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Been a while since we had a new journal entry, so how about something fun?

On Thursday, as I was wandering around the Los Angeles Airport, I meandered past a Cinnabon. My very first thought? Animorphs, of course. Moments like these are not all that uncommon for me. I think of Tobias every, single time that I see a red-tailed hawk. It doesn't matter that it's been a while since I read any of the books and it doesn't matter that I'm almost twenty.

So here's my question: Do any of you ever have Animorphs moments? And if so, when? And why? How not alone am I in the universe of the Animorphs fandom? :D
Apparently, somebody went to a huge effort to translate Animorphs to German and made a radio show of it. There is also an English radio drama which you can find on facebook here:… To read more about the German radio show and listen to it, travel to the Hirac Delest Archive here:… Or go straight to the German show:…

Have fun!
Many of you have probably heard this already, but for those of you that haven't, the Animorphs series is to be rereleased starting with the first six books in the year 2011. Updates will be made to popculture references, mistakes will be fixed, and the covers will all be redesigned. If these first six books sell really well, then Scholastic may release the rest of the series as well.
Release dates for the first six books as follows:
Animorphs #01: The Invasion – May 2011
Animorphs #02: The Visitor – May 2011
Animorphs #03: The Encounter – July 2011
Animorphs #04: The Message – October 2011
Animorphs #05: The Predator – January 2012
Animorphs #06: The Capture – April 2012

For a sneak peak at the cover of The Invasion and more information see the Hirac Dilest blog.…
Here's a little something I thought you all might be interested in. A few things are stirring for the Animorphs community, and it affect you! The following links to R.A.F. (Animorphs Forum). Please note that the following link leads to a website with no affiliation with this Deviantart group and only has relation to it in the fact that this is a major event in the community. Please follow the link at your own discretion. Results may vary, please see a physician to see if this is right for you. NOT! Seriously though, just visit if you feel like it.

Click here for information:…
I have updated what power people are allowed in the group. Contributors have full access to the Faves and Gallery sections, but are subject 2 votes to submit. Contributors may make blog entries, but they are subject to 5 votes before they may do so. Also, if you are a Contributor, you may invite people, but are subject to 10 votes. Anyone in this category has the power to vote on any subject regarding the group. Member cannot invite anyone since the option isn't available for me to give. If you are a member, you may add submissions in the Faves and Gallery sections at with 5 votes. Blog entries are not allowed at this time for you, not because I can't, but I am getting used to the control system for permissions. Anyone who is not a member may deviations only, and it is at a required 6 votes from Contributors and Founders. You have a limited amount of submissions per day at a maximum of 5 submissions per day. The permissions allowed for Members, Contributors, and nonmembers will increase as the group grows in popularity. I hope to make the group better as time goes on. Thank you for your time.

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