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Chapter Three

~Becky's POV

After the party, Jake, Jenny,and I put the chao to bed and cleaned the apartment. It wasn't as bad as it looked, really. Our apartment is small, but it will do for now. It has a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, and two bedrooms. Jenny and I share one of the rooms while Jake shares his with the chao.

"This was a crazy day." Jenny told me as we got ready for bed.

"Yeah, wasn't expecting an Eggman attack on your birthday." I answered as I slipped into my cot.
Jenny frowned. "That was poorly timed." she agreed.

"Mmmm-hmmm" I tried to say while fighting back a yawn. Something shiny caught my attention. "Where did you get that necklace?" I asked.

Knuckles gave it to me before he left. Do you think he would like to hang out with a girl like me?" She climbed into her own cot across from mine.

"Of course he would! He'll probably call you soon to set up the time and place." I reassured her before falling asleep.

About a week later, Knuckles still hadn't called or even visited. Jenny has been more and more unhappy with disappointment and homesickness. Not even Penny could cheer her up. With each day his absence made her sad, the angrier it made me. The night Jenny cried herself to sleep was the last straw.

~Normal POV

Knuckles sat in front of the Master Emerald. He was more lonely and miserable than before he met Jenny. He had to protect the Master Emerald though and Rouge hadn't stopped trying to steal it. He couldn't just drop his duties to see Jenny. He didn't want to call her only to feel bad about not seeing her. It might be too painful to even see her because he would be tempted to stay too long.

He didn't expect to see a chao come out of nowhere to rest beside him. It looked like Molly, Jake and Becky's pet.

"What're you doing here?" He reached over to pet the cute chao. Molly slapped his hand away and transformed into Becky.

"How dare you! You tell my best friend that you want to hang out with her and then you just ignore her! What kind of behavior is that, you jerk? Would it hurt you to call at least once to say hi?" She yelled as she shook the startled echidna.

"Calm down for chaos' sake and let me explain!" Knuckles said through clenched teeth.

"I will not calm down! You don't know the pain you've caused. She was expecting at least a call, you know. But no! You have more important things to do. She's so depressed that it's getting contagious."

"Shut up and listen to me!" Knuckles shouted, pushing the fox away, "I wanted to call-I wanted to go, but Rouge is always waiting for a chance at the Master Emerald. If I leave, she'll steal it. I have no choice but to stay because if it is stolen, the whole island will fall."

"Oh," Becky exclaimed as realization hit. "So that's why you didn't come by. But why didn't you call?"

"I don't have her number." Knuckles replied flatly.

Becky Shook her head, red with embarrassment, but had a gleam in her eyes. "Not trying to sound like a fan girl, but with the way you and Jenny acted the past few days, something passed between you two. If you really want to 'hang out' with her, I have a plan that might work, but there is a price."

"And what might that be?" Knuckles watched as she changed her form to look exactly like him. "Oh… Alright, what's the catch?"

"I will guard this emerald with my life. I will keep it from being stolen, broken, used, or even scratched. My price for this kindness is that you apologize to her in person. You will hang out with her and treat her with the respect she deserves. Understand?" The mockery of the echidna said, taking Knuckles place in front of the Master Emerald.

Knuckles nodded and went to the small apartment building in Emerald City as fast as he could. He sprinted up the stairs to her apartment because his impatience wouldn't allow him to wait for the elevator.

He pounded on the door and waited for an answer. Jake opened the door to see Knuckles standing there. "Is Jenny home?" Knuckles asked.

Jake let Knuckles in and led him to the living room, where Jenny was watering her cactuses at the windows. "Someone here to see you, Jenny." Jake said.

Jenny turned and froze when she saw Knuckles. "Now before you say anything, I have some explaining to do. I should have contacted you earlier, but I've been so preoccupied. Rouge has been after the Mater Emerald, and I haven't gotten a break until now." Knuckles ranted.

Jenny closed the space between them and hugged him. "I'm not angry." She said, "You said that you wanted to hang out with me sometime, but you never said when. I thought that you had forgotten, but you didn't." Jenny explained, pulling away and getting her shoes.

"Where do you want to go? What do you want to do?" Knuckles asked as he opened the door for her.

They walked out of the building together. "I don't know," Jenny said, "But I hear there's a festival by the Emerald Middle School campus. Maybe we could check it out."

"Okay," Knuckles said, leading her towards the school. Attempting to start a conversation, he asked, "By the way, how are you guys keeping up with your rent?"

"We're doing okay. We went job hunting recently, so the rent won't be a big problem. I wash dishes at a fancy restaurant, Becky works at a daycare, and Jake works at a gas station. They aren't dream jobs, but they pay the rent." Jenny explained. They approached the streets filled with booths of merchandise and games.

They passed booths that sold candles, handmade jewelry, glass and stuffed animals, purses, jellies and jams, and other things found at festivals. The booths were teeming with people examining and purchasing items.

"Speaking of jobs, why aren't you guarding the Master Emerald today?" Jenny asked as she examined the paintings at one booth.

"Your friend Becky came by and offered to guard it for me today so I could have some free time." Knuckles answered before someone in the crowd took a picture of them together.

Knuckles cursed and took Jenny's hand. He pulled her into a less crowded area. "Why did you do that Knuckles?" Jenny asked in annoyance.

"A fan girl took our picture. It's going to be sent to every fan out there and they will assume that we're a couple. It will be all over the media before you know it." Knuckles explained.

"That is all the more reason for us to enjoy this today." Jenny reasoned, smiling at him, "We don't know when we will be able to hang out like this again. Let them think what they want."

"Well, what do you think we should do now?" Knuckles asked, looking around at the games.

"I think we should look at some more booths, play a few games, and have fun." Jenny said, pulling Knuckles along behind her as they explored the festival. They were soon enjoying themselves and ignoring the fan girls who were taking as many pictures as they could.

They didn't notice the white bat, who was following them ever since they entered the festival area, hurrying in the direction of Angel Island.

'Now's my chance to steal the Master Emerald,' Rouge thought as she leapt into the air and flew off.

~15 minutes later

Back at Angel Island, Becky was bored out of her mind. She had been sitting in front of the Master Emerald for almost an hour. She couldn't even imagine doing it all day, every day without going nuts first. The most exciting thing that happened since Knuckles left was when a bird came by and crapped on the Master Emerald.

"Who in their right of mind would put a giant emerald outside where anyone could steal it and any bird can crap on it." Becky grumbled while cleaning off the sticky globs. "Speaking of which, where am I going to do my business? I can't go out in the open, but if I leave, the Master Emerald might get stolen."

As she looked around, she saw the bushes rustle as though someone were behind it. She grabbed a stick and started poking the bush, yelling, "Come out, Coward! I'm not afraid of you. If you're here for the Master Emerald then you will leave empty handed."

"Calm down. I know you're not Knuckles." Rouge said as she stepped out of the bushes, unimpressed. "Knuckles wouldn't wonder where to relieve himself. He would go whether someone sees him or not."

Becky looked at her hands, which were an exact replica of Knuckles' hands. "I don't even want to know. Anyways I won't give up the Master Emerald without a fight."

"Why are you guarding the Master Emerald? Why did you let Knuckles have the day off? You could help me steal it and we could share it afterwards. I'll even give a good word about you to Shadow. I've seen how you look at him." Rouge taunted her, smirking at Becky's awkward blush.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about." Becky stammered as she changed back to her own form. "I just wanted Jenny to be happy. If guarding a rock will make her happy then so be it. But I promised Knuckles that I'd guard this gem with my life, so if you want it, you'll have to go through me first."

"You are making a stupid mistake, little freak!" Rouge growled before she threw the first punch.

At the same time in the Emerald City summer festival, Jenny took the golf ball in her hand and aimed it at the plastic target. She released it, but it didn't even graze the target.

'It's too far away.' she thought, but she looked at Knuckles anyways and asked, "Do you want to try?"

Knuckles took the ball Jenny offered to him and threw it with expert ease. It landed in the center of the target with a thunk.

"How on Mobius did you do that?" Jenny exclaimed.

Knuckles placed the last golf ball in her hand and wrapped his hand around her fist. They pulled the ball back, swung, and released together in one motion. The ball flew through the air like a bullet and hit the center of the target so hard that the target fell off its post.

"That was amazing, Knuckles. This has been a good day." Jenny said as they walked away from the booth after paying for their game.

"Yeah, we should do stuff like this more often." Knuckles looked around a moment and found what he was searching for. "Wait here, alright? I'll be right back."

With that, he disappeared in the crowd, leaving Jenny waiting impatiently between booths. She was examining the jewelry in one booth when she felt someone pat her on the butt. She spun around to lash out at whoever dared touch her so rudely, but the green hedgehog easily caught her fist before it could make contact with his face. The hedgehog smirked evilly at Jenny then tried to pull her behind the booths.

Jenny was ready to panic. She knew from what she heard from others that this was Scourge the Hedgehog, Sonic's evil opposite. Every story she heard warned that he was a liar, a thief, and everything he did was selfish and no-good.

Before Jenny could scream for help, a fist with two spikes punched Scourge in the face. His grip was weakened and Jenny took advantage of the situation by moving out of Scourge's reach. Knuckles, who was the one who punched him, yelled, "Don't you DARE touch her, you creep!" as Scourge climbed to his feet.

"I will touch anything I want, Knuckie. How's Rouge by the way?"

"I want nothing to do with her. And Jenny isn't just anyone for you to touch!" Knuckles started throwing punches at Scourge. Scourge easily dodged and landed a few blows of his own.

Knuckles had no control over his emotions and his punches were thrown blindly. Jenny was immediately concerned about the outcome. Even if he won, Knuckles might get really hurt, but with the way the fight was going, it was more likely that he would lose.

Just when Jenny was feeling despair and hopelessness, she remembered her power. She randomly began singing May it be between two booths at the Emerald City summer festival next to an out of control fight. Everyone stopped whatever they were doing to gawk at the voice.

Scourge picked himself up and ran out of the city, never looking back once. Jenny helped Knuckles to his feet and they walked out of the booths to one of the parks. There, she examined his battle wounds for serious damage. (There wasn't anything too serious.)

"Why did you defend me like that?" Jenny asked him as they walked along one of the paths, "I'd never seen you so angry."

"You are worthy of defense, Jenny, especially against a creep like Scourge. Do you know what his intentions with you were?" Knuckles said, blushing slightly and looking at the flowers lining the path. From their location, they could see construction going on from where Eggman attacked almost a week ago.

"I have an idea, yes." Jenny answered, shuddering at the thought, "I wonder if Becky is doing okay. She can guard things easily, but she never handled anything as important as the Master Emerald before."

"Don't worry about her. The worst that can happen would be if Rouge came, but she's beatable. Everything will be fine." Knuckles reassured her as they walked carelessly down the path.

Meanwhile on Angel Island, Becky reviewed the situation at hand. Rouge started a fight, expecting to win because of her experience and ability to fly, but she underestimated Becky's fighting abilities. Still, she was lucky that Rouge was the one unconscious on the ground and not Becky. Knuckles would never trust her with the Master Emerald again if Rouge had won the fight and stole it. Then Jenny would get sad again from missing him.

Becky had turned back into Knuckles and sat in front of the Master Emerald. She thought of how her knuckles were battered and busted from punching, her face hurt from where Rouge had relatedly smacked it, and her ribs would be sore in the morning from when Rouge pushed her down and kicked at her. At least she was better off than the loser.

She was thinking this when there was another rustle in the bushes. 'I swear if this is Eggman I will beat him over the head with the bat!' she thought as she yelled, "Who are you and what do you want?"

She was surprised to see Shadow and Omega come out of the bushes. They looked over at Rouge, who was still unconscious on the ground. "So that's why she was late for training." Shadow said dryly.

"She was looking for a fight." Becky said defensively.

"She's always looking for a fight, but you always just chase her off the island." Shadow looked at her suspiciously after picking up Rouge and handing her over to Omega.

"Probability of Knuckles being Becky the Fox in disguise is 75%." Omega informed Shadow.

"Is that right? Are you really Becky?" Shadow asked, his eyes piercing hers' in a menacing way.

Becky didn't know how to respond. She knew that these two meant business, and she didn't want to make any more enemies today. She got up and started backing up to the Master Emerald. 'Crap!' she thought when she realized that she was cornered and had nowhere to run, 'How will everyone react when they find my corpse, supposing they ever find it?!'
Sonic, Knuckles, Rouge, Scourge, and all those people are not mine. Jenny, Becky, and Jake are mine, though.

And as a side note, yes they are making a big deal out of just 'hanging out' but keep in mind that I first wrote this a long time ago. Back then, I was so awkward about romance and this was my first romance story. So 'hanging out'='date'.

Like I said, this was my first story. Please comment about how you feel about this. Thank you! ;)

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