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Dangan Ronpa! Analyzing is Despair!
Rift Conversations set 4
Keyframe's Conversation 5
Hmmm, “I wonder if I should get myself a-”
Suddenly my doorbell rang. “Unova are you there?” Keyframe’s voice catches my ears.
I quickly headed towards my door, opening it, greeting her with a bright smile. “If I knew you were coming, I would have been spring cleaning by now.”
Keyframe nodded, “PFFT! Well I am hoping that you have time to hang out?”
“Oh sure!” I’ve got nothing else to do anyway. “I’m hungry so why don’t we-”
“Actually,” Keyframe interrupted me. “I want to head to the dr.wolf office building...if you don’t mind?”
Oh… “Ummm... yeah sure.”
The two of us headed there, within a hurry I might add. I wonder why she wanted to go there? I would ask but I think I’ll get my answer once we reach there. After a few minut
:iconanimewolfgamer:Animewolfgamer 1 0
Dangan Ronpa! Analyzing is Despair!
I'll keep going even if I'm no longer relevent(Alternate AfterMath)
For once within a trail...I feel like I actually accomplish something. Yet at the same time, I feel disgusted at myself.
“Woo hoo!” Kamen jump off his throne, bowing down. “4th time's the charm folks!” He spread his arms, laughing maniacally. “The one who murder Catavenger was none other than ToonKritic!”
Toon steps back, pulling down his hat as he hide his discomforting face from everypony. “Well….I guess a simple apology won’t surface?”
The sounds of monstrous noises catches my attention. Script’s features started to show. Her pupils shrink, forming reptilian eyes as claws pop out from all four hooves. Jerry eyes glow a bright red as poison leaks from his fangs.  
“WOAH!” Toon fall’s right on his flank, shaking uncontrollably. “Look..I...Have to defend myself ok!”
:iconanimewolfgamer:Animewolfgamer 1 3
Dangan Ronpa! Analyzing is Despair!
I'll keep going even if I'm no longer relevent(AfterMath)
Well...It’s over. We avoided death for the 4th time but the downward spiral just keeps going deeper.
“Woo hoo!” Kamen jump off his throne, bowing down. “4th time's the charm folks!” He spread his arms, laughing maniacally. “The one who murder Toon Kritic was none other than Catavenger!”
Catavenger giggle, giving off a bright smile. “I’m very proud of all of you!”
Proud...Proud is the last thing everypony is felling here.
“Cat…” Keyframe face here, bursting into tears. “WHHHHY!?”
Foxwell look away, taking a small breather. “ sorry.”
Brush close her eyes tight, holding back the water works. “It's our fault….”
Cat flies up to her, slowly swiping the tears. “You did what you have to do Brush.”
“Cat,” AnY catches her attention. His eyebrows struck close t
:iconanimewolfgamer:Animewolfgamer 0 2
Dangan Ronpa! Analyzing is Despair!

I'll keep going even if I'm no longer relevent(Rift Trial: ToonKritic Part 2)

Everypony focus on me, unable to bear the excitement and fear across their faces. For a moment there, I am pretty scared right now. I really wanted to avoided this but the truth shall not be hidden. No matter how much I want to ignore it in dire situations like this.
I took one more deep breath, opening my eyes to this dreadful atmosphere. “This situation might of been caused by a lie…”
CatAvenger gasp, “A what?”
“Wait I don’t understand!?” Keyframe jaw drop, with her eyes wide open. “What do you mean a lie?”
“Seriously!” AnY Throws his hooves in the air, opening his mouth as wide as possible. “I ask for more truths not lies!”
But this is a truth. “Well what if I were to tell you that somepony here had told a lie to us this entire time.”
Scriptless entire body shake with a sense of
:iconanimewolfgamer:Animewolfgamer 2 0
Dangan Ronpa! Analyzing is Despair!
I'll keep going even if I'm no longer relevent(Rift Trial: ToonKritic Part 1)
“Oh you poor fools!” Kamen gigglies financially as his eyes water’s. “You thought the cycle of murder will end today but I guess you we’re all too optimistic.”
“Ok enough of your crap!” Keyframe eyes burn with determination, willfully glaring down on MasterCode. “Why don’t you tell us what your hiding!”
MasterCode chuckle’s, giving a cocky smile.
AnY let out a long exaggerated sigh, “you do realize she is accusing you right?” He face away, glaring him with his right eye. “As am I!”
MasterCode chuckle’s died down, putting his game face on. “Then let’s hear the accusations because I’m ready!”
Scriptless face turn paler, laughing awkwardly. “I think I’m a bit creep out by that.
No Kidding Scriptless. But AnY and Keyframe are so determin
:iconanimewolfgamer:Animewolfgamer 3 0
Dangan Ronpa! Analyzing is Desapair!
I'll Keep Going till I'm no longer Relevant! (Investigation)
Anger, disgust, sadness, and out right annoyance is all we feel at the moment. What should of been a fun night of watching movies and eating sweets till our teeth fall off, just became more of the same routine we have been going threw. I don’t want to go thru this again...
“Oh dear…” BrushStroke step back, turning her face away.
Foxwell face become more paler like a lifeless husk.
In fact everypony’s face are looking more lifeless. All except for one.
Keyframe punch the wall, causing small cracks. “I’m gonna count to ten,” Her eyes peirce us all, freezing us all in place. “Once I reach zero, I better hear a fucking confession!”
Catavenger took a deep breath, facing Keyframe with her eyes of judgment. “You know that is not gonna happen right?”
Everypony stood there, watching the two collide with their fierceful stares.
:iconanimewolfgamer:Animewolfgamer 2 3
Dangan Ronpa! Analyzing is Despair!
I'll Keep Going till I'm no longer Relevant! (Day 3)
The TV turned on at its usual time, showing Kamen on screen. “Rise and Shine, Rift members! Plan your murders accordingly if you want to get out.” The screen went pitch black.
He is still counting on that motive huh? But it shouldn’t really matter now. Right now… “I need to talk to MasterCode right now.” I got up from my bed and bolted right out of my room.
As I got close to the Bar, the noises exciting chatter catches my ears. It is better than hearing the anger but I wonder what they are talking about?
Entering the cafe bar, Toon is overly cheerful then he was yesterday.
“Did I miss something?” I sat down, grabbing a glass.
Foxwell scoughed, rolling his eyes. “He got permission from Kamen to do a all night movie marathon at the graveyard.”
Wait permission?
“Alright!” Toon tip his hat, sticking his tongue out. “There is a lo
:iconanimewolfgamer:Animewolfgamer 2 2
Dangan Ronpa! Analyzing is Despair!
I'll Keep Going till I'm no longer Relevant! (Day 2)
The T.V turns on at its scheduled time as it shows Manga on the screen. “Rise and shine my members of the rift! It's time to enjoy the rest of the day.” It turns off soon after.
Another day, another chance at survival. It's been ten days but it feels like an eternity since the last time we saw any kind of sunshine. I swear, I think my body is lacking any kind of vitamin C. I should probably double my amount of Orange juice consumption today. Should probably get out of bed first….hehe.
I steady my pace, walking straight to the cafe.
“What the!?” That was Toon voice right? “Sounds like trouble!” I sprinted, full speed. It wasn’t long till I skid across the Rift bar, catching Toon and Foxwell being hold back against their will. Their faces looked so bloodthirsty from where I stand. “Ca
:iconanimewolfgamer:Animewolfgamer 2 3
One minute Melee: Inspector Gadget vs XJ9


As the city was busy as it always been, one Robot will do whatever it takes to talk to the most popular boy in school. It’s a good thing that she is surrounded by many stores within a shopping mall.
“OK Jenny, time to get yourself a makeover!” Before Jenny could enter the first store, A sudden person with a heavy coat is launch right at her.
The two collide as they landed right in the water fountain.
“Well...that could of gone better.” The Person jumped out of the fountain, all soaking wet. “Time to dry myself up! Go Go gadget blow dryer!” His top part of his hat open, showing a bunch of mechanical arms holding blow dryers as they dry him up.
It wasn’t long till a energy beam pass right thru him.
Jenny wasn’t all that happy now that she is wet. “You…” She said with a hard
:iconanimewolfgamer:Animewolfgamer 3 0
Net Nuetrality is in trouble. by Animewolfgamer Net Nuetrality is in trouble. :iconanimewolfgamer:Animewolfgamer 1 0
One Minute Melee: Rukia Vs Satsuki

As the moon shine bright, A hollow let out a loud roar as it walks right into the field of the school. Satsuki stands right in front of it, witnessing the horrible looking creature up close.
“This thing will not be allowed in my school” She grabbed the sword, getting ready for battle.
“Sodo no Shirayuki!” Suddenly, a single blast of Ice covered the monster, instantly killing it.
Satsuki is impressed by the feet. She took a look, only to see a girl in a black komoto in her sight. The two looked at each other with a curious glare. “Who are you?”
She close her eyes, “My name is Rukia Kuckiki. I came here because there was a hollow within the school gro
:iconanimewolfgamer:Animewolfgamer 5 0
One Minute Melee: Pearl Vs Bandana Dee

Beach city, a place where many tourist could go and enjoy the relaxing setting and enjoy delicious food, as well as enjoying a tan on the beach. Pearl walks around the beach as she stop in place in front of the board walk.
“Well I guess this should be a good time to practice my spear techniques.” Pearl summons her glass spear out of her forehead and began quickly.
But just a few feet, a small little puffball creature with a bandana on his head walks down the boardwalk. He stop in place and notice Pearl practicing with her spear. The puffball got curious and decided to get a closer look.
As pearl practice her spear techniques, she quickly stop as she notice the little puff ball j
:iconanimewolfgamer:Animewolfgamer 2 0
One Minute Melee: Luguar Vs Cloud






“Luguar this person that you're hunting might give you a tough challenge. Its best to be on your guard when you go up and face him. You should be at his location so good luck,” The call ends.
Lugaur Takes a deep breath of the fresh swamp air, avoiding any contact with the wildlife around it.
Suddenly he stopped. Lugaur slowly wrapped his hands around the handle of his hammer. “Rain down!” He Turned, catching a firestorm of small meteors heading right towards him.  
He pulls out his hammer and rotates it at fast speed which was enough to deflect them all. Lugaur took a closer look, showing what seems to be a man with a weird looking sword and spiky hair cut.  
He draw his sword, “my name is Cloud and I’m here
:iconanimewolfgamer:Animewolfgamer 0 2
DBX: Flippy vs Soldier


“GENTLEMAN HUDDLE UP!” Spy laid out a blueprint as everyone huddle up around the table. “Listen up as I am going to only explain this once!”
Everyone sat a little closer, containing their excitement.
“We are going to infiltrate one of the biggest-” He paused, taking one more look around the room. “Has anyone seen the solder?”
Everyone looked at each other before nodding slowly.
The Spy slowly facepalm, throwing his cigarette as it land on pyro left hand. “Let me guess? He went there alone didn’t he?”
Everyone nodded at him while the pyro begins to play with his cigarette.
The Spy groaned, taken a deep breath, “well it was nice knowing him.” He pushes himself away from the table, standing up from his seat. “If anyone needs me, please don’t bother.” The Spy turned his back on them as he walked out of the con
:iconanimewolfgamer:Animewolfgamer 4 2
One Minute Melee: Nora Vs Pascel

Nora stretches her arm, taking a nice walk into the woods, just a few miles away from Beacon Academy. “It’s always nice to have a good breath of fresh air.” Nora smiled, letting out a loud giggle, “I wish Ren was here to enjoy this.”
Suddenly a loud boom was heard just a few miles of distance from her. “What is that!?” Nora was surprise, seeing a huge puff cloud just coming out of nowhere.
“WAHHHHH!” Out of nowhere, Nora looked in front of her. A girl of some kind, being flinged like a spinner headed right towards her. Nora Sprinted in place, but the girl catches her as the two crash into a lot of trees. A huge dust cloud forms, with dir
:iconanimewolfgamer:Animewolfgamer 4 0
Dangan Ronpa! Analyzing is Despair!
I'll Keep Going till I'm no longer Relevant! (Day 1)
“Everything in order my dear master?”

“Hmmmm I say yes. I love what you did to the moderator here.”

“Well, he is still kicking my master.”

“Don’t worry….I’ll be sure he doesn’t stay that way.”
My eyes shot open at the speed of sound. I moved my eyes around, seeing the darkness cover my room. I can feel the dry burn that my eyeballs are committing. “Ughhhhhhh…” Sapphire….Finn….Darkedge...I just never thought you'd leave in the same day.
Despite this, it wasn’t the only thing I was thinking. How Toon acted during the aftermath…
“If you’re really serious with this death game, how about not giving a fuck to the censors!?” The look on his fa
:iconanimewolfgamer:Animewolfgamer 3 0



Animewolfgamer's Profile Picture
United States
Hey there everyone, Animewolfgamer here. Here on my DA, I write a lot of fan fics here along with some original fics but those are mostly second base till I perfect my writing skills. Check out my fimfiction page when ever new updates of my pony fic that I can't post here sometimes due to space limits :/ (Her profile here)……


Can I ask how many times is the government gonna censor the internet. Look maybe I can see why people Do say abolishing NN might be good now that I have been looking deep into what the other side had said. But this bill that the UK is passing is downright censorship. I am speaking about it because if this actually pass, many others will follow thinking it can work. People don't let this spread. Here is a video on what you need to know. 

Link to a petition here.
Been a huge depression kick as of late and because of that, I'm falling behind on a lot of shit I want to do. I need to change that soon. Besides I got my return checks and I'm up to 3000 bucks by this month. All that hard work pay off. 
I was tag by the lovely :iconmangajag:

1. Choose one of your OCs.
2. Your OC SHOULD NOT lie.
3. Journal title should be "OC Interview".
4. When you’re done, tag as many people as you wish.
5. Have fun!

1. What is your real name and nickname? 
Mark is my real name and Nick name I never got one unfortionly. 

2. Interesting…  What’s your current age?
About 23.  

3. Uh-huh.  What’s your favorite food?
Hamburgers and steak. What ponies don't eat. 

4. And your favorite drink?
Any fizzy drink or juices. 

5. Confession time!  Who’s your lover?
Well there is a certain sea pony I like to talk to a lot >////>

6. Have you kissed anyone yet?
No not yet. 

7. What about your childhood sweetheart?
There was one but I couldn't remember her for a long time. 

8. Who’s your favorite author?
I don't read that much. 

9. Now, what’s your biggest fear?
Being left behind. 

10. Any siblings?
Two brothers. They grow up so fast. 

11. Almost done, it’s only twenty questions.  Who’s your hero?
Don't have any at the moment. 

12. OK, who’s your worst enemy?
I'm not gonna tag her but you should know if you follow my jounals, theirs a specific alicorn I can't stand. But I do have a certain pink pony I can't stand ether because of personal reason. 

13. Huh, alright.  Now, who’s your best friend?
:iconGeekystev: and :iconprjc1116: 

14. Interesting…  What would you do if you met your creator?
Maybe get to know how there world works. 

15. Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Just publish the many stories I written. Under a hidden name as my kind are not welcome much. 

16. What’s your worst nightmare?
making the choice I will soon regret. 

17. What’s your lifelong dream?
Being with someone and share our accomplishments and having a partner with me to for fill benefits for both of us. 

18. What would you do if your lifelong dream came true?
Have as much fun as possible. 

19. OK, where’s your favorite place to relax?
Couch. Because couch potato here :P 

20. Last question!  What do you do most of the time?
Just writing and going out long runs in the woods. 

21. were done now tag. 
:iconGeekystev: and :iconprjc1116: 


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