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Chapter Six

It took them a while to get to Angel Island. They were tired from all that happened in the past few days. When they finally made it to the Master Emerald, they asked each other questions about themselves.

‘What’s your favorites color?’ Jenny wrote to Knuckles. She was sitting next to him in front of the Master Emerald. She adjusted the chain on her necklace so the shard of the Master Emerald was covering her bandage.

“I like the color red, but I also like green.” Knuckles answered, leaning back until he was looking comfortably at the sky.

Jenny wrote something more on the whiteboard and showed it to him. ‘Like your fur and the Master Emerald?’

“Yeah, I guess you could say that.” Knuckles said. Then a moment of silence passed. Knuckles looked over at Jenny, curious as to what she could be writing.

Instead of writing, she was doodling on the whiteboard. “What’re you drawing, Jenny?” Knuckles asked.

Jenny showed him a drawing of them as stick figures in front of the shining Master Emerald. The drawing was made only of red and green.

“That’s really good. Did you take art classes?” Knuckles said, examining the doodle.

Jenny gave him a playful whack on the shoulder with the whiteboard. The picture smeared against his fur, leaving green and red marks on his arm.

He glanced at his shoulder and gave a mock gasp. “You’re going to pay for that. This means war!” Knuckles playfully threatened, taking a blue marker and uncapping it.

Jenny gave him a raspberry and uncapped her green marker. She scrambled to her feet and started running around the Master Emerald. Knuckles was soon after her, waving his marker wildly in the air.

They chased each other until he caught up to her. They attacked each other with their markers until they collapsed, exhausted. Jenny’s quills were colored blue and Knuckles’ fur was a lively shade of green.

They just lay on the ground, staring at the darkening sky. Knuckles reached over and took Jenny’s hand. They glanced at each other’s face, unsure of how to react. They then blushed, turning their faces away. Knuckles still held her hand in his.

They were both savoring the moment when the clouds opened and a rain storm erupted. Knuckles got up and helped Jenny to her feet, saying, “We should get inside. It’s raining pretty hard.”

Jenny nodded then picked up the whiteboard and markers from where she dropped them. She followed Knuckles quickly into the forest surrounding the Master Emerald. Soon they could see a small house up ahead.

Knuckles led her into her house. It was small and simple compared to Sonic’s house, but to Jenny it seemed warm, cozy, and livable. He gave her a quick tour of the house, and upon further inspection, Jenny concluded that Knuckles lived alone.

They sat on the couch, listening as the storm raged on. It slowly go more and more fierce. The thunder shook the foundation of the little house and the lightning lit up the darkness that surrounded the floating island.

“This is the worst storm I’ve seen yet!” Knuckles exclaimed after a certain amount of thunder rattled the dishware in a kitchen cupboard.

Jenny nodded as she dried off the whiteboard. The rain had washed away had washed away the marker stains on their fur, but now they were dripping water all over the couch.

‘What if something happens to the Master Emerald?’ Jenny wrote and showed it to him.

“Nothing will happen to it. The worst that could happen would be if lightning strikes it. If that happens, which it most likely won’t, the Master Emerald will pull through. It always has pulled through before.” Knuckles reasoned the jumpy hedgehog. She wasn’t used to being so close to a storm.

The island was so high in the sky that all the lightning was striking it. Each crack of lightning seemed so close to the house that Jenny doubted their safety.

Suddenly, a streak of lightning cracked on the ground just outside the house. Jenny was so startled by the fierce sight and sound that she leaped into Knuckles’ lap. It was an awkward situation, but it wasn’t the time to get embarrassed.

Jenny was panicking from the storm, and she couldn’t use her voice to shriek, yell, or even yelp. She blushed at his closeness, but she trembled in fear of how close the lightning struck. Usually, she loved storms, but she knew how dangerous they could be.

Knuckles could see that she was scared, so he promised soothingly, “Don’t worry, the storm will pass soon. It won’t harm us. I won’t let anything hurt you again.” He then let her stay in his lap until she stopped shaking.

The storm went on into the night. They changed into dry clothing (Knuckles let Jenny borrow some while her clothes dried. They didn’t want to get sick from wearing wet clothing) and ate some sandwiches from the fridge. At about 8:00 the power went out. The storm didn’t show any signs of letting up.

At almost 10:00, Jenny wrote on her whiteboard. ‘How will I get back to the apartment? The storm isn’t letting up and my friends are probably really worried by now.’ She showed it to Knuckles, who was still fuming from his phone call to the electric company.

The phone call resulted in a heated argument with a lot of yelling and swearing, but it was clear that they wouldn’t get any electricity until the storm is well past.

“I don’t know, Jenny. You may have to stay the night. It’s way too dangerous out to travel. Do you want me to call Becky to let her know you’re okay?” Knuckles suggested.

Jenny nodded and Knuckles took his cell phone back out to dial the digits. He waited impatiently as the phone rang before it was answered. “Hello?” Becky asked uncertainly, “If this is Sonic with another ‘is your refrigerator running’ joke, you seriously need some help.”

“No, it’s Knuckles. Jenny’s over here and she is okay. Just so you know she isn’t going out in this weather. So with your permission, she will stay in the guest room here.” Knuckles explained quickly.

“Well, there’s no other place for her to stay. I certainly don’t want her to get killed out there. But I still expect you to treat her with respect.” Becky gushed, “Did you guys see the news before the power outage?”

“No, why”

“You didn’t see? Some fan girl took a picture of you guys coming out of the Great Forest and going to Tails’ lab. Some rumors are spreading, but the good news is the media hasn’t come to our apartment yet.” Becky explained, laughing after the last sentence. Knuckles smirked at the last part and told Jenny what the fox had said.

Jenny paled at the ideas forming in her mind about what the media could say about them. But when she looked at Knuckles, she found herself remembering his promise that he wouldn’t let anything hurt her. She found that she didn’t care anymore about what the fans and media can say.

She grabbed her whiteboard, wrote ‘LOL’, and showed it to Knuckles who transmitted the message to Becky. The fox told them that she had to go, but she wished them luck in riding out the storm. They said their goodbyes and hung up.

Knuckles showed Jenny to the guest bedroom and left her with a candle and an old pair of pajamas. The guest room was simple, painted in soft colors and furnished with only a bed, a small dresser, and a nightstand. It wasn’t meant to be pretty, it was meant to be comfortable.

Jenny got into bed and thought about how thankful she was that Knuckles was always there for her ever since she arrived.

~Knuckles’ POV

I can’t believe my emotions. It is like my heart is somehow connected to hers’. When she’s happy, I’m happy. When she’s scared, I feel like I should comfort and protect her. I was surprised by my actions when I almost killed Scourge. Now that I think about it, I should have killed him for hurting Jenny. She must think things are always like this among the Sonic Heroes.

When she leapt into my lap, she looked so scared. I wanted to kiss her until she felt better, but I’m sure she wouldn’t want to hang out with me after doing something so rash. Even so, tomorrow I have to tell her how I feel. I promised myself this before finally falling to sleep.

~Normal POV

Jenny woke up the next morning feeling sore and achy around her throat wound. She realized that her bandage was falling off, the thunderstorm had passed and she was very late for work. She quickly put on her dried clothes and changed her bandage. She was going to leave, but Knuckles stopped her first.

“Becky called earlier. She said that a tree was struck by lightning, and it fell on the restaurant you work at. Your boss called the apartment and told her that you shouldn’t come to work until repairs are made.” Knuckles told her, “It looks like you have the day off.”

Jenny smiled at him, making his heart race. ‘I have to tell her.’ he thought to himself as she write something out on the whiteboard.

She showed him what she had written, ‘May I spend my day off with you?’

Knuckles blushed and said hesitantly, “Sure, if you don’t mind us staying at the Master Emerald all day. But I have something to tell you first.”

Jenny tilted her head questioningly and waited while Knuckles tried to collect himself.

“I can’t exactly say it aloud; it might sound stupid or weird.” Knuckles explained. Jenny handed him the blank whiteboard and a marker.

He wrote what he needed to say then gave it to her. It said, ‘I really like you, Jenny. This may change the way you see me, but I’d like us to be more than friends.’

Jenny read this, amazed that he would be brave enough to say something so deep to her just days after they first met. She placed the whiteboard on the table and closed the distance between them with a hug.

Surprised by the gesture, Knuckles stiffened at first, but then returned the hug. When he was comfortable with the hug, Jenny raised her head to his and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips. It was the first kiss for both of them and they were happy to share it. They somehow knew deep inside that this was only the beginning of their time together.
I do not own Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, the Master Emerald or any of the Sonic characters.
I only own Jenny, Becky, and Jake. Thank you. :)

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