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Chapter Four

Omega and Shadow looked like they were about to attack, but Becky finally knew how to respond to his questions. "What does it matter to you whether I'm Knuckles or Becky? I'm just here to protect this thing," she pointed to the Master Emerald behind her, "Rouge tried to prevent me from doing my job."

Shadow glanced at Rouge, who was still unconscious in Omega's arms. "I don't know why it matters, but you are acting suspicious and my teammate has been beaten up. Do you expect me to just walk away without questioning?"

"Do you really want to know what happened? She basically came up to me, called me a freak, and started beating me. I didn't want a fight, but I didn't want to get hurt and watch her steal the Master Emerald. I'm telling the truth." Becky explained.

Shadow stared at her critically and looked to Omega. "What are the chances that he/she is telling the truth?"

"There is 85% chance that this is Becky and 98% chance that she is telling the truth." Omega said automatically.

"Alright, I'll let you off the hook this time. But if you start beating up any of the Sonic Heroes for no reason then I will knock the sense into you." Shadow said before leading Omega off the island with Rouge in tow.

Once Team Dark was gone, Becky sank to her knees in front of the Master Emerald. She had never been so relieved to have a crush walk away so much in her life.

'He could have killed me if he wanted to.' she thought as she looked up at the sinking sun. She was weak, tired, achy, hungry, and she wanted to go home.

But as much as she wanted to leave, she couldn't She had a job to do, and she would do it for her friend's happiness.

Meanwhile, back at Emerald City, Jenny and Knuckles were done with their walk. They got some chilidogs and they sat on a bluff where they could clearly see the sunset.

"Thanks for coming out with me today." Jenny said after swallowing her last bite of chilidog. "This really has been the best day ever."

"Even so, all good days have to come to an end. I really hope nothing bad happened to the Master Emerald." Knuckles said.

He blushed when she leaned back closer to him. This was the closest they've ever been since the hug. "Not yet," she told him, taking his hand into her's, "This is the best part."

They watched together as the clouds changed from yellow, to pink, to purple, and finally to a deep red before the sky went dark. When the sun sank, the clouds moved away to give way for the stars.

The stars slowly appeared like flowers opening to the day. Knuckles had only seen one thing that competed with this beauty, and he was happy to share this moment with Jenny.

As the stars danced across the sky, they started feeling the exhaustion from the day's adventures. They would have fallen asleep there in the park had Knuckles not remembered the Master Emerald.

"We've got to go pick up your friend, Jenny. It's getting late." Knuckles said, getting up and helping her to her feet.

"You're right. We have work in the morning!" Jenny grabbed her things and they ran to Angel Island.

~20 minutes later

Jenny and Knuckles made it to Angel Island, but it was so dark that they couldn't see where they were going. Knuckles knew the way though, so they didn't have too much trouble.

When they got to the clearing, they found The Master Emerald was still there, but Becky wasn't. Jenny could feel the power radiating from the jewel before she even saw it. The power was so great; it was hardly contained inside the glassy, smooth surface. The emerald itself was a sight to behold. It was shiny, magnificent, and bigger than she thought it would be. She could see why Knuckles protected it so dearly.

"Where could she be?" Knuckles wondered as he searched the area around the Master Emerald, snapping Jenny back to reality. Suddenly, a great horned owl flew in from a nearby tree. The owl changed into the purple fox.

"Did you guys realize that it's dark out? I did my best to guard it with what I had. I hope you guys had fun today. She complained as she peered at Knuckles. "I guess it's time to go home. Bye Knuckles." She transformed back into an owl and flitted back to the tree to wait for Jenny.

"Yeah, I guess this is goodbye for now." Jenny said sadly.

"You can come by anytime you feel like it, Jenny." Knuckles promised, "But for now, good night. We will cross paths again soon."

Jenny ran up to him and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you for everything Knuckles. See you later."

The girls went home then with Becky leading as an owl and Jenny following, hoping the bird knew where she was going. Knuckles went to his house and got ready for bed. He lay on the bed, touching the cheek she kissed and smiling as the silence wrapped itself around him.

By the time the girls arrived back to the apartment, they were too exhausted to eat. They exchanged stories of their adventures. Jake was already asleep by the time they went to bed.

"Why did you agree to do it Becky? The Master Emerald is very important, and you could have been seriously hurt!" Jenny scolded gently after she jumped into her cot.

"I want you to be happy Jenny. Knuckles made you happy today, and it wasn't that big of a deal." Becky said then turned off the lights. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight Beck. And thanks." Jenny answered before falling asleep.

~ The next morning

Jenny woke to Becky's alarm clock, which beeped annoyingly at 6:00. The purple fox turned it off and got ready for work. Jenny followed her to the kitchen for breakfast.

The residents of the apartment had to work at various times of the day. Becky had to get to the daycare by 6:45. Jenny didn't have to be at the restaurant until 7:30. Jake had to wake to get to work at 7:45, which the girls thought was unfair.

When she was up, Jenny knew that she wasn't getting back to sleep, so she and Becky got some fruit and turned on the T.V. The news channel was the first thing that came on. For a week, the media hadn't found anything new to talk about. They just wouldn't shut up about the new members of the Sonic team and Eggman's attack.

Today, the media was showing something new. They had pictures of Knuckles and Jenny from yesterday. There were pictures of them looking at the merchandise and playing games at the festival. There were some of them walking through an Emerald City park and there was even one of them sitting close together to watch the sunset.

"Does this mean they are officially a couple now? Let's ask them now! Tom?" announced an orange squirrel news reporter. The setting on the T.V. changed to one they knew well, except there were a bunch of news reporters and cameras.

"They're just outside our apartment!" Jenny exclaimed as the reporters started pounding on the door. "How are we going to get to work?!"

"That's a very good question. I don't suppose our bosses will just give us the day off. Should we answer their questions and clear up the confusion?" Becky wondered aloud. She got up and went to look in the peephole of the door. Sure enough, the corridor outside the small apartment was congested with the media.

Then the phone rang, waking Jake up who rolled over and went back to sleep. Jenny picked up to find that it was Knuckles calling. "Hi," she said, looking to Becky. The fox had turned into an old lady and walked out of the apartment. "This isn't the best time to call."

"I know. I just turned on the news. I told you it'd reach the media." Knuckles said. Then he randomly added, "Why did an old lady just come out of your apartment?"

"That was Becky of course. She's probably pulling a prank." Jenny replied before turning her attention back to the T.V. On the T.V. Becky was complaining to the reporters about how the racket they were causing wake her and her husband up. She threatened to go to the police about the disturbance. She did all she could to make them feel guilty and uncomfortable.

She returned to the apartment after successfully clearing the reporters away. "Who's on the phone?" Becky asked as she changed back to her original form.

"Knuckles," Jenny answered, fingering the chord attached to the phone ever so lightly, "Do you mind if I come by to visit you at the Master Emerald after my shift is over today?"

"You come by whenever you want, Jenny." Knuckles replied.

"Alright, I'll see you at 4:00. Bye." Jenny hung up the phone and looked at Becky, who smiled and shook her head.

"I don't understand what you're going through and I don't think I want to understand. But if it makes you happy, go for it." Becky told her friend honestly.

The red hedgehog blushed and asked, "Don't you have someplace you're supposed to be?"

Becky looked at the clock and yelped, "Crap! I'm going to be late!" She quickly opened a window and transformed into a bird. She then rode on a gentle breeze towards the daycare.

'Lucky.' Jenny thought as she walked out of the apartment building and walked to the bus stop. It didn't matter that her job was the worst and she had to use public transportation today. She was psyched about yesterday and excited to see what today would bring.

All that excitement turned to fear when she saw a familiar green hedgehog. Scourge smirked at her and put his hand over her nose and mouth before she could sing, scream, or run away. There was a piece of material in his hand with a drug spilt over it. The fumes of the drug were the last thing Jenny remembered before her world went dark.

~30 minutes later

At Eggman's hideout, Scourge kicked open the door to the testing room. He carried the unconscious red hedgehog over his shoulder.

The testing room consisted of many vials of random-looking liquid, menacing machinery, and a lot of poorly made robots. It also currently held a pissed off fat guy.

"Scourge! How many times have I told you to knock?! Did you bring what I wanted?" Eggman scolded none-too-gently.

Scourge removed his ear plugs. "Sorry Egg-brain, but I couldn't hear you. I suggest you pay me first before you do anything with her." Scourge reminded the doctor, setting Jenny on the only vacant table like a sack of potatoes.

"Right, this way." Eggman said. He waddled over to a safe , opened it, and took out a brightly colored purse. "How much do I owe you?"

"I'd say about 500,000 mobiums." Scourge answered, staring incredulously at the purse. Then he asked, "Actually, I'm kinda curious about what your plans with the girl are."

"Yes, I thought you would be." Eggman counted out his money. "When I felt the control of her voice, I knew she had true power. It wasn't something stupid or weak like her friends' powers. I think I can use that power in her voice to make an unstoppable robot. I just need to take that voice out." he explained and handed Scourge the money.

"Will it be painful?" Scourge asked eagerly. Eggman nodded. "Can I watch then?" he continued to question as he followed the fat doctor to the table Jenny was on.

"Of course." Eggman said before they put on their ear plugs. He then rolled the table into a small room with vicious-looking machinery. He strapped the hedgehog tightly to the table and turned on a machine. It made a terrible noise and fired a ray at Jenny.

Jenny immediately woke up and screamed in pain. 'This will be more fun than I thought!' Scourge thought as he watched the scene before him.
0_0 Intense stuff.

Sonic, Eggman, Rouge, Knuckles, Shadow, and all those characters are not mine. They belong to Sega. The only people I own are Jenny, Becky, Jake, and the reporter.

The next chapter is going to be very intense. I might even put up censers. This version has been edited becuase I can't write swear words.

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