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Chapter 1: the Crisis

Hi, my name is… hey, wait a minute! I see what you're trying to do! Oh, you think I'm just like the other Animorphs, that I'll at least give you my name? Wrong! Unlike them, the Yeerks know who I am. Unlike them, I have a brother to protect. Unlike them, I'm being hunted like a common prey!

In case you don't know, sorry I yelled. The Yeerks are an alien species of parasitic slugs. Now, before you go off thinking, 'Wow, this girl is full of crap. Big deal, I could take care of some measly slugs.' these aren't normal slugs.

They can drill their way into the brain of their victims through the ears.  Once it reaches the brain, it seems into the crevices and takes control of the body they inhabit. If you have the unpleasant experience of becoming a host of a yeerk, which is called being a Controller, you have no power over your own body, the yeerk does. You can't move, or even blink, unless the yeerk decides to do so. And you'd still be alive somewhere inside your head, watching and listening as the yeerk gets away with it.

The main reason the yeerks have been getting away with their invasion of Earth is because it is difficult to tell who is a Controller and who isn't. They have access to all their host's memories, being in the brain and all, so they know how to act like that person. Anyone could be the host of a yeerk. They have already successfully taken the Hork-bajir and Taxxons, and now they are after the humans.

Now you're probably wondering who the Animorphs are. Well, I guess I could give you their first names and a background, but don't get cocky! The Animorphs are the group of teenagers that resist the yeerks and their invasion. They were given the power to morph by an Andalite prince named Elfangor. He's dead now, though.
Five teenagers were given this power just before he died, and now they fight for this planet's salvation. Jake is the leader of this group. His comrades include Rachel, Marco, Cassie, Tobias, and eventually, Elfangor's younger brother. They can morph into any animal they touch. This is the only weapon they fight with, that is … until they met me.

I warn you that my story is tragic and strange. It will be told in short episodes since I doubt you are interested in hearing every little detail of my life. Well, since I'll let you in on my story, you will need a name for me. You may call me Em, even though it isn't related to my real name or anything.

I spent most of my childhood in a small town. My mom was a nurse while my dad was an FBI agent. Because of his job, my dad had to move a lot, but my mom's job required her to stay put. The solution to this problem was for my brothers and I to choose who to live with when we were old enough to understand.

My little brother, JJ (not his real name), and I always stayed home with my mom while my older brother, David, would constantly move with my dad. My parents were still together, but were separated, which I thought was fine.

All that changed just before I turned fourteen. I was told by my mother that she was getting transferred to another hospital in another part of the country. It was upsetting, but there was nothing I could do about it.

Thus after the traumatic experience of moving away for the first time, we made a startling discovery: we would be moving into the same house my dad bought recently. Apparently, we would be living like a family like we had when we were little kids.


After a few days of moving in, we kids went to the school for the first time. On the way to school, we cut through the abandoned construction site to shorten the route.

David strolled confidently ahead, showing off his height proudly. He had curly blonde hair, lovely brown eyes, and a jerky personality. I believe you may have heard of him before. Though he never mentioned it, I am his twin sister.

JJ walked unsurely beside me. He is two years younger than me, so he was still kind of small. His brown hair was straight, his hazel eyes were always bright with intelligence, and he is also the sweetest boy you could meet. He is the one I protect with my life.

Then there was me. I was so busy trying to make sure JJ didn't get hurt by the litter and stuff that I wasn't paying attention to where I was stepping. Thus I was clumsily stumbling along, making David roll his eyes in contempt. My hair was brown and wild, reaching down to the small of my back. My grey eyes were said to penetrate the soul. I may not look it, but I am strong and quick on my feet when I'm not tripping over them.

At my last fall, David got mad and whirled around to yell at me, but stopped to stare at what I'd tripped on.  I followed his gaze with my eyes. At my feet was a plain blue box with a strange foreign language inscribed within the side of it.

"What in the world is that? That's a random thing to find at a place like this." David commented as JJ helped me to my feet.

I picked up the box and handed it to JJ, who was examining it with interest. "It looked foreign. This is kind of cool. Who knows, maybe it could be worth something to someone." I suggested.

At that last statement, I swear I saw dollar signs appear over David's eyes for a moment. "It's mine, I call dibs!" he yelled, greedily snatching it from JJ's hands.

"What would you do with it? For all we know, it could be a piece of garbage." I protested as he dropped it into his backpack.

He gave me an annoyed look. When he was about to argue with me, JJ beat him to it. "Could we please get to school before we are late?" he begged.

David turned away with a huff and started stomping ahead. JJ glanced shyly at my face to see my reaction. I was slightly upset, but we both knew it would pass in time.

Though JJ doesn't know David too well, I do. This makes living with him harder for me. Thus sweet, reliable JJ is my voice of reason when I'm around our older brother.


I didn't know what about the town made me nervous, but whenever I came near certain people or places, I'd get a weird feeling. The school vice principal, Mr. Chapman, was one of those people. Since David wouldn't appreciate me making a scene, I stayed silent about it. I couldn't hide my discomfort from my younger brother, though.

Once Mr. Chapman was done welcoming us to the school and all, he immediately got down to business. "Here are your schedules and a map of the school. If you need any assistance, my door is always open." he explained as he eyed us weirdly. This sent involuntary shivers down my spine. Then he brightened up with what looked to me like a predatory smile. "Oh and there is an organization in this town called the Sharing. It is an organization like the Boy Scouts, except it accepts all genders and ages. It's very fun, would you like to join?" he invited us.

It was crazy, but I didn't like this guy, though he seemed normal enough. "I'm sorry, but I don't want to get involved in anything until I know everything about it." I informed him obnoxiously. He frowned in disapproval and sent us on our way.

Outside the office, David decided to ditch us. JJ and I went through the unfamiliar motions of our first day of a new school for the first time in years. I still couldn't shake my discomfort until we returned to the safety of our house.


Immediately upon our return, David went to swim in our new pool. He wanted nothing to do with us, his own family. Sick of David's attitude and my newfound nervousness, I went out and walked until civilization was behind me. I knew coming into town that there was a forest in the area. I was soon in this secluded area.

I walked without a path or anything to guide me. The only thing that kept me from becoming completely lost was the fact that I was leaving small marks on the trees with my swiss army knife as I passed them. The serenity was already making me more at peace. There was no anxious urges to run and hide, no fear running through my mind, I felt completely fine.

Eventually, I came to a clearing. It was a beautiful spot and perfect for camping. There were old, big trees surrounding it for rain coverage, and a large flat rock that sat next to a gurgling stream. There was enough room for a tent, and maybe a campfire. I rested against a tree, taking it all in for awhile.

Suddenly, a mind blowing pain entered my skull out of nowhere. It felt like someone was mashing my brains inside out. I soon blacked out from the pain.

When I woke up, I saw before me a glowing blue creature. He was a strange looking centaur with the upper body of a human guy, the body of a large deer below that, and a long, muscular tail ending with a wicked sharp blade at his rump. He had two wide eyes, slits for a nose, and no mouth on his face, but he had two extra eyes on movable stalks atop his head. His body was covered with metallic blue and tan fur.

The creature was just staring at me. But seeing him gave me such a fright that I started screaming. He took a few startled steps backwards before covering his ears with seven fingered hands. <What and unpleasant noise! But why would she scream?>. His voice wasn't heard through my ears, but through my mind.

"W-what are y-you?!" I stuttered, trying to scoot back as much as I could towards the tree.

<Wait, you can see and hear me?> his main eyes widened and his stalk eyes reached as far up as they could go in what I could only guess as surprise, <but I'm dead and you are clearly alive. How is that possible?> he asked.

"I knew moving away was a bad idea. Now I'm seeing things. David's going to get a kick out of my mental state. I muttered to myself, tearing my eyes away from the glowing being in front of me. Then I noticed how dark the sky had gotten. "Dang it, Mom's gonna kill me!" I cried out, pulling myself together enough to get up and walk along the path I'd marked out.

Unfortunately, he followed along. <You don't mind if I join you, do you? It's just that I've been here with no one to talk to for months. And I have a lot to say.> he told me.

So the figment of my imagination wanted to talk to me? I didn't see how this could backfire, so I accepted with a "Sure, as long as it isn't inconvenient for me."

<My name is Elfangor. I'm an alien, an Andalite in fact. I died fighting against an alien invasion on this planet.> he introduced himself politely.

I told him my name then he proceeded to tell me about the yeerks and their invasion. I in turn explained my situation with the adjustments to my new home.

When we almost came to the edge of the woods, I suddenly felt a pain in my head. I stumbled and came to a stop as my sight faded, replaced by a horrible vision. In the vision, a swarm of seven foot tall, demonic green monsters with blades on their foreheads, wrists, elbows, and knees rushed into my ne house. They broke furniture, killed the family pets, and stormed upstairs. Half were still downstairs when an odd group of animals burst through the screen door. A tiger and a grizzly bear raced after the monsters upstairs while a wolf and a hawk attacked the ones still downstairs.

Just as suddenly as it had come, the vision disappeared to be replaced by my normal eyesight. Blinking rapidly, I glanced at Elfangor, who was giving me a look of concern. <Are you feeling ill?> he asked.

I stared at the ground as I started on my way again. "Actually, I've had the weirdest day ever. I'm sure it's just me going insane, but…" I met my eyes with his for a moment, "I saw the strangest thing just now." I proceeded to explain what I just saw to him in my strange way. "And like that's the only thing to be worried about. Whenever I go out in public, I get these bad feelings around certain people and places, like I should avoid them. And now I'm talking to a dead alien."

laughed like a crazy person, but Elfangor didn't seem to mind. He pondered over what I'd said for awhile then spoke up. <Yes, that does sound strange. Those green monsters you mentioned are an alien species called hork-bajir. They are all Controllers, but they were peaceful before the yeerks took them. I wonder why they would invade your home.>

"How would I know? Why does everything have to be complicated? Oh, civilization!" I was complaining until the trees cleared to reveal a road. We followed the road in silence until we came to my neighborhood, and eventually, my house.

When we entered, the place was a mess. The picture frames were knocked over, there were feathers and BB pellets scattered on the floor, and the screen door to the pool was left open. David stared out at the backyard through the open screen door, holding the blue box in his hands.

JJ flew down the stairs from his room, running right through Elfangor's non-existent body in the process. "I heard a racket. Is everything okay?" he asked.

David turned towards us with a carefree expression on his face. I could feel my face turn red with rage. "David, of all the stupidest- you idiot! I can't leave you alone for a simple walk! Look at this mess!" I screamed at him with all the fury I could muster. JJ and Elfangor winced at my tone, but David was simply bored. He didn't care what I thought. The only one he could care about is himself.

"You would never believe what just happened! Someone sent trained birds to steal the blue bow. If someone would go to that trouble, it must be worth a lot. I'm going to go sell this online!" he announced before prancing off to his own room.

What about your mess?!" I yelled after him, but my question went unanswered.

I turned to ask JJ if he would help me clean the place when I caught sight of Elfangor's face. I don't think my brothers had noticed him; otherwise JJ would have freaked out when he passed right through him, so I was the only one to see his surprise. <That was the Escafil Device in his hands. You and your family will be in danger if he sells that. Your vision will come true.> he said this in wonder as he stared at me with intensity in his green eyes.
Hey, I started my first Animorphs fanfiction! The characters aren't mine, unless you count JJ and Em, but everyone else belongs to K. A. Applegate.
Please let me know if the plot makes no sense or whatever and i'll try to fix it, but there had better be comments. I can't read minds, though i wish i did. :p
This is an attempt at a Ax/OC relationship. If it doesn't appeal to then read something else.
Thank you for reading this :)

~ ~ ~

Chapter List

Chapter 1: The Crisis
Chapter 2: Survival
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