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Nauta the Interrogator

Jack has fallen into the hands of Nauta the pirate. Nauta is aware of Jack’s connection with Auro. The merman who stole her precious magical ring, the ‘Sunset Jewel’. Which she is determined to get back.

She interrogates Jack with her most cruel and effective method~. Hoping to get some kind of lead on Auro’s whereabouts. Hopefully Jack will be rescued before he spills~. ;)

Jack and Nauta are my OCs.

And as an added bonus. Here are textless versions of the panels. :)
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Are there other characters in this Sunset Jewel story?

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Yes, there are! But more on them at a later date. :)

Typo, I meant chapters. But I now know there are more in this.

awwwww how cute~! How long will Jack stay until he spills, or until the captain start using tools for the interrogation~?

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Ooh, hard to say~. But the tools would come before the talking or the escaping. ;)

Oooooo, why not the escape? :3

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Well he’s a bit stuck right now. XD

Later on he’s gonna get it XDD

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Right! No escaping it! XD

All he can do right now is accept the scratches on his feet X3

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Aha, a classic method of interrogation that, we shall see how long Jack can hold on for... Be curious though, if he proves resistant, is there a possibility of a part 2 where his upper-body gets tickled? Bet he could be sensitive there~. ;)

Heh, brilliant work as always my friend, always love your art. Certainly when tickling is involved! :D

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Hehe! Yes, that would be a good idea. He’s certainly ticklish up there too. ;)

aww well thank you very much. I appreciate that. :hug:

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Oh I bet, perhaps with the use of another set of stocks for his wrists and neck, seen those types of pillories and would work well for tickling him up there no doubt~. ;)

Your welcome, always happy to tell you how good a artist you are~. :hug:

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Yeah, yeah. You don’t see those used very often. :)

Awwhaha. Thats sweet, thank you my friend. You keep me inspired. :)

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Indeed not, a neat set up that.

Your very much welcome, always happy to do so. :meow:

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