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Zelda: Dark Link Custom Armor by animetayl Zelda: Dark Link Custom Armor :iconanimetayl:animetayl 79 13 Link: Mage of Fairy Tail Illustration by animetayl Link: Mage of Fairy Tail Illustration :iconanimetayl:animetayl 455 49 Zelda: Link Custom Armor by animetayl Zelda: Link Custom Armor :iconanimetayl:animetayl 547 46 Animetayl Collab by animetayl Animetayl Collab :iconanimetayl:animetayl 34 10 Zelda: Link the Scotsman by animetayl Zelda: Link the Scotsman :iconanimetayl:animetayl 258 91 Commission 4: Indis by animetayl Commission 4: Indis :iconanimetayl:animetayl 67 20 Naruto: Fallen Star by animetayl Naruto: Fallen Star :iconanimetayl:animetayl 78 21 I am SO blackmailing Link now by animetayl I am SO blackmailing Link now :iconanimetayl:animetayl 303 132
Zelda: OoT Novelization, Ch3-2
Rean stepped out from behind a leaf. He crinkled his nose as the metallic smell of blood wafted towards him and looked down at the dead wolfos’ body, which was by now almost completely hidden beneath the earth. He frowned, suspicious. Even at night, it was odd that the wolfos would attack a Kokiri, another minion of the forest, so readily. Starving wolfos had been known to enter the village in search of prey, but these had not looked hungry enough. What had made them so aggressive?
He would have asked the moles, but they were too dull-witted to glean any important information from, and he doubted that they would know anyway. Suddenly, Rean's head snapped up as his acute ears picked up a faint sound carried on the breeze. It couldn't be...! He leaped up in the air and streaked to the far side of the glade. There was a squeak and a rustling sound as the fairy tried to escape, but Rean was too fast. His arm darted out, clamping her delicate wrist in his powerful grip as he pulled the
:iconanimetayl:animetayl 4 7
Zelda: OoT Novelization, Ch3-1
Chapter 3
One Who Awaits

The campground bustled with activity. A huge campfire blazed brightly and half a dozen Kokiri were milling about, talking and laughing loudly. The largest of the Kokiri sat quietly on a stump in front of the campfire. Suddenly, he spoke with a loud, commanding voice.
"The meeting will now commence," said Mido.
The Kokiri stopped their activities and ran to where Mido was sitting by the campfire. Within minutes they were all seated in a semi-circle around their leader, their anticipation thick in the quiet of dusk. Mido stood on a speaker’s platform, raising him so he was visible above the fire. He scrutinized the Kokiri who were seated before him.
"Did you bring the prize?" Mido asked, although he already knew the answer. Authenticity was part of the excitement of being a commander. One Kokiri raised a hand in the air.
"We've brought the prize, Commander Mido, sir. It's lying right over there."
Two of the Kokiri immediately stood up and stamped over
:iconanimetayl:animetayl 7 8
Beast Wars: S1 Cheetor Lines by animetayl Beast Wars: S1 Cheetor Lines :iconanimetayl:animetayl 16 9 Tri-Force Stamp by animetayl Tri-Force Stamp :iconanimetayl:animetayl 159 31 Summon Night 3: Rexx Alpha by animetayl Summon Night 3: Rexx Alpha :iconanimetayl:animetayl 86 25
Zelda: OoT Novelization, Ch2-2
Link slowly opened his eyes and squinted, the afternoon sun shining through his window and onto his face. He was sprawled out crosswise on his bed, legs and feet dangling off the edge. That was a strange dream, Link thought as he dragged himself into a sitting position. But that wasn't a surprise- he had so many of those lately.
Saria was going to scold him for sleeping so late. Link placed a hand on his forehead and groaned. He had a throbbing headache.
"So you're finally awake, Link. I thought you were going to snooze the entire day away!"  
Link gasped at the unexpected noise. He looked over his shoulder, the light and sound sending needles of pain through his head. "I thought you were a figment of my imagination, fairy.  Too bad."  
Navi pouted and put her hands on her hips. "Don't be mean. It was harder to establish a link with someone as old as you are. That's why it was painful."
"Is that why I couldn't understand you before?"  
:iconanimetayl:animetayl 19 23
Zelda: OoT Novelization, Ch2-1
Chapter 2
Strange Confrontations

Lightning flashed across the ebony sky, casting a brief eerie glow over the plain. In the dead of night the darkness seemed almost tangible, like a fog, so that it was nearly impossible to see more than a hundred feet from where he stood. His only light source was a strange, hovering orb which cast a circle of wan light around him. He craned his neck, looking far into the sky. The huge pinnacles of a massive castle obstructed the view. The castle looked to be made of grey marble and fine-cut stone, and he gazed at the towering structure in awe. An icy droplet hit his upturned face. Rain had begun to fall, slowly at first, turning quickly into a downpour. Unconcerned about the storm, he stood in the rain, silent and still, until it had penetrated all the layers of his clothing and ran down his face and arms. Suddenly, with a great shudder, he lurched back to life and wrapped his arms around himself, as if realizing only now how cold and wet he had
:iconanimetayl:animetayl 15 3
Zelda: OoT Novelization, pt 1
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Novelization by animetayl
The Legend of Zelda and all characters associated is the property of Nintendo Inc.
"In the vast, deep forest of Hyrule... long have I served as the Guardian Spirit.  I am known as the Deku Tree.  The children of the forest, the Kokiri, live here with me.  Each Kokiri has his or her own guardian fairy.  However, there is one boy who is without a fairy..."
Chapter 1
An Unlikely Hero

The Deku Tree towered above the other trees of the forest. A giant of a tree resembling an ancient oak, his dense foliage rustled in the eastern breeze which had sprung up around midmorning. If one looked closely enough, a faint impression of a face could be seen on the rugged bark. The Deku Tree was rooted in a glade connected to the village of the Kokiri. The single narrow, overgrown path was not only difficult to find, but was also obstructed by a strange sort of high magic which pe
:iconanimetayl:animetayl 36 19

Random Favourites

Fly with me... by kaminary-san Fly with me... :iconkaminary-san:kaminary-san 3,153 245 Invigorating Light by Kaze-Hime Invigorating Light :iconkaze-hime:Kaze-Hime 15,888 1,151 The Hero of Time by BryanRogers The Hero of Time :iconbryanrogers:BryanRogers 550 136 Game Over by Otaru-Shirou Game Over :iconotaru-shirou:Otaru-Shirou 32 38 Ocarina Of Twilight V.Green by Yuese Ocarina Of Twilight V.Green :iconyuese:Yuese 772 146 angel of stone by michalivan angel of stone :iconmichalivan:michalivan 2,810 97 CharacterDesign1 by Cushart CharacterDesign1 :iconcushart:Cushart 4,148 127 polabaya method by VanHeist polabaya method :iconvanheist:VanHeist 1,157 368 Star Ocean - Edge Maverick by Andy-K Star Ocean - Edge Maverick :iconandy-k:Andy-K 38 6 Night Witch by hgjart Night Witch :iconhgjart:hgjart 12,600 470 Commission: Virgo by Blatterbury Commission: Virgo :iconblatterbury:Blatterbury 546 163 just some nostalgia by kurot just some nostalgia :iconkurot:kurot 4,611 331 APH-wangyao by shuangwen APH-wangyao :iconshuangwen:shuangwen 1,657 121 The clan Uchiwa by sbel02 The clan Uchiwa :iconsbel02:sbel02 747 73


Lord of the Tower by shirotsuki Lord of the Tower :iconshirotsuki:shirotsuki 2,607 210


Favorite 5

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 15, 2011, 12:18 AM


Stolen from :iconeeriechan:

1) Post these rules.
2) Each chosen person must post five favorite characters and animes and mangas in their journal.
3) Choose ten friends and put their icon on the same page.
4) Go to their page and send a message saying you tagged them.
5) No tag-backs!

Admittedly I haven't watched the most animes in the world, but here goes. I might do this again quite a bit later as I go through more of my rather extensive collection:

•Favorite 5 Anime

-Princess Tutu - The story is unlike anything I have ever watched before. It's sweet, the characters are endearing, dark, deep, and simply amazing.

-Noein: To Your Other Self - This one is fabulously mind-boggling. The story is so intriguing and layered. A story revolving around Quantum Physics, dimensions, space-time manipulation and people meeting themselves from a different reality? Delicious.

-Toward the Terra- A beautiful Sci-Fi- action story about the evolution of humanity to super-humans and the persecution from those who are left behind as mere humans. There is so much emotion packed into this one, it's hard not to feel strongly about the characters and the suffering they have to endure.

-Shadow Raiders (War Planets) - Alright, so this technically isn't anime, but dang. I would have to say this is the best and most well-written western-produced TV animation series I have ever seen. For what is essentially an extended toy commercial, Mainframe Entertainment did a damn good job at selling this series to me, if not the toys.

-Rurouni Kenshin - I think this one doesn't need much explaining. It's a classic for a reason. The OVAs are the pinnacle of the long-running series.

•Favorite 5 Manga

-Fruits Basket - Another one that doesn't need much of an explanation. I just thought the overall series was so well put together. I can't believe how well she incorporated depth, strong emotion, immaturity, maturation, sensitivity and comedy into the same storyline. Truly wonderful. (Side-note: The anime was SO disappointing, compared to the manga. Now I know what people are talking about when they say manga is better than their anime counterparts)

-D.N. Angel - For me, quality of artwork is absolutely essential for enjoying a manga and this series has truly beautiful artwork. Add in a cute and rich storyline and I'm sold. Contrary to above, I enjoyed the anime series to this one highly.

-The Legend of Zelda mangas - Ok, sure, they might be somewhat childish (don't have to worry about translations as I have the Japanese versions), but hey, it's always fun to follow Link on his adventures no matter the medium.

-Star Ocean - The Second Story - Another one with beautiful artwork, this series and I go way waaaayyyy back. They were the first Japanese import item I ever bought after seeking furiously to find a place to order them from in High School. Oh the nostalgia. :3

-Tales of Destiny - Leon's Story - I just bought these because I both love the game (well, the original, I never played the Leon remake version), and the artwork is absolutely gorgeous. After looking at a few scanned pages I just knew I had to have them.

•Favorite 5 Characters

-Link (Legend of Zelda) - C'mon. Need I explain this one? *grin*

-Cheetor (Beast Wars) - When I was younger, I had an attraction to the hot-headed 'bound to get themselves into trouble' types of characters. My tastes have changed slightly over the years and some of his antics get on my nerves. But I always got the sense that Cheetor was more than the sum of his parts. There was a depth to his character that you only got glimpses of, but knew there was more to him than he showed. That I still do love in my characters.

-Kyo Sohma (Fruits Basket) - I don't know. My heart melted for this guy. The way this guy was treated his entire life was abominable. I couldn't help but love his sensitive, obsessed, terribly afraid and frail self and loved watching him mature and overcome his emotional and mental traumas and his own faults.

-Trowa Barton (Gundam Wing) - Come on, this guy is just about perfect. Strong, flexible, agile, a near-perfect shot. Logical, quiet, calm and mature, humble. And mysterious. There was nothing imperfect about him to not like.

-Cryos (Shadow Raiders [War Planets]) - An incredibly powerful ally to The Alliance that never faltered in supporting the good. He is a king, with the power that goes with the title, an incredibly smart and responsible tactician, brave, strong and moral. Graveheart may have been the brains behind the alliance, but I believe that Cryos was the backbone.

No tagging, feel free to steal it. Who knows, maybe I'll look into your answers. :D


Random Info

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