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:flame: I've noticed some conflict on this matter, so I'd like to address if first and foremost. IF YOU FEEL THAT THE AMOUNT OF DEVIATIONS YOU ARE GETTING ON DEVIANT WATCH IS TOO MUCH, PLEASE FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE DIRECTIONS:

:flame: 1) Go up to the top left corner while on the group homepage and click the "Watch" button.
:flame: 2)Simply UNCHECK the circle that says "Deviations," and THERE YOU GO!!


SPECIAL THANKS TO anniachan AKA Annia Camacho for our wonderful group picture! Thank you SO much! ^^

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Joy Division by M-LA-Taylor
Cats, Cats, Cats by M-LA-Taylor
Art Trade by M-LA-Taylor
Poisoned Pleasure by M-LA-Taylor
Admin Faves
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Sasssssori by U-JI
Hyuuga Neji and OC by ioshik
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Dark ichigo by AniCyborg
Hollowfied Ichigo by AniCyborg
Rukia Neko MiMi Modo by zuue
Ichigo Valentine's 2011 by Journe
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Greed? More like Friendship by FlyingCarpets
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Full Yellow Lantern Costume Light Yagami by jctdragonwarrior
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OC: Ayame ~ Maid by FenryllArtworks
OC: Ayame ~ Missing Love by FenryllArtworks
OC: Chao by ProWo
another speedpaint by Crescentia-Fortuna
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Le rateau a la japonaise p4 by shotdeath-returns
Inktober 2018 - Day 30: Morpho by DH-Tan
Kari and Sheena by ShihonRainbow
Inktober 2018 - Day 4: Spell by DH-Tan
Inktober 2018 - Day 7: Exhausted by DH-Tan
Out of My Head by KlonoaStarz
Booette Cheeb by yuki-oto
Galaxy Girl by Dark6875
Sketches, Bases and WIPs
Pandemic and Lumin lineart by Noa-Strife
Black and White
Le rateau a la japonaise p10 by shotdeath-returns
Line Art
Birthday Contest Prize: Thaliat and Lyhake by BurningArtist
Digital Art
CLOSED Adoptable #82: Bezda by ScalpelARTS
Game Art
I will never be a memory.... by EdAragao
Amen by Accado
Contest Archive
contest entry: nayume by natsume-kyoya
Original Animation Videos
Animation Commission: Elysa by kgfantasy
Mature Content NSFW

Mature Content

More funtimes!! (ReReupload) (cropped) by Milunatik
Original Characters 2
Inktober 25 _ 31 by KaenBlue
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MAGGS 2 Preview Page by MTJpub
Traditional Art
pandora by loveroffae
Original Character 3
My Hero Academia Fan Art
Boruto Fan Art

Group Info

THIS IS FOR EVERYBODY!!! For anyone who loves anime, manga, comics, and those who want to create your own THIS GROUP IS FOR YOU!!! Link up with other artists, get your anime or manga known, or become fans of future anime and manga! Share the latest of all that is anime, give feedback, tell what you'd like to see happen in anime and above all LOVE DOING IT!!
Founded 8 Years ago
Jan 25, 2011


Group Focus
All things Anime!!

1,820 Members
1,478 Watchers
57,879 Pageviews
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These are our AWESOME affiliates! If you like us be sure to check them out too! ^^
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Group Activity
It brings me great joy to go down this road to see our group still going I am sorry I have left you guys for so long I do not think I can write this wrong and i'm terribly sorry to our members who have left and to our new members I would like to take charge of this group again though it may be difficult life has been one hell of a ride as the years pass responsibilities just continued to build and in the process I forgot about Deviant Art I am an adult now no longer a teenager like I was when I Joined this group and became co founder of it.

I have a family now many of you may not even know who I am haha and that is okay.
I will try to be more active walking down this road has brought back so much.

So to those who still are with us submit your woks I will be watching over this group more often. ~~ Surane90000 <3
Friends, Members, Contributors and hard working co-founders.

I must sincerely apologize for my absence, though I can assure you all it was not without reason.
Though you all deserve a lengthy explanation, considering its a rather grave subject matter, I'll make it short and sweet. For those who wish to know further, talk to me:

Put simply, cancer sucks. The word itself is almost taboo for me, but it is what it is. And it seems to favor my family, my mother included.

And currently the possibility of me either having it now, or being diagnosed in the future (near or not) is not out of the question. So, I have been taking measures to see to it that I am in the clear and will remain so.
Because, well.. cancer sucks.


I am back. I am surprised to see how many of you have improved, and even more surprised to see new members. It does the heart good to know I can confidently have this lovely group run smoothly in the more than capable hands of my co-founders when the unexpected hits.

Outstanding job, really. I couldn't thank you all more.


To all new members, welcome. I hope to see much from you, and should you ever need to talk, have any complaints, ideas, or concerns please feel free to message me.

Members, I'm sure you all have ideas to pitch or concerns to bring forth. Let me have 'em. Its not a group without you.

-New Folders
-Contest Ideas

ANYTHING! Let us know.

Comment/Reply, message me-- the works. It feels good to be back, and I can't wait to talk to you all again.
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MZimmer1985 Featured By Owner May 10, 2017
This group dead?
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No, its not. But i am the only one running it now i think so just give me time haha
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Thank you so much for accepting my drawing :hug:
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that could be good, we don't seem to do much as is and an event could liven up the page
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I don't know why my pictures keep getting declined. I have done nothing wrong. And I am a member of the group. I would at least appreciate it if you tell me why my stuff is declined.
surane90000 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
we apologize we love all of our members but we like to make sure everything is organized so one possibility is you're
 not submitting to the correct folder
Cararom319 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was trying to submit to the featured. I thought that was an "everything" category. Sorry, I didn't know only certain pictures were allowed in featured. Thanks for letting me know, though. ^^
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