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Zelda: Link Custom Armor

By animetayl
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Link in custom armor; a combination of the armor from my Days and Knights picture and 'Maga Link's Link'.

Done as a commission for :icontenrousha:
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The armor is well designed and suits him very well!

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About the only change I'd make is to replace those little wings on his helmet with wolf ears.


I really liked Twilight Princess!
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He's asking for the Master Sword because there's an evil wizard who needs killing.
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:worship:  this is the most gorgeous link armor concept art I have ever seen.   I bow to you : worship :
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Thank you! I'm only using the talent that God gave me so worship God, not me. :)
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he kinda looks like loki!
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absolutely beautiful!
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Epic suit of armor man!:thumbsup:
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He kinda look like Liu Bei from Dynasty Warrior 6.
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awesome ty for putting it out for us great work
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You draw Link too well, I can't stop favoriting him. :D
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Yeayy!! I can see what you took from that sketch I made so long ago! X3 I always loved your armor designs and this is by far the coolest! I love love love the details of leaves on the plate X3 Awesome!
I have to finish mine someday -____-;
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Haha. The armor was actually based on the armor I made for 'Maga-Link's Link' ;) Thank you! Yes, you definitely should finish it, it was an awesome sketch! ^^
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Ah! I remember you telling me you liked the crossing belts I did on that sketch, and that you thought about implementing it in your design, so I thought this was it ^^; my mistake :b
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perfectly elegant, The exture and tone is is very well defined and the line art and shadowing is done very well
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Ooo, now that is some kickass armor for Link! :D I'd love to see someone actually construct this out of real leather and gold leaf.
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I like it. Its been a while since you posted anything.
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Very nice armor would love to see this in a game
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Gorgeously detailed....this could easily be what the Hero's Shade must have looked like, before he was a Shade.
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That's some very detailed and elegant armor he's got on. If I were a Zelda character, I would probably wear similar armor, being gray for neutrality.
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