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Zelda: Days and Knights



Edit: Entered into ZFH Contest VIII: Zelda Sunshine

The only thing sexier than Link is Link in armor. :faint: This is my concept design of Link as a knight. A few components of his costume come from the Zelda 2005 game's design, but a lot of them are original (you can probably tell what isn't).
Anyway, I have a lot to say about this picture. After doing 'The White Labyrinth', I was going under highlight withdrawal big time, so for my next picture, I wanted to make it shiny. Hope I succeeded. :XD:
"Look momma, no lines." I used the no-line technique for the background this time around. PAIN IN THE BUTT, but I love how it came out. :) I will use this technique from now on I think. I wish the chainmail would show up more, because that happens to be almost 400 individual rings woven together one by one. It looks super-cool up close, but you can barely see it now. :(
Here's hoping we get a Zelda game with Link in armor! *dies at the thought*
edit: When I was drawing this, I realized that I've NEVER seen Link eat anything. Well, I don't want him to turn into Link Skellington, so I gave the poor starving boy an apple. :XD:
Edit 2: Here's some detail pics. [link] [link]
Link, Zelda © Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto
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