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Chapter Two

     I lived alone. Iíd always been afraid. I always knew I wasnít normal. When I was born, my parents must have known I was a freak. I was abandoned and taken to a Orphan Place on the outskirts of town. I had natural blue hair, bright green eyes and wore baggy jeans and a red top. But sticking out of hair was two pairs of stalk eyes. And poking from my jeans was a tail blade. My ears were pointed. I didnít know what I was. Besides the stalk eyes and tail blade, I looked like a normal human. I went though 11 years of taunting and teasing and pulling and kicking. Then I discovered some. I could change my shape. I could become any animal, or alien for that matter, I  wanted. I was AMAZED! I escaped in a owl morph with a bag of food. I landed near the town and demorphed. I morphed to my normal human state, a girl with brown hair, brown eyes. I walked out, carrying my bag. I walked towards a store and bought an apple. I sat in the park. Now what? I had escaped from the Orphan Place , but now what. I felt the lump in my bag. The morphing cube. I had found it, knew what It was and kept it close to me. I knew that they wanted. They knew off me, The andalite girl. I sighed. I heard something. It was like the wind on my mind, bushing off the edges. Digging deeper into my memories. What? No. I wasnít infested. I got up and walked towards the woods. The woods made me feel at home. I had a flash.  Strange creatures, centaur like creatures, andalites.  In a grass like places, mushroom shaped trees. I was one of them. One of them. I ran with them, playing. We where kids, having a fun time, time off from the normal world. Then something sounded. BRRIIINNGGG!! An alarm! An attack. The yeerks. They had come again. A young andalite, a male, ran over to me and said, <Stay safe.> I blinked, the vision faded. What happened??!! I heard the sound of hooves. My mood changed. My instinct took over. I morphed a crow and perched in a tree. A Red Tailed Hawk swopped over head. Right at me. Idiot! I had become the prey. I fluttered to a bush. The hawk swopped over me, snagging my wings. I Started to bleed. Great. Stupid hawk. I landed behind a bush and morphed to Hawk. I shoot up and knocked the other hawk silly. The hawk yelled, <HEY!> I paused. The other hawk had spoken. No I was hearing things. I landed, demorphing to my normal self. It felt better to have my tail blade back again. The hawk stopped and started. <AX!> It screamed and flew off. I shock my head. I was hearing things! I continued to walk deeper into the woods. The sound of hooves alerted me. I turned around to see an andalite. I was shocked. He looked just like the andalite in my vision. I started to run. I could hear the andalite was catching up. I took sharp turns. I ran into a meadow. I ran faster. I was faster. The hawk swopped down. I didnít hesitate. I leaped up, morphing into a red tailed hawk. The hawk slammed into me. I bite his wing, tearing it to shreds. I flew on. I flew lower to the ground. Big mistake. The andalite ran at me and knocked me down to the ground. I was such an idiot. It pressed itís tail blade against my throat. <Demorph.> It said. I started to do so.
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October 28, 2005
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