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Chapter One

           My name is Mist. I was born in 1994.  I canít tell you my last name. Itís a nice last name, but itís not important. What is important is that the Yeerk are here. If there are any free humans left, Yeerks are a sort of parasites, like a tapeworm, only an intelligent tapeworm. They have enslaved all the Hork-Baijrs, all the Taxxons, one Andalite, and almost all the humans. Okay. Maybe I should explain. Hork-Bajirs looked like a weed whacker. They stand 7ft tall with blades on there arms, head and tail. They looked like a t-rex, but slimer and faster.  They look so deadly, you would most likely think that they dangerous, evil. No. There were sweet, not the most intelligent things but can be deadly in battle. Thatís way the Yreeks enslaved them. Taxxons. They are ruthless things. They look a bit like millepede over horribly enlarged. They have jelly red eyes. They are HORRIBLE! Now Andalites...  They are covered in blue fur. They have the upper torso of a man. They have bright green eyes and they have pointed ears. They donít have a mouth or a nose. They have what looked like horns on trop of there head. But the ďhornsĒ moved and have eyes at the end. The lower half looks like a deer body. But the tail. The tail scares me a bit. Even though... Anyway, the tail is long and thick.  At the end if a thick blade which can moved so fast you donít even know you were sliced up into pieces. They not meat-eaters. They have this whole honor thing. Like that you have to kill your brother, mother, father, or sisterís killer. Weird.  The Yeerks, they slide into your ear canal and slither around your bairn. The Yeerks donít make you blind. You can see, hear and smell. But you canít move, can scream for help. Can run and scream. Youíre a prisoner in your own body. I hope that never happens to me. The Yeerks in there natural state look like slugs. They are blind, deaf and mute. They can use sonar I believe. Now to tell you my story. And my hope and my new friends.
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October 28, 2005
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