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Naamio - LegacyAcademy APP by AnimeVSReality Naamio - LegacyAcademy APP by AnimeVSReality
General information 

[ Name ]


[ Age ]


[ Race / Species ] 


[ Ability / Power(s) ]

- It can manipulate its armor, magically, into any shape it desires, within constraints. He cannot create more armor from nothing, and is thus restricted to the amount of material he already has. Larger shapes mean thinner armor.
- It can control its brightness and dimness at will, but it cannot put itself out or raise its brightness to levels that would damage the human retina.
- It uses magic to manipulate it's "fingers" to hold and manipulate solid objects. While it has almost mastered basic motion, it has a lot of difficulty with fine motor skills.
- It can levitate.
- It uses basic sound projection magic to broadcast its thoughts as "speech" when desired.

[ Class ] 

Basic Magic

[ Height / weight ]

Its height is variable, depending on the shape its armor is in at the moment. The armor itself weighs 12 kilograms. Naamio weighs nothing.

[ Gender ]


[ Personality ] 

Naamio is extremely naive and trusting; it will believe anything it's told, by almost anyone. It is extremely hard to break its trust, as it thinks only the best of all flesh based beings. It holds incorporeal beings to a higher standard, and doesn't trust them quite as readily, though once they gain its trust, they have it indefinitely.

It is easily impressed, taking every bit of knowledge gained with vigor and excitement. It then recites this new information to anyone who will listen, and is more than a little disappointed when not everyone is as excited about it as it is. It cannot keep a secret for this same reason. It is too eager to tell everyone what it learns. 

It loves making friends and talking with people. It has a tendency, however, to become rather nosy and obnoxious. It constantly asks 'why?' and will poke and prod you until you answer. It doesn't respond well to being ignored, and stubbornly continues to poke, prod, and bother you until it gets a response. 

Naamio is not very clever. It has difficulty solving puzzles and games of wit, and cannot recognize sarcasm at all. Everything it does, it does with sincerity, and it isn't a good liar. What it lacks in wit, it makes up for in creativity, shaping clay and even its own armor into fantastical shapes on a whim. It enjoys making expressions on its armor "face" the most.

[ History ]

Naamio has always been interested in flesh creatures. But it wasnt until it was summoned into a set of enchanted armor to serve as a golem for a spellcaster that it was able to really interact with them.  Its experiences with beings of flesh have been limited thus far to animals that lived around the area that the spellcaster lived in. It only knows what it does of humans from pictures. Its master is not interested in humans in the slightest. He loathes them.

Naamio, however, cannot get enough of learning about humankind and animals. It would never stop talking about them, asking about them, trying to be like them.

Eventually, the spellcaster became tired of this. He decided to send Naamio out into the world to learn more about the flesh beings on its own. He believes that if Naamio gains experience in the world of the living, it will lose its enthusiasm for it and can get back to working without any further distractions. However, he did not believe Naamio was prepared to simply go out into the world. The golem needs to master its magical abilities better. It had only basic control over its armor, and can only cover itself. It cannot make realistic forms that would allow it to blend.

The spellcaster hoped that by sending Naamio to the academy, it would serve the double purpose of giving Naamio the experience with living beings that it wanted while at the same time helping the golem to advance its magical abilities and become more useful.

Optional information 

[ Friends ] 


[ Family ] 


[ Likes / Dislikes ]


Flesh based beings
Watching people
Participating in "Biological Needs", though it has very few
Using clay or playdough
Being paid attention to


Rainy days
Water in general
Being ignored
Being teased or made fun of
The dark

[ Random Facts ]

Naamio does not like rain or overcast days. It becomes lethargic and melancholy.

Naamio does not need to sleep or eat; it needs only to recharge itself in the sunlight for a few hours every couple of days.

If it overexerts itself and uses too much of its magic, its armor will fall apart and become part of its body, which will be reduced to a small, spherical shape. It is unable to use any of its abilities until it has rejuvinated itself in the sunlight.

Water burns it.

Naamio emits a gentle warmth, akin to sitting outside on a balmy summer day.

It is fond of the color green.
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