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January 11, 2006- Happy New Year to all! It seems that many of us have had a busy start to the new year, myself included.  Apologies for the late update! ^^; Those of you who haven't gotten your gift done yet, try to get it done asap.  And again, thanks to all for participating in this year's Secret Santa Event! =D

The normal club journal and gallery submissions will come with the next club update.


Secret Santa 2005
:snowing:The winter holidays will soon be here.  In spirit of the holidays, the Animorphs Club is hosting it's second Secret Santa Event.

For those of you who don't know what the heck a secret santa is, it's pretty simple.  A group of people agree to participate and it's decided who will be giving who presents by pulling names out of a hat.  The catch is that you don't know who you're getting a present from until you get it! =D

Da Rules
1. You can give any type of gift that you want as long as it's through deviantart.
2. You have to get that gift done before or by the end of the year.
3. It doesn't have to be Animorphs or holiday related, though that would be a big plus.
4. Don't tell your recipient that you're giving them a gift until you give it to them! This is the whole point of a SECRET santa.
5. Be sure to note both the club and your recipient when the gift is ready.
6. Everybody's a winner! :w00t:

Remember that this isn't a contest and it doesn't matter how skilled or unskilled you think you are; it's the thought that counts. =D

1. :iconchaoticdreamer: gave Why is he even trying? to :iconblack-charizard:
2. :iconshadowcatlurking: gave Happy Gorillazmorph Cristmas? to :iconandpie:
3. :iconliaranne: gave The Belltower to :iconraccoonlady:
4. :iconclosetextrovert:
5. :iconkata:
6. :iconewilloughby: gave No shouldn't have..." to :iconmel-dungeon:
7. :iconeruanna:
8. :icondragonpud: gave <a href="…>Giftart for Stalinismo to :iconstalinismo:
9. :iconraccoonlady:
10. :iconmel-dungeon:
11. :iconspinelicker:
12. :iconandpie: gave secret santa 2005 to :iconmellysandshrew:
13. :iconpaellamagi: gave Toby Hamee's Holiday Screw Up to :iconantmuzak:
14. :iconblack-charizard: gave Kaindamon to :iconchewie-:
15. :icondragonmorpher: gave Siamese Curiosity to :iconjokirkpatrick:
16. :iconjokirkpatrick: gave Shego to :iconspinelicker:
17. :iconsesakath:
18. :iconikue: gave VR Holidays to :iconsesakath:
19. :iconmellysandshrew: gave A Kitty Christmas to :icondarkwolfuntamed:
20. :icondamned-warrior: gave Sephiroth to :iconendodragon:
21. :iconkashapaw: gave Secret Santa for Ikue to :iconikue:
22. :icondarkwolfuntamed: gave Hork-Bajir Valley Christmas to :iconshadowcatlurking:
23. :iconantmuzak: gave <a href="…>Merwy Cwistmas to :iconblinx2000:
24. :iconyemperor:
25. :iconchewie-:
26. :iconendodragon: gave Red XIII for Ferahgo to :iconewilloughby:
27. :iconblinx2000:
28. :iconstalinismo:
29. :icongalaxydancer:
30. :iconforgottenangel16: gave A Christmas Wish to :iconobi-quiet:
31. :iconobi-quiet:



Journal Entry: Mon Nov 7, 2005, 3:27 PM


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If members could add the club icon to their journals, it'd be a great help to the club :D

We need you...


Journal Entry: Sun Aug 7, 2005, 1:56 PM




If members could add the club icon to their journals, it'd be a great help to the club :D

We need you...

Congratulations to :iconsesakath:, the winner of this contest! :clap: And a big THANK YOU to all who participated.

Show pride for your species here at the club! Draw your persona/fursona/whatever as the species you're listed under.  And if you dont already have a character that represents you, make one up! =D

1. You've gotta be listed under a species.  If you're not listed yet, just tell us what you would like to be when submitting your entry.

2. Species character does not</b> have to be based off of an existing persona, though it would be nice.

3. If your club character is based off of an existing character, show us the existing character.  You could either do this by linking to an old pic or including them in the contest pic.

4. All species are cool enough to enter.  =D

5. Your character must be in it's original form, so no partial morphs.  However, if that original form just happens to look like a half morph, it's ok. *cough*halfmorphisthenextcontest*cough*

6.  All media is welcome.

First place gets a request picture from:
:iconchaoticdreamer: or :iconikue: or :iconkoneko2007:

Runners up (everyone else) gets some front page advertisement.

-   :iconchaoticdreamer: Crispi: Hork-Bajir Within(not real entry)
1. :iconclosetextrovert: Animorphs Contest Entry
2. :iconmad-ethel-rackam: Loneliness
3. :iconnitrix-ghost: nitrix as hork-bajir
4.  :iconvaldrianth: Before They Were Nephilim. . .
5. :iconnaeomi: Naomi- Horki-Bajir
6. :iconsesakath: Sesaka's Hork-Bajir
7. :iconliaranne: Animorphs Contest Picture
8. :iconjokirkpatrick: Yeerks -OWN- You.


Journal Entry: Sun Jan 30, 2005, 9:45 AM


If you have an Animoprhs related piece of art, note us with the link to the original. Include anything that you would like to be in the description besides a link to the original deviation and credit to you.

If you wish to submit a piece for the print shop please make sure and read the deviantPrints: Submission Agreement. We will not be held liable for any misused pieces. Although we will work with you to rectify a nasty situation if one would ever show.

All the money made off of the print will go directly towards the club and nothing else. Prints will pay for Prizes which include subscriptions and prints of your choice, It will also help pay for the clubs account subscription. You will not personally make any profit from the images you give us for the print shop, however, you can still upload the image you give us as your own to the print shop to profit off of. We intend to give you full credit for it as well.  

We are asking to please make sure the DPI of your image is high. Print quality images are usually between 150 dpi and 300. We prefer 3oo as i would asume you would as well, your image just looks better in the long run.

Please specify which size you want the image to be printed out at. Keeping in mind that if you give us a 4"x 5" image we will not be able to submit them as 16" x 20" prints. Please also specify what you would like the image to be printed on:

Regular Print

Keeping in mind sizes of each of these vary. Please check the deviantPrints: Help Menu under "Print Service" for more info.


If members could add the club icon to their journals, it'd be a great help to the club :D

We need you...

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