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Chapter Five

~1 1/2 hours later

On Angel Island, Knuckles sat in front of the Master Emerald as he did every day, except today he was anticipating Jenny's visit. A beeping from his cellphone caught him off guard. He was surprised to see it was Becky calling.

"Hello?" he greeted into the phone.

"Knuckles!" Becky yelled in a frantic voice, "Have you seen Jenny? Her boss called and said that she didn't come to work. Did she go to your place early or something? She's missing!"

"No, I haven't seen her at all today. Are you sure she's missing?" he answered anxiously.

"I'm positive. After her boss called, I rushed over to all the places she would go. Then I tried calling her cell phone, but she wouldn't pick up. Knuckles, I'm scared. Jenny would never act this way. What if she's lost or hurt?" the purple fox whimpered, starting to cry.

"Don't cry! I'll be over there and we'll find her, I promise. Where are you?" Knuckles tried to console the panicking fox.

"I'm outside the apartment building. Could you please hurry?" Becky sniffled before hanging up.

Knuckles put his cell phone away and immediately ran to Emerald City, not even thinking of the Master Emerald in his haste. If Jenny was hurt then someone was going to pay.

~20 minutes later

Knuckles and Becky had been walking back and forth between the apartment building and the bus stop for 5 minutes now. When they passed the same alley for the 12th time, Becky lost it.

"That weirdo over there is freaking me out! He keeps winking at me. When are we going to stop walking in circles and start searching?" Becky whined, desperate to find her friend.

"Good idea! We'll go ask him if he saw Jenny come by." Knuckles exclaimed.

He dragged Becky along. She was saying all the while, "Wait, that's not what I said! He's seriously creeping me out! Are you listening to me?!"

"Hello sir, we were wondering if saw our friend. She's a red hedgehog with short quills and emerald green eyes. Have you seen her?" Knuckles asked the creepy old man who was checking Becky out.

The fox gave the guy a dirty look and he smiled, showing rotting teeth. "I might have seen your friend, but I need something to refresh my memory." He said, holding up a musty, old hat.

Becky fished her hand in her pocket and pulled out her wallet. She placed some money into the hat. The guy stuffed the bills safely into the lining of the hat. "Well, is your memory refreshed?" Becky asked impatiently.

"Yes I think so, young lady." said the weirdo, giving her another wink, "Your friend was carried off by a green hedgehog with a leather jacket. He went that way." He pointed down the street.

"Thanks!" Knuckles told the weirdo. He took off in that direction, not even waiting for Becky. 'I'll kill Scourge when I see him.' Knuckles thought.

~30 minutes later

Knuckles and Becky were far away from the city. They had no idea where they were going next. Their only lead was a weirdo they found in an alley. They wandered around the Great Forest, searching for anyone who might have seen them.

"Maybe Scourge took her to Robotropolis. Isn't it on the other side of this forest?" the little fox suggested as she glanced around at the trees.

"I don't know Becky! Where do you think a psycho pervert would take a beautiful girl?!" Knuckles shouted so loud that the birds were disturbed form their nests.

Becky's eyes started filling with tears and she backed into the trees to keep him from noticing. She went into a full out run deeper into the forest.  She was so scared for her friend and she didn't know how to help her.

'It's my fault.' She thought as the tears streamed down her cheeks faster. 'Why did we even come? I thought we were doing the right thing, but I was wrong. Why do I always get her hurt?'

She threw herself to her knees in a random clearing and cried out all her tears. She didn't notice Knuckles approach from behind, unsure of what to do. Finally he noticed the tree in the clearing.

When she was finally calm, Knuckles said, "I think you found something important, Becky."

She looked up at the tree in front of her and gasped. The tree itself was the largest she'd ever seen. It had a half circle indent around the front shaped like a door. Burnt on the bark was the image of Eggman's face.

"It looks like a bizarre door." Becky stated the obvious. She stood and wedged her fingers into the crack and pulled on the bark. It opened easily to reveal a metal staircase leading down where the wood should have been.

"You found Eggman's secret hideout! Sonic has been looking for this place for months. Maybe Scourge tool Jenny down here!" Knuckles praised her with a high five and started down the steps.

They came to the first floor of the hideout eventually. It was a brightly lit hall with many doors with strange labels such as robot room, dressing room, food room, computer room, squishy room, cookie room, panic room, and so on.

"How will we find her? It will take forever to check every door." Becky wailed in despair.

"Can't you transform into something that can find her?" Knuckles asked impatiently.

"Oh, right," she transformed into a bloodhound and sniffed around for a scent. When she found it, she barked sharply and ran down the hallway. Knuckles followed the bloodhound until it halted in front of a door marked 'testing room'.

Becky changed back to her original form as Knuckles bashed the door down. It startled Eggman Scourge, who was at the far end of the room facing a control panel with a window to another room above it.

"Where's Jenny?!" Knuckles thundered. He was so angry; one could practically see flames in his eyes. He rushed at Scourge and started beating the crap out of him. Scourge was unable to defend himself from the flurry of fists, so he only yelled and cussed.

Eggman took this opportunity to try and escape, but Becky caught him before he could leave. "Answer Knuckles' question!" she demanded.

She wasn't nearly as scary as Knuckles, but seeing how bad the situation was without even a robot on his side, he cooperated. He pointed to the window he was looking through just moments ago.

Becky took a good look in the window and gasped. Jenny was strapped down to a table with machine attached to the base of her throat where her voice box was. She was clearly in pain and was either screaming or singing for help. It was hard to tell since no noise was coming from the room.

"What did you do to her?! Why! How do you stop it?" Becky yelled at Eggman, but he wasn't there anymore. He had escaped when she turned her attention from him.

The fox gave a frustrated grunt and transformed into Knuckles. She punched down the door to the little room. She proceeded to break the machines, trying to hop Jenny.

Meanwhile, the real Knuckles was beating Scourge, not even letting the hedgehog defend himself. He was out of control. He didn't stop until Scourge was on the ground, unconscious. He might have kept going had Becky not opened the door, letting Jenny's hoarse screams be heard.

Knuckles helped Becky break the machines and the straps keeping Jenny down. He then picked Jenny up and carried her out of the room with Becky running behind them.

"Jenny, are you okay? Did they hurt you bad?" Knuckles asked with concern. He set her gently on the floor, supporting her back so she sat up.

She leaned away from Knuckles and vomited on Scourge, who was still unconscious on the ground.

"I'm guessing she's not okay. What did they do to you, Jenny?" Becky asked as Jenny wiped her mouth with her hand.

"He tried to steal my voice and use its power for a robot." Jenny whispered in an almost inaudible voice. The base of her throat was starting to bleed badly.

Knuckles gently hushed her and said to Becky, "I'll take her to Tails to see if he can help in any way. Can you get back okay?"

Becky nodded. "Just hurry. There's nothing more we can do here." she said. She looked at her friend with worry in her eyes. "Take good care of her, Knuckles."

Knuckles lifted Jenny carefully and ran out the door. He bolted down the hallway, up the stairs, and out of the tree. He ran as fast as he could to Tails' lab, which was just outside Emerald City.

There was an intercom next to the always locked door, and Knuckles didn't stop until he reached it. By then, Jenny had long since passed out from blood loss and pain.

Knuckles pressed the speak button on the intercom, saying hurriedly into it, "Tail, it's me, Knuckles. Jenny's been hurt. Could you unlock the door and help her?"

"Of course, Knuckles. Come in on." Tails responded before the door clicked unlocked. The red echidna kicked it open and carried Jenny in the room where Tails waited for them.

In the room were many machines and strange chemicals, but this place had a warm, homey feel to it unlike Eggman's lab. Also, Sonic, Jake, Amy, and Rouge were hanging out here.

When they saw the condition Jenny was in, they all crowded close and bombarded Knuckles with a stream of questions. Tails motioned for him to follow him. The genius fox lead them to a set of rooms clearly meant for medical purposes.

"Would you place her on the examination table, please? I'll need the room a moment." Tails said, pointing to a table with a thin cushion on it. Knuckles set Jenny down on the table and everyone left except Tails.

Outside the room, Knuckles told everyone what happened. When he was done telling the story, Sonic wanted to know where Eggman's hideout was.

"Don't be so insensitive, Sonic! His girlfriend is hurt. He won't want to think of that now." Amy talked him out his questions.

She glared at Sonic as Knuckles gradually became redder in the face. "She's not really my girlfriend, but I am concerned for her. You didn't see that machine attached to her throat." Knuckles stammered.

"Well, tell me how she is later. I'm going on a run. Later!" Sonic ran out of the room before anyone could argue with him. Amy was outraged by Sonic's lack of manners.

"He could have at least waited for me to catch up." she grumbled to Rouge, who was going to walk her home since no one else wanted to.

"I hope Jenny's okay." Jake said to Knuckles. "Becky called me just a bit before you arrived, and she told me what happened. She isn't half as good at explaining as you, but from what I can understand, you went crazy in the battle."

"Yeah, well sometimes people go into blind rages during a fight. Especially if it involves a friend in danger." Knuckles told him.

Tails opened the door, inviting the boys in. He walked over to the examination table. Jenny was awake. She had a bandage at the base of her throat and a small smile on her face when she saw Knuckles and Jake enter.

Tails picked up a clipboard lying on a counter. "It looks like Eggman tried to physically tear out Jenny's voice in order to obtain the source of her power. All he succeeded in doing was pull it loose, and from all the screaming and other abuses caused it strain. I tried to put it back in place, but the only way for her voice to heal is for her to not use her voice for about 6 weeks." Tails said while marking on the clipboard.

"So how should she communicate?" Jake asked.

"She can use this whiteboard." Tails handed Jenny a small whiteboard and a box of dry erase pens. She took a red pen and drew a smiley face on the board.

"Other than that, she's okay. The wound at her throat will heal. It had to have a few stitches, though. Remember to change the bandages twice a day for a week." Tails informed them, setting the clipboard back down, "If you have any questions, you can ask anytime." He then left the room to the main part of his lab.

"I wanted to talk to him about a mechanical project I'm working on. Do you mind if I go?" Jake asked Jenny and Knuckles.

Jenny wiped off the smiley face and wrote, 'Go on Jake, we don't mind.' She showed it to the green fox, who grinned and ran out the door after Tails.

Jenny cleared the board and wrote. What she showed Knuckles was, 'Sorry I caused you so much trouble. I guess I can't properly visit you now.'

"You didn't cause any problems, Scourge did. I should have killed him. It's almost 4:00 now, if you want to hang out by the Master Emerald still." Knuckles said, staring at the necklace she still wore.

'I'd love to come hang out with you.' Jenny wrote, sliding off the table to walk out with him.
So much drama! This is so cheesy. Anyways, I edited this so it won't offend, but it is a graphic chapter.
Sonic, Knuckles, Eggman, Scourge, and all the Sonic cast aren't mine. They belong to Sega. The only things I own are Jenny, Becky, and Jake. Please don't forget to comment!

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