together~!

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What a handsome guy! I love his gecko tail and tattoos but his eyes are just gorgeous.

KittyDaUnicorn's avatar

ooOOH HANDSOME BOY!! i absolutely LOVE this design, i absolutely love how you incorporated cultural aspects into his design, i especially think the tattoos are really cool x) it's inspiring me to make more characters that aren't just your standard cutesy girl >w<

aniMOSITl's avatar

Thank you Uni!!! I adore your cutesy girls though TT A TT but expanding your horizons is always so much fun and you can make even cuter girls from the experimentation

pinkstickerz's avatar

So cute! What fun warm colors and great details!!

aniMOSITl's avatar

Thank you pink!!

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