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We still need more... More Hork-Bajir, more Taxxons, more Yeerks, more Andalites. Earth may be safe for now, there's still a whole universe out there...
You can join us, join the resistance by simply clicking Join. We still need your help to save the World. You may be our only hope!
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Aug 1, 2003


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455 Members
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139,055 Pageviews
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Andalite Egg by MazingMarco
Running Together 2017 (By ThreeEyeLion) by SpellboundFox
(The) Rachel by ladysugarquill
Inktober #3: Animal by ladysugarquill
The Invasion Ch. 4, Pg. 3 by CamishCD
Animorphs - The Exposed - Page 3 by MeEmilee
Animorphs AU: What If Tom was the Leader? by ikriam
Two, New Characters by SpellboundFox
Earth Moon-Gazing by SpellboundFox
Spacedeer by someone-kill-the-dj
This Planet is Protected by SpellboundFox
The Escafil Pumpkin by johwee
Tiny Animorphs by DragonStomp
It was Visser Three . . . by RedgeandLilly
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It's a Raptor Convention by Kiriska It's a Raptor Convention :iconkiriska:Kiriska 204 28 Animorphs: The Andalite Bandits by TiarnanDominusAdonai Animorphs: The Andalite Bandits :icontiarnandominusadonai:TiarnanDominusAdonai 12 3 Andalite by EWilloughby Andalite :iconewilloughby:EWilloughby 84 36 Goddamn Andalite by Inonibird Goddamn Andalite :iconinonibird:Inonibird 101 36 The Alternamorphs by Akhrrana The Alternamorphs :iconakhrrana:Akhrrana 7 14
The Psychic: Chapter 2
"Are you sure this is a smart idea?" I asked Jake on the way to Cassie's
farm. "Your friends do not seem to like me..."
"They'll be fine. They just..."
"Think I'm an alien?" I asked. Jake looked at me surprised, like I had just
read his mind. And I had... in a way.
In the two weeks I had hung around Jake, his friends were close at hand. It
was like if I hurt him or threatened him in anyway they would tear me. Piece
by piece. Jake had done his best to make sure that everyone knew I was a
friend and not a foe. Although everyone thought otherwise.
"There's another reason why you want me to come to your 'meetings' Jake. What
is it?"
We looked directly at each other. I did my best to stare him down, a
technique  I have learned several years ago. He wasn't going to give in any
time soon though, so we stood there for awhile.
After several minutes he continued walking to the little barn that Cassie's
father kept all the sick and injured animals. I followed behind as I cursed
:iconsuprgrl1995:suprgrl1995 2 1
The Psychic: Chapter 3
"How about this?" Gran asked showing me a shirt that read 'Aliens are over-rated, show me the zombies!' and it looked like a 10 year old had made it.
"Are you sure it's supposed to be part of the boy's section?" I asked her in mid-groan.
Gran looked at the shirt then back at me, then smiled. She put the shirt down on a nearby display table. A small beeper on Gran's pants started to vibrate. She glanced down to see who it was.
"I'm needed dear." she said before she kissed me on the forehead. "Be good."
"I will Gran." I told her. As she left to store she ran into Jake and his friends. I could hear her tell them that I was in the same store and that they could come and see me. Since I was 'feeling a little different' lately.
Of course they did not plan on meeting me, nor were they going to.
"Hey kid," some store employee said. I turned around and I noticed that Jake and his friends looked at me. "How would you like to go the Sharing? It has lots of other kids your age there."
"The Sharing
:iconsuprgrl1995:suprgrl1995 1 6
The Psychic: Chapter 1
My name is Jen. A common name among my family and friends for me is Jenna. Fate moved me to the same town the Animorphs lived in. And this is my story. This is my account of how I got the know them. This is how I know the Animorphs and their secrets.
I came in and took everything away from them. The accounts you have read or heard of before, they are nothing now. Only certain parts remained. Certain events might be the same. I'm guessing the first ten or so accounts you have read are the same. But after that... not anymore.
I got a Fear Street novel from the top of my book case and tossed myself on my bed. Finally! Some relaxing after all that moving effort! You never realize how much stuff you have until you move, Gran says. I couldn't relax for long though the phone rang. I sighed and reached to my bedside table where I had a house phone.
"Hello?" I answered. My voice sounded like a choir of bells that evening. I was extremely happy for some reason.
"Hi, my name is Jake. I life right
:iconsuprgrl1995:suprgrl1995 1 4
WIP: Animorphs fffffanart by kalamu WIP: Animorphs fffffanart :iconkalamu:kalamu 185 38 Farow Reference Sheet by creepygoth666 Farow Reference Sheet :iconcreepygoth666:creepygoth666 14 9 Leap by creepygoth666 Leap :iconcreepygoth666:creepygoth666 30 24 Horse Morph V1 2010 by Aizxana Horse Morph V1 2010 :iconaizxana:Aizxana 38 23
Mature content
Syren:Origins :iconauraguardianhadou:AuraGuardianHadou 38 22
Hey all!

So this group has been super inactive for quite some time and for that I sincerely apologize. I personally haven't been on dA nearly as often as I was a couplefew years ago. And I suspect the same is true for most of the other admins, though I really can't speak for them.

Anyway, I'm currently organizing the gallery into folders so people can have an easier time finding the things they're looking for. Recent submissions will still go to the featured folder and then later moved to their appropriate home.

I've also turned down the number of votes needed to get deviations approved for submission, so hopefully the process will go more quickly. Unfortunately, this group has a history of receiving submissions that have nothing at all to do with Animorphs, so the approval system is still necessary.

I'm also gonna start being in the chat room  again, when I'm available.

And I think this is a perfect time to thank all you lovely people for the submissions that we've received over the years. Even with it being...well...a little on the dead side, you wonderful fans have kept us going with your drawings and your comics and I think that's pretty rad. :3

As for the future, I'd love to be able to do events of some kind, but I haven't a clue what kind. Suggestions welcome!
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