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This is something that other groups have done, with great success. I thought it might be a nice idea for getting Animorphs fans together.
Basically, I would create a chat room and we would plan events that any interested members and watchers could attend. Is this something that we might be interested in doing? I figure it shouldn't be too difficult to find a time that works for most people, since we don't have a huge number of members. Unless that's me just being hopelessly optimistic. ;) If you are interested in this idea, please comment. Also, I'm welcome to any ideas for events. I've already thought of organized rp and fan-fiction writing, line by line. I'm open to all ideas. :D

EDIT: The chat room has been made. Find it here:… Now to plan an event. :D

EDIT 2: If everyone that's interested could please give some times that they're usually available, I'll see about getting a time set up that works for as many people possible.

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