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If the image is too small, please use an AI image enlarger, I think you will be surprised. I manually remove background from fiction to make transparent images and add them into various other backgrounds, then do manual light ray tracing and stuff. I want to unite a variety of fiction, the pixels look pleasing to the eye, I am partly inspired by fan-made contents specially those from DBZ, their motivation and sense of purpose is admirable. Limited by the AI tech of our time, this accurate background removal process takes quite some time, but I want to keep doing that, I aspire to keep climbing higher and higher and eventually reach stuff like breakeven point and technological singularity. Here is a little info about me, I have bought many Physics textbooks by great authors and read most of them atleast twice, my top favorite ones are Road to reality by Roger Penrose and From eternity to here by Sean Carroll. My favorite topic is entropy. I want to purchase expensive two-time physics books, expensive PC, VR headset and a lot of tech gadgets, could cost a lot but give heavenly feels. I have a lot of experience knowing whether I am dreaming or not, and hence I have flown around the universe a lot in my dreams, gone to places that appear to be higher dimensional, observing the universe from outside, being given unknown equations like time equation from my known teachers, and a lot of stuff like that. I haven't eaten any junk foods or anything bad for well over a decade, I can cook healthy(though still got health problems for a decade). Since I have a bit low IQ, I always do multiplications and maths stuff inside my head while brushing and doing similar tasks, I am good at multitasking and can even play real time PvP while video calling, I regularly watch educational YT videos, while split screening and multi tasking. I make use of a variety of science forums and ask a lot of technical questions whose answers require hours of thinking and hours of answering, so my questions list is sometimes dropped into black hole, I really wish there was someone who could answer them all, as I have a lot to ask, anyone answering me would require huge amounts of compensation for the time wasted on me. I am also known for being a hardcore fictional debater, debating for a decade, made hundreds of effective memes, wrote millions of words. Though to be honest, I don't understand money, and likely got an unbelievably tough road ahead, since my interests don't make money, more like I don't know how to. I want to leave an effective presence on deviantart. I am greatly interested in science and fictional stuff, but at the same time far removed from reality. My belief system and mentality are a bit different. I am interested in a lot of stuff and can't focus on a single thing. Real life love, parties and similar stuff are my most hated things. I am a single for life parasite shut-in that doesn't get along with majority of this planet population lol. I am an ambitious futuristic thinker interested in a lot of stuff, here is a link to know more, I have a dream of entering into a holodeck VR world with perfect world simulations indistinguishable from reality with customizable parameters, and meeting a lot of fictional characters there, like Goku, Jiren, Superman, Aizen, Seiya, Natsu, Naofumi, Erza, Filo, Wendy etc, spending day and night with them looking up at the stars.


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