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Contest Fin

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 2, 2007, 10:02 AM

< Hello Auxiliary Animorphs, >

< As you all know there was a contest a few weeks ago. The turn out was dismal. Listed below are the only two entries, one of which was late and technically shouldn't be allowed entry, but is there because well, there was nothing else.>

Anti-Morphing Ray

By: TheShadowhisperer

By: SesakaTH

< The two participants should have received a note with the details of their winnings. It isn't much but i work with what i get. I hope the next one will have a better turn out. >


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We need you...

Anti-Morphing Ray Contest

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 26, 2007, 9:50 AM


1st place:
<3 month Subscription.>
<1 free commision from Ikue (sketch, inks, full color).*>
<Contest entry and your choice of 2 of your favorite pics from your gallery will be featured in the "Winners Journal" untill the next contest winner.>

2nd place:

<2 month subscription.>
<1 free commission from Ikue (sketch, or inks of one of your characters).*>

3rd place:

<1 month subscription.>

* commissions are subject to change. the mentioned name may not be actual awarder. if you win and this changes you will be noted with the change, but will still receive a commission from the new awarder.

Rules for Submitting

:star: <Send a note (or email) with a link to the image you wish to enter.>
:star: <Only one submission per member. (must be a member to submit)>
:star: <No stolen artwork. Must be your own (or stock) images. (photo manipulations will be allowed under these rules).>

Judging etc.

<There will be a poll where participants (and other deviants) can vote for who they think is the best. However, this will not be the deciding factor in who wins, but will be part one of the judging process. This is not a popularity contest. The judges will be outside trustworthy deviants. They barely know of the animoprhs and will use their unbiased opinion to decide which piece of art is the best. The judges will be kept under wraps so no "sucking-up" can happen.>

<You will have two weeks from the time you receive this journal. February 26 - March 12, at the end of these two weeks no submissions will be accepted. If you are 45% done at the contest deadline, submit what you have. Better to post something than nothing at all. After the two weeks judging will take place. A deviation featuring all the participants works and links to the originals will be posted and a poll will be added for you guys to cast your votes. The judges will deliberate and winners will be announced that Friday (March 16th). You will have between that Monday and that Friday to cast your votes so make sure and tell everyone about it. There will be a news announcement for the entries and for the winners.>

< If you need a helpfull rememinder about the contest events and rules here is a link to the clubs Calender. All contests will be added here, so if you need a little help calculating how much time is left in the contest look no further.>

The Contest

<As the name of the journal suggests this contests is about the Anti-Morphing Ray.>

Anti-morphing ray - a machine that forces a creature to revert its DNA pattern from a morph to that of its natural cells. Only a prototype was constructed; however, while it might have worked, Tobias comes up with a plan to trick Visser Three into thinking that it doesn't work, and subsequentially the project was abandoned, its creators put to death.

< If your keeping track this little invention is from book 33 "The Illusion". Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to recreate this machine, in the artisitic venue of your choice. The Ant-Morphing Ray must be present in your art piece, whether being used or just a detailed picture of it. The design is totally up to you. May the best Morpher win.>


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Prints and Other Events

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 23, 2007, 2:04 PM

< Hello Auxiliary Animorphs, >

<Thank you all for responding to my head count. Our numbers have dwindled some but hopefully with time and activity the other members will take part once again. Also your comments about the Small-Caps has been rectified.>

<On another note the print that was scheduled to be released this week has been canceled. According to copyright laws we are not able to sell works of other peoples characters. It's a bit strange to me, but apparently you have sell a pictured of a blue centaur with no mouth, but you cannot sell a picture of an "andalite" for that is a character that belongs to K.A. Applegate. So if anyone has any other artwork they would like to sell please see the submission journal for our rules. This unfortunate event also means that it will be even longer until we have some serious cash related prizes. Everything will have to be artwork donated by members and staff.>

< I have opened a  Forum for everyone to take part it. It is Entitled "KASU's". If you don't already know "KASU" is an acronym which stands for"Katherine Applegate Screws Up." So if of you hardcore Animorph fans have any KASU's up your sleeve be sure to share it with the rest of us. They don't have to be screw ups necessarily they can also be unknown facts about the series that you think are interesting.>

< I have also opened a Chat room for you guys called The Resistance. So any one intersted in talking to fellow Auxiliary Animorphs or just feel like shooting the breeze can do so. I have made everyone who responded to the last journal headcount a member so you have privilages random guests won't. Be sure to use it and not abuse it> ;) < If i forgot anyone please let me know and i will fix it as soon as possible. I found this nifty little extension for you Firefox users out there that lets you use dAmn Chat right in your window. It can be found here just follow the directions and you'll be chatting in no time.>

<And Finally this coming Monday i will announce the contest. I'm currently ironing out the wrinkles prizes wise and should have everything all clear on Monday. So be ready, and make sure to spread the word. You don't have to be a member to participate (or vote) so get your media of choice ready.>


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New Regime

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 19, 2007, 1:18 PM

< Hello Auxiliary Animorphs, >

    < I know it has been a long time since the last update to this club thats because well... lives tend to get in the way of fun. This club has been neglected and i wish to apologize for it. There is going to be a new regime, contests, prizes, prints, the works! >

   < As you can see the change has already begun. There is a new journal layout done css style. Mind you i am still new to this css thing so if anyone has some encouraging words or helpful hints it would be greatly appreciated. >

   < The image you see at the bottom of the journal will be put up for sale tomorrow to help raise money for some of these spiffy prizes i was talking about. If anyone else would like to donate an image to the site to raise money please check out the submission journal and drop the club a note and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. >

    < I'm also looking for a head count. I'm hoping all of our members are still with us. However if our lack of updates and few and far between contests have forced you to look for other means of entertainment then i need to know. Theres no point in raising money for no one.  So please, just a quick "yeah i'm still here" will suffice. >

  < Check back soon. I have a contest coming up soon, and your support with the upcoming print will be greatly appreciated. >


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We need you...

Club Podcast?

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 15, 2006, 6:48 PM

Posted by :iconlonelydraptor:
What would you all think if we started a new podcast for the club?…
For direct link:…
I have scheduled the first one Saturday, December 16, 2006.
I'll have to cancle sorry. I'll set it up for Sunday.
Times for the following time zones listed:
Pacific:1:00 p.m.
Mountain:2:00 p.m.
Central:3:00 p.m.
Eastern:4:00 p.m.
9:00 p.m.

We still need more... More Hork-Bajir, more Taxxons, more Yeerks, more Andalites. Earth may be safe for now, there's still a whole universe out there...
You can join us, join the resistance by simply sending a note to the club.


If you have an Animoprhs related piece of art, note us or leave a comment with the link to the original. Include anything that you would like to be in the description besides a link to the original deviation and credit to you. :deviation:




Project AM


If members could add the club icon to their journals, it'd be a great help to the club :D

Join us, we need you...

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