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    When Camron came too. She could not feel her entire left leg and her arms were tied up. As she regained vision and it became more clear all she could see was a big metal wall, and hear loud metallic banging and screams of pain and agony. The screaming and banging was hard and loud. She just barely managed to roll over on my opposite side no thanks to her dead leg.

    Shock riddled up and froze her spine in terror, at the sight that beheld her. There Damon was, wrapped in six rings giant silver chains slamming his side up aginst the wall. Each time he crashed and collided into the wall screams like a dyeing beast howled out of him as smoke hissed off the chains. Exhausted he angrily and desperately, threw his weakened searing burnt body aginst the double doors. Sliding down to lean aginst them he threw his head back with closed eyes, gasping.

    As she looked at him, she took in the entire situation and a million thoughts smacked across her head. From what she could deduce they had put him in basketball shorts, tied her up with rope and wrapped in SILVER chains. First things first she thought, ‘I have to somehow hide that Damon is an alpha and get him out of here or to where ever these assholes are taking us. I will not let one of my Alphas die when I know I can do something. But what? OK so hide Damon, save the day, don’t dye. Sounds easy enough. Now how do I get out of these ropes.’

    She looked up at an exhausted Damon. In a low couscous voice she spoke in a whisper. “Damon.” His eyes snapped open as his head jolted turning to her. His face was read riddled with sweat and agony, Vanes around is eyes pourtruded angrily and pulsed. His eyes, his eyes came strait out of supernatural, just big black orbs. When he opened his mouth to speak nothing but long hideous teeth were visible. What was supposed to be his voice was no more than a low viscous growl.

    When Damon snapped his eyes open there was nothing but a thick fog, and a small silhouette on the ground. Was it her, Dontae was doing all he could so subside the pain. It had only been enough not to kill him. But it was her! She was alive! She was really alive. When he tried to speak all he could do was make a sound.

    Then she sat up leaning aginst the wall her right leg bent at the knee while her left remained strait. She spoke softly desperation slipping into her voice. Damon, Dontae, I don’t know if either of you an understand me but please, try.” She talked normally. “On the inner side of my right boot I have a knife. My hands are tied and my pants are covering the top of my boot.  Can you teat my jeans and get the knife?” There was a long pause as she waited for the monster man to respond. Only the clanking of the truck made sound all hope seemed lost.

    Suddenly he stood and walked over to her very brashly and savagely. Actually scaring her, causing her to slam her head aginst the wall when he leaned only three inches above her face. Black pits glared gown at her, she actually began fearing for her life. Not due to the situation, but of him.  He snapped up strait as a board, walked slightly passed her bent leg. Turning on his heel as he stopped.

    Gently he bent down on his knees. His lips almost touching her boot, like a beast not knowing any better impassioned by what he was doing. He ran his cheek over her pant-covered ankle softly stroking it. Enjoying the intense suggestive pleasure that came from adoring her. If only her leg. As he made his way slowly up to her middle calf, he felt that he was in a fever dream. Rejoicing even more he tilted his head so he could feel his lips brush aginst the scintillatingly thin barrier that separated him from her delectable skin. Camron watched as he did all these things to her. Frozen not knowing if it was fear, shock, or how Damon was acting. All she did know she could think is. ‘If I don’t let him do this he can kill me.’

    As he smoothed his lips over the top of her knee, the black eyes that had been so tentative to where he had been moving abruptly snapped up leering at her. The only way she could tell the penetrating gaze was directed at her was by the dim light of the cabin that rippled off his onyx eyes. Still holding in his steel gaze. He gently placed his mouth on her knee, and with as much force as he could pierced the fabric wrenching it downward off her body with so much speed a slight shriek escaped her lips.

    The small sound of fear escaping her body made him jolt up from her ankle back to her face. Though his eyes were still back, and mouth was still full of heinous fangs. He appeared to show concern for her, as a soft growl echoed threw him, vibrating her body. Not thinking she spoke. “I’m just fine. Hurry get the knife.” He bent back down, but not before stopping to slide his lips down her leg. The feeling he received, was more pure than ecstasy, euphoria of pleasure as he began to move down her leg. She felt shocks revenge threw her body; the pain was so intense she could barely remain conscious. The agony mixed with slight pleasure made her head spin. If she wasn’t careful she would fall victim and lose all her vices.

    In a fog she hadn’t realized when he finally made it to the bottom of her leg, biting the knife or setting it next to the wall. She forced her numbing body to lean and grab it. She began to shred the ropes behind her back off her wrists. The massive creature sat there. Watching, starring, boring wholes not into her she noticed, but her leg. As she cut she watched him watch her. When “OW” she shouted. She had broken the rope simultaneously cutting both her writs. Bringing her hands around to examine. Damon surged toward her stopping just before he rammed into her. His head was down as he glared at the small but profusely bleeding cuts.

    “I’m still ok.” Camron reached for the shredded jean to tie around her wrist. “We have bigger fish to fry.” A vile growl erupted at her. When she looked up what she saw was something so beautiful it only came in nightmares. Amidst his black death bringing eyes were amber rings, his hair flowed over his face in wisps from exhaustion. Somehow he had reclaimed just enough sense to bring them out. He stared at her Camron’s wrists, fiery eyes glowing aginst the black. He bent down and licked the injury.

    Embarrassed Camron shouted. “Hey nimrod! Turn around so I can try and get those chains off!” After a lot of ripping, pulling, stabbing and jabbing at the enormous lock Damon was finally free. As he slumped to the ground with relief; Dontae spoke to Damon.

    (Are we alive?)

     (Yea, I think we are.)


    (I don’t know, all I remember was, wanting to please.)

            His shoulder started to jolt franticly. He rolled his head to the side and saw a frantic, pail Camron screaming. “Damon! Damon! Wake up! Wake up you jack ass!”  She used both hands and shook with all the might she had left. His body rolled back and forth as he began to recall the last few minuets. Then it hit him. (Camron had broken the chains.)

            He jolted upright picking her up in the process. Standing strait up spinning around hugging her tight. When he had finally stopped he held her sitting on his arms. One leg on each side as her pelvis lined up with his stomach.

His sudden movement surprised Camron; after he had stopped spinning and held her up it hit her.

“Damon you know the situation we're in right?”

“His happiness vanished and he became cold. His arms tightened slightly sending enormous surges of agonizing pain all over her left leg.

“Yes. Fighting off the urge to pass out she spoke quickly as she began to sweat and vision blur.

“Okay I have a plan on how to hide your Alpha presents.”

“Why would I hide myself? I’m an Alpha. I can beat a few measly rogues. After all-” She cut him off screaming furious that he could be so arrogant, narcissistic and bull headed in this situation.

“Will you cut that shit out already! They have a fucking army! You’ll be slaughtered before you set foot out of this truck! Put me down you dick!”

            Gently, he sat her down. But still he heard a grunt of pain as he sat. what was wrong? He crouched down balancing on his toes and waited until she was done deep breathing. She spoke seriously to him. “For this plan to work you need to do exactly what I say. I need you to swear on your life, man and especially as an alpha that you, under no circumstances, no matter what happens. You absolutely will not take off what I am about to give you, and reveal yourself until ‘I’ say it is safe.”

“And if I refuse?”

“Then we both might die.” He sighted. “Ha---Guess I have no choice then, huh.

    He watched as she bent her thin neck and brought her roughed up hands to the wound chord around her neck.  She paused and looked at him, her deep green eyes sparkled in the yellow light. “Hold your breath.”

    “Why? She scoffed and rolled her eyes. “Just do it!”  Complying he held his breathe. Smoothly she took the chord and snapped it around his neck. “Okay you can breath.” Smoothly breathing was turned into a hard choking fit when the abusive smell of three other wolves assaulted his senses.

     “Breath slower it’s hard at first but you’ll get used to it.” She watched him breath slowly. Sure enough the horrible stench no longer caused him to choke. Then it happened, like wind rolling threw the sky. It drifted up slowly threw the heavy smell of her necklace. It couldn’t be, it was not possible. She simply sat there watching intently, making sure he didn’t choke. It slowly became stronger little by little. Slowly he creped closer to Camron, she looked at him slightly suspicious.

     “Um what are you doing?” She said attempting to inch back. That only caused him to crawl over her, one leg out side each of her legs. He wrapped both his arms around her in a deep embrace and buried his face deep into her collarbone.

    Camron attempted to struggle out but the more she fought the tighter he held her. Having an almost completely naked man straddle you, hug you and rubbing all over your neck. He had to be delusional. He finally brought his mouth to her ear pushing her to the ground in the process. Using one arm to hold he thigh and the other for support he whispered in a low rumbely voice. “My mate.” Her eyes widened “Wha”

    She was cut off by loud metallic creaking and banging. The doors had opened shining in torturously bright light. He snapped his head back at the door. Suddenly realizing every last thing. Two final words escaped his lips. “Were Fucked.”

Its not that in posting this to get attention or pity. But I want to tell someone. But if I post on any social media site the people I dont want it to be seen by will see it and that will cause problems for me. But nonetheless I STILL want to tell someone. 

For the last couple of weeks ive been feeling depressed and weird and angrey. I dont want to go to school anymore though im in collage. 
I feel like im not wanted in my own home and when I am there all they want me for is cooking and cleaning. I dont want to be at my house I feel like im unwanted. If I could get the money I would move out. 

feel stifled and suffocated and suffocating. I dont know wht to do and im trapped in my own head which is only making things worse. 

II dont know what to do anymore.  How do you get out of your own head and away from a place and people who you feel dont want you. Without any large sum of money and only pars hal formal skills.

Any ideas?

August 9 2015 12:34 am

Something I want to say to the world. But the ones who need to see it most. Never will. Am I great full, a genius, or a coward.
Two things.
1) I'm angry. I'm pissed and tired of feeling like I have to throw a tantrum to be heard. (No I have not done it)

2) my sister has a bad leg, my boyfriend if in the hospital (only two days but still)  and my mother is near the verg of paralyzation. And here I am wanting to complain about my takes and pains and feeling like a bad horrible person. Am I not entitled like they are? Am I less if a person? They seek out attention I feel. am I truly a coward less of a person I don't know but at least here maybe someone will listen
The is story I've been working on for a while. its is on as well. if you like it enough please go there and favorite like what ever. i have other works on it too. Same deal. heres a link to this story.…
short story ideas that are too time consuming to post separately…

    My phone woke up blaring the ninja turtle song by vanilla ice. I roll over on my patched up air mattress and look at the leaky spider web and dust covered attic roof that is my ‘room’. I glance at the time. “Shit sickles!!! 6:45. if I don’t make breakfast the pack is going to beat me again.” I got up and threw on a pare o ratty black jeans pull on a bra and a flogging molly women’s t-shirt. I then ran quietly and as fast as I could down to the bottom bathroom to wash my face. I groaned as I finished washing my face at the thought of cooking for 236 over eating asshole wolves. (Did I forget to mention that i'm a werewolf.)? Yes I am a werewolf of the Fair Heart pack.                

    My name is Nechteny Comings (Nesh-ton-e), It means unwanted. When I was borne my bother died in the process and since the alpha had a thing for a woman who was some else’s mate when she died he named me instead of my dad who is the current Beta. Dad had no choice. I have an older brother Mark who’s 18. Even for being my brother I’d say he’s hot even before he turned. He will be beta when the time comes. I also have a whore of a skanky older slutster (slut sister) Anna she’s 16. And then there’s me; the omega, the punching bag of the entire pack, I’m 15 and short and chunky, frizzy dirt color and rust hair and flat faced. Curves in all the wrong places.

    I open up my phone case and look at my secret treasure. A picture of my gorgeous mother, She was tall and stood almost shoulder-to-shoulder with dad. Dad was six one and mom was 5’10. It was a summer picture so you could see how fit she was. Her body was nice and toned, no ugly muscle bulge anywhere. Just nice and trim, but that’s what you get when your one of the best warriors. She had long waist length fire red hair and golden hazel eyes. I stroke the picture and say “One day mom.”

    I move around the massive kitchen and out of nowhere I am tackled with a hug out of nowhere making me almost spill muffin mix. “Morning Tosh!” It was Leslie My one and only friend in this hellhole. “Morning Lez.” I say wiping batter from my arm. She picked up the pan of frying bacon and started flipping it. “So what else is for breakfast?” she chirped. I looked happily at her and said “blue berry m-muffins” She rolled her eyes and giggles. “You’re s-stuttering again.” I laugh “Ha I did not! Your jut hearing things.” Since the morning stragglers started coming in and breakfast was done. I tried to make my way out with out notice when. “HEY BITCH!!” oh no “where the fuck is the juice you damn whore!” A steel kick to my side, I gave an inward yelp. Don’t give tem the satisfaction I tell myself. I get up to retrieve the juice and hit the floor again. Someone had tripped me on my way over causing my jaw to crash into the floor.

    “Oh loook the stupid little bitch fell again.” I look up to see my slutster smirking over my head. I tried to get up again, suddenly I felt a large pare of hands around my torso gently lifting me to my feet. I turn wide-eyed to thankfully see my brother picking my up. I whisper a barely audible

    “T-thank you B-brother.” He gave a slight nod and turned back to the throng of people and alife threatening grown erupted toward the people and at Anna. As I snuck out of the room I could her Mark screaming at everyone.

    “ARE! YOU! SEAROUSLY! FUCKING! KIDDING ME!! Our new alpha will be here TOMORROW! And your all acting like a bunch god damn first graders, Anna!” Oh I can hear her wince. Chuckling in my head I grab my bag underneath the pile of others by the front door got out by 7:45 with only a scratch. Today was looking like a good day.





    School was the same as always Lez came up to be before my final period and scared me to death! Lez was always short and petit, not one of those skinny-mini girls you see everywhere. She had looong jet-black hair that had perfect waves in it. Un like my short afro like frizz ball of dust brown that I could only manage to put into a pony tale all the time. She leaned her weight against me, given that she was four feet flat and I was four and a half. Yep I’m short AND fat. She looks up at me with brown and red-flaked eyes. “So! You stoked for tomorrow?” We walk out to front campus and towards her car. “What do you mean? I stuff my bag into her back seat. then clime in the front. She growls at me but it sounds more like a whimper. Then she spoke gruffly. “STUPID! It’s your birthday tomorrow! Your SIX-TEENTH birthday! She started the car and we made our way across town to the pack house. “Oh…. yeah. My b-birthday”. We got back and luckily we were the first ones. So I made the mandatory after school and work snacks the went up to my um ‘room’ to hide till tomorrow.

    It was almost seven what I got a mind link from my soon-to-be acting Beta brother mark. And yea I do get the super senses and mind link but not strength or speed or even my wolf form. That happens after I meet my birthday. But I’m happy with being alone. When you’re alone; you can’t get hurt. I walked down to the third floor where my brother’s room is. The Alpha gets the top floor and above is the storage attic.


    When I walk into Marks room I find him sitting in his bed. “Hey mark.” He looked up from the papers he was reading. “Hi Nesh”. And he gave me a hug when I sat down, next to him. I am always happy when I see him. For the last fifteen years he has prevented me from getting killed. “So what did you need me for”? He sighed. “Well I just got word that the soon-to be alpha is coming into town tomorrow and we have to throw him a party”. He ran his hand threw his short brown hair, and ruffled it in agitation. “Aaahhh! Nesh! I’m sorry-it’s your SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY and- you haven’t even had your first shift!- and I, mean--” I Hugged him. “Mark, my beta, my brother, my protector, my family.” I stood up and pulled him to his feet by his hands and held them. They were so warm since I only ran at human tempter. “We can do it another time, and with Lez. After all I’m only and omeg.” Pain and sadness washed over his face. I tapped him on the cheek. “You shouldn’t cry. It will show weakness.” My voice was a sad calm trying to fake happy. “Get some sleep. You’ll be meeting YOUR Alpha tomorrow.”



    Chapter2: Tomorrow.

            I didn’t go to school the next day and spent the whole time cleaning and for party prep. (oh joy)  I was in the kitchen hanging balloons. Out of the corner of my eye I say a little girl tottel she couldent have been more then six or seven. She appeared to be percoushly looking for something. And then she noticed me. “Ah!  Oh um-um-um!” Her voice was so spritely and cute. “Ah big sister can you help me please?” I looked around. “Um are you talking to me?” She smiled and her cheeks dimpled.

    “W-yea. Who else’d I be askin?” I got down off the step stool. “ok what can I help with?” It felt nice ho be asked. “Mommy and Daddy told me to help in the kitchen.” “ok and who’s your mommy and daddy?” “Greg and Marsha!” So she’s the daughter of Kappa’s huh? Middle of the food chain, safe enough I guess. “Ok so what’s your name?” “I’m sally and I’m 6!” “Okay Sally there’s some plastic cups under that cupboard wanna get’em?”  We spent the next couple of hours laughing and setting up for the party.

    When 5:30 rolled around, Anna came flouncing in; and oh boy was she dressed like a skank, super short miniskirt that you could see her thong and a mini top that bearly covered her boobs.

    “well lookie, here” She sang, fallowed by her cronies or “friends”.  She bent down to look at sally sitting on the counter. I couldent get over they had blocked me to the oppasit side. Sally was a smart girl I was dumfounded as she talked. “I’m sally. You must be Alpha Mark’s sister” Anna smiled! And honest to goodness purely happy smile! my jaw had dropped!...and then it happened if I had been a cartoon charcter my eyes would of bugged so far out of my head they would have the floor my jaw fell threw!” Sally smiled at anna and said innocently. “So YOU’RE the pack slut?” Fast as lightening Anna’s smile had disappeared and her hand was swinging down to deal a fatal blow to the small child. When a life threneting murderous and deadly growl froze her solid. Fear had her paralised, when we all looked around for the one who made it. I felt all eyes boring on me. Thoughts swam in my head what me no. no no no never. I could never paralyze ANYONE!

    Whit everyone staring at me I took the chance to shove my way threw, get sally off the counter, and nicely shoo her out of the kitchin saying. “the grownups need to talk for a minuit”. No sooner was he out of fight that I was flung across the kitchen into the counter. Anna scram with every word she smacked me back and forth. It stunc so much my face kept getting hotter and hurt more every second, her swing was getting stronger as her wolf half started to take over. “SO. YOUR. TALKING. SHIT. YOU BITCH!!” she picked me up and threw me again. And who was I thrown into? It was none other than….. my furture Alpha. He grabbed my shoulders and lifted me off him I looked at him and shock ran threw his eyes. Electric pules ran threw me, bu I give that to my injuries. He laughed. His face contorted into a smileing snear as he snuck his nose in the air. “You have got to be kidding me. This, this thing is my mate?”

    short story ideas that are too time consuming to post separately…

Chapter Five: Challenge.

Bonjovie it’s my life. (Listen to song while reading for best results)


Damon’s POV

    It was just like in the movies. The crowd stood around us electricity shocked in the air. I faced Camron in the circle of people, the boy stood still as a statue. Wind blew threw my hair and ruffled his hood. 

    Alpha James stepped in the middle of the ring, hands in the air as if to silence the soundless crowd. His voice boomed threw the silence. “As we all know this is not an ordinary challenge! Should anyone see as to why this dual should not take place.” Then he shouted in fury. “STATE YOUR BUSINESS NOW!!!” The crowd was silent a minuet the a small shrill voice rand out

    “Wait! Wait please” Oh god no! By the goddess herself, don’t let it be. My sister pushing her threw the crowd in front of me.

    “Damon, PLEASE! DON’T DO THIS! You’ll tear Camron to shreds!” She begged me with tears streaming down her face. I was about to say something when he hugged her from behind and said.

    “Sarah, thank you so much for worrying about me.” She turned around and he let go and then wiped tears form her eyes. He continued. “Listen, I can take care of myself, I’ll be ok. I promise. If there’s one thing I NEVER do, its beak a promise.” He looked over at his brothers. Chris can you watch over her until this is done please?” The third in command came over and carefully escorted my crying sister to the side.

    James spoke now “If there are no more interruptions. Alpha Damon. You agree to Camron using a weapon for defensive purposes correct.”

    I replied. “It will make no difference to me. He just has to survive” He then looked at his brother. “Cam?” 

    “Like he said. I just have to stay alive right?”

                I went behind a tree, handed my clothes to my beta, Jake and shifted. The cracking and agonizing snapping of my bones shrieked threw the air; my wolf was huge the size of a bear. Most would say pitch-black fur and golden yellow eyes Donate had half taken over as I walked in the ring releasing my full alpha presence. Camron shifted slightly, as if to grab his back.


    Camron’s POV.

    His wolf so was huge it shocked me a little, seeing another alpha than my brother and dad was paralyzing. From his wolfs chin he stood five feet from the ground. He was beautiful, Ebony black fur with silver glints; His eyes were honey gold and yellow. I reached for the silver tube in my back pocket. I felt for the center of the crest and waited.

    He stood still as a weeping angel statue; if I were to blink I would be dead in an instant. I waited, and waited, it felt like hours under the immense pressure. And then it happened; the massive black beast lurched forward at lightening speed. I waited until I was four inches from his nose, and leapt six feet above his head. At the top of my leap I pressed the button on my tube and my staff extended in seconds, I brought it down as hard as I could on top of his head.


Damon’s POV

    Dontae propelled our body forward with murderous speed, intent on killing the piece of shit. When I was about to snap my jaw on the boy he disappeared. Then there was a massive force that sent me careening into a tree. POW my body hit with such force that the tree actually cracked; a lot! I shake the thumping pain from in between my ears and snarled looking to see which wolf intervened. All I saw was both clans staring in the opposite direction with dropped jaws. I got up on all four of my paws and looked as well.

    There fixed in a defensive stance with a metal stick poised at me was that boy. And he spoke. “If you’re wondering ‘what the hell hit me’ it really was me.” I mind linked Jake to confirm. He shook his head dumbly at me. My eyes blackened and Dontae completely took over.  All I could do was watch “I’ll kill that fucking piece of shit!!” He roared.

    Dontae lurched forward at him once again. Going for the staff. New boy dodged and there was another sharp walloping pain along our side. Dontae reared out head to the side and snapped vehemently, causing the boy to jump backward. “Now we have him on the run” He cackled. I was only quiet. He ran forward crashing the boy into a tree. I heard a couple ribs crack as he gasped and coughed blood on the top of our head. “Dontae.” He ignored me. Crushing the boy harder with our head. “Dontae that’s enough!” He cackled, pushing even harder, Die he shouted!



            I couldn’t breath I could feel my lungs being punctured by my ribs. I brought my staff up and with as much force as I could stabbed into the hinge of the massive wolfs jaw, sending him yelping back. My feet hit she ground and I gasp. I stood strait clutching my staff tightly glaring eagerly and exited at the furious ferocious homicidal beast.

    “I see I’m going to have to get serious!” I smirked, the beast’s eyes blackened even more if it was possible. He burst forward at me and I did the same. As soon as we were close enough I launched my self up twisted around, and landed on top of the back his neck. In one swift movement I swung my staff around his throat gabbed it in my other hand and pulled back as hard as I could, the monster yowled and bucked angrily to get me off.


Damon’s POV

            He landed on my neck and there was a crushing force along my throat. I reared, bucked and swung around, only causing the bar to become tighter. “I.. cant.. breath.” Donate gasped. Not only he couldn’t but as well. I bucked and slammed around. “Well die!” I scram at Dontae but he was already unconscious. Soon my vision became blacked and spotted. With more strength the bar crushed even more. Causing me for fall to the ground, scrabbling to get footing. As I was about to lose consciousness, a sharp voice bolted out “ENOUGH! The challenge is over! Let him go; Camron.” The pole was released and I gratefully took in gasps of crisp cold air to my fiery lungs.

    Jake came over to me and but a blanket over my wolf and I shifted. With his help I stood shakily with it wrapped around me. The crowd was silent as I looked at the frail looking human in front of me. “How?” I crocked out. His posture stood more laxed as if he had accepted the fight was over, and he spoke calmly and collected and whispered only so I could hear. “The only reason I hold no position as beta, in the pack is solely the fact that I can’t turn.” Then he walked threw the crowd and his engine sounded and disappeared. I glanced at the beta and third, and they mind linked me that it was true.


    A/N I wanted to make this fight scene longer but it was becoming increasingly difficult to write.




    Chapter Six: Next Day.

Camron’s POV

            School was miserable all first and second hour people were staring at me and whispering. If they had something to say, SAY IT! I get to home EC and the noisy class falls dead silent. Even Cloie (the teacher) looks at me. Sarah breaks the silence buy running up ant trying to tackle hug me. OOF I go before she screeched

    “oh my god Cam are you ok?!? With everything that happened, I-I” Tears streamed down her face. Her make up was running and I laugh “yea, yea I’m fine just a little soar.” I so was not going to tell her I had five busted ribs. We sat down at our table and the class erupted back to life. I leaned over to Sarah and Lilly and whispered, “So what’s with all the pedo stairs today?” Lilly answered while Sarah wiped her mascara cheeks. She said it so nonchalantly.

    “Well; to those of us who were there you know why. For those who are um, not inclined. All they know if that you single handedly beat the toughest guy in school, and served his ass to him on a silver platter.”

    I look at her blankly with cartoon eyes. “Oh. Is that all.”  I remark sarcastically “yep”

    “OH YOU GOTTA FUCKIN, BE KIDDING ME!” I try to burry myself in my jacket-hoody, whatever. From my hovel Sarah pats me on the back. “It will be ok, and look our cookies are done!” She held up a plate of dark brown snicker doodles, bit into one and it turned to dust. “Maybe with a glass of milk?” all three of us started laughing.

    As I walked out of class I could feel the watching again but it was different, I hitched my backpack higher on my shoulder and proceeded to where I had eaten my lunch the day before since I could be alone and it was quiet. I stepped out the door and was instantly slammed up against the cement wall by a huge forearm. When I saw Damon growling evilly at me with his canines extended, and his other teeth were sharp.

    “How DARE YOU show your face around here!!” His arm pushed harder on my chest. Causing me to gasp a little, at the splinters and unbridled pain it caused. I’ve been hit by a truck and it didn’t hurt this much. I looked up and scoffed at his satisfied smile and laughed. It faded into a sigh when his smile disappeared. He pushed me even higher and harder and I spoke.

    “What are you going to do to me huh?” I asked rolling my head from side to side, and put my hands on his arm. I spoke so normally it was frightening. “Blindsiding your allies sister? And for what because you were embarrassed?” He let go and slammed me back, HARD.  Causing my head to ricashay off the cement wall “I DEMAND RESPECT.” He threatened. I lifted my now aching head and spoke once more. “I will show you nothing. You do not demand respect. You EURN it.”

    A giant fist tightened back then propelled forward and demolished the cement wall at the side of my head. I was released and my feet tapped to the ground. I watch as this muscular man breathed slowly, his entire body shuttered up and down, and then he disappeared. All that was left was crumbling wall and the sound of shuttering rain. Damon was not in class, as I expatiated.

    Forun studies was lame, I leaned over to Lilly. “O.k. so you’re “inclined” so is Sarah and ass has alpha and that dude Jake. She looked up from her boredom doodles. “yea… what’s your point?”

    “So what’s the deal with him trying to take my head off all the sudden?!” She looked upward and tapped her chin with a pen. “Mom.. I think; it has to do with your sent.” I look at her like she better choose her words carefully. “My, what-now?”

    “Well most of us smell kinda simple. But you, you smell like a campfire, motor oil, honey clover, and something else…”

    “So; you’re saying he thinks I stink.” I said, fiddling with my necklace. Then it hit me, just like the light bulbs in cartoons. I made it out of my brothers’ fur to help hide myself.

    After class I walked to gym and let me tell you, when I walked out of the locker I was met with the WEIREDEST reactions EVER. Those who didn’t walk up to and try to pay respect’s me, coward in a corner. I walked over to Sarah who was sitting on the bleachers, “HI CAM!” She is always so perky. “Sarah, you ok, after last night?”

    “Yea, I was so worried that you would die. I never thought in a zillion years that anybody could take on my brother. Let alone you of all people.” I arched an eyebrow “That’s a good thing.”

    “Soo…” I started. “Then what’s up with the stares, besides from what Lilly told me.”

    “ Well, people like us are now confused, since you would have one if you weren’t stopped. They don’t know if you’re to try and take the title and some think that you should die and repent the shame you caused.”

    The whistle blew and the teacher said we were playing dodge ball. Not a second after it tweeted I was bombarded with a hoard of plastic cannons. Face, stomach, nose, lungs, you name it. I caught my breath and got up off the wood floor, glaring at the laughing kids on the other side. “You need to go back where you belong; trash.” One girl snipped. I spat at her and she slapped me hard enough to break the skin. Damn dog strength. (I’m trying to I thought. If only I could get out of this hellhole and back to L.A.)




Chapter Seven: Getaway.

            After I had flopped on my bed, my phone rang. Grapping like it was the most arduous thing in the world I looked at the screen. The terrible day disappeared when I saw it was Tonya. “Zombie hotline, for all your world damnation needs” I answered in my sectary voice.

    “WHERE THE FUCKING HELL HAVE YOU BEEN; YOU GOD DAMMED MORN!!!!!!” She roared threw my ears. Uh-oh mad she beast out. But I smiled so happily to hear her. “Nice to hear you too.”

    “Cam what’s going on, you told me you’d call once you got to the town. I could still her heaving big breaths.

    “No I told you I call once things calmed down, not that it has.”

    “Camron; What, exactly do you mean by that.” So I relayed everything for the last few days, school, death glare and Damon, the meeting, the challenge and that I had a couple busted ribs and how I was still coughing up blood every now and then. She listened very quietly as I spoke in detail, and she was never quiet; ever. She spoke in a calm and collected voice, “Cam I have to go now, and we’ll talk later, O.K.? then she hung up.

    The last couple days had beaten the hell out on me, I needed to relax and forget everything. I pulled my handy-dandy laptop. And typed in 62 hour dentist. I was in luck, there was one at 9 o’clock 100 miles outside of town, a total 350 mi. I could be there and back in time for school, and since no body was home no one could stop me. I grabbed the under my bed, helmet and took of on Frankie. It was only eight when I left and since there were no vehicles in the road, I flipped on the Franken juice and took off like a bat outa hell, I got there by 8:45. It was an old abandoned wear house, dark and spooky.

    In the dimly lit parking lot I opened the duffel bag and began to change. Off was the baggy hoody, t-shirt, ratty jeans and sneakers and collar necklace, it was replaced by a short white bob haircut wig, florescent backlight contacts, red crop tube top, a light brown tanned leather trench coat, black shorts, and knee high platform boots with a wide heel. I then walked to the doorkeeper and could hear the music thumping inside. She was dressed like a gothic Lolita doll with big pigtails. She smiled at me and spoke. “The sun is bright tonight.” I replied “Only when hunters come to play” Her face lit up, at my lack of collar “miss rogue what are you doing on the east side of the woods?” I smiled and walked in.




    James, Eric, and Chris had walked into the house from a run. James shouted “Cam, were home.” Wiping sweat from his face Chris walked down towards her room. “Hey twerp, what’s for dinner?” Eric flopped down at the table chugging water. Chris came back up, “Hey Eir, is Cam up here?”

“Naw, why?”

“She ai’nt in her room.”

Eric called to James up stairs. “ Jay! S’Cam up there?!”  James came down to the kitchen. “No, what reason would she have to come up to any of our rooms?” Eric looked at the stove clock it said 11:45. “You don’t think…” James looked at him “No she’s the only one with a bike like that around here. She’s probably with Sarah.” Just to make sure they piled into James’ nova and left.

            There was a knock at Wild Thorns pack house door, one of the female residences answered it. There stood the three brothers, Chris spoke. “Excuse but is Sarah Victors here?” The woman saw how worried their faces were. “Yes, come into the living room and have a set, I’ll go get her.” While on her way to Sarah’s room she mind linked Damon “Alpha” He snapped at her. “How dear you wake me!”

    “The Skyline Alpha, Beta, and Gamma are here looking for your sister.” Sarah wearing fluffy pajamas, yawning and very big bed head, walked in, fallowed very quickly by a half-dressed very sculpted Damon with wash board abs in only basket ball shorts, giving everyone a mouth watering view. Eric got up and asked Sarah desperately “Please is Camron here.” Sarah was confused.

    “N-No why?” The boys exchanged more worry and concern than before. Damon broke in very annoyed, “What the hell is going on here!!?” Eric and Chris became guarded and looked at James. Damon arched and eye brow “What are you hiding Alpha Waters?” he spoke displeased. James hesitated a moment. “You two may want to sit down, well at least you Sarah.”  They complied,

    “Camron; is, well I guess you could say something like a ‘miss-understood youth’ and fell in with a bad crowd back in L.A.” Sarah was in mortal shock, there was no way Camron could be a bad person, she was too good for that, she could tell. “No” she said quietly. Everyone looked at her and then she shouted in tears her body shaking

    “NO, I WONT BELIEVE IT. THERES NO WAY IN THE WORLD CAMREN COULD EVER BE A BAD PERSON!!!” James got up fallowed by Eric and Chris. “Sorry for bothering you so late. Good night.” Damon got up to go back to bed. “Wait.” They all paused not sure who she was talking to. “Day; please go with them.” Still annoyed he said “Why should I? This has nothing to do with us.” Tears were streaming down her face as she stood from the couch and begged her brother. “Damon, I’m not asking you this as your pack member, I’m not asking as your gamma. I’m asking you, as your sister, to help find her missing friend. If you don’t go with them I will.”

    “You wouldn’t challenge your Alpha Sarah.” He said icily.

    “No.” a smug smile appeared on his face. “But I would ignore my older brother.”  His smirk disappeared. “You wouldn’t.”

    She had challenge and demand in her entire being. She spoke two words that would kill anyone. “Try me.”


    Back at the house Chris, James, Eric, and even Damon, turn it upside-down to find some clue to where there little sister had gone. James searched the top level, Eric and Chris the middle and Damon her room, fresh eyes and what not. “Why are we here.” Dontae groaned. “Because Sarah said she’d run off on her own if we didn’t.” He flipped the blanked off her couch. “What the hell is this shit? I say let her go look for the little fag! Get herself caught by a rogue or two” 

    “Shut up you ass wipe! She’s your sister two.” Damon picked up her computer. “What the hell is this?”


    Upstairs everyone analyzed the computer. “How is that possible?” Eric asked somewhat fearful. Chris answered. “I don’t know; that’s more than two hours away by car!”

    “Anybody want to tell me what the fuck is going on!? Mind telling me exactly what I found here?” Damon scoffed. It was James turn to speak. “As we told you Camron is a bit a.w.a.l. It’s the type of thing that she conducted. Come on well get there faster if we run.” They shifted in the backyard grabbed their clothes, and took off.


    They reached the warehouse in a little more than an hour. They shifted all their bones cracking at the same time; in human form they all gasped for air. They dressed and walked to the Lolita doorkeeper.


    Damon’s POV

    We walked to this creepy looking building that was about to fall to pieces with a good breeze. There were multi-colored lights flashing in the windows and torturously loud drumming music, fucking werewolf hearing. I walked up to this freaky little girl and she said the most fucked up confusing thing in the world. It sounded like a 10 year old, “The sun is bright tonight.” She said. “What the hell is that supposed to mean” I retort. She arched displayed confusion then became smug. She rested her elbows on the table, and placed her chin on her laced fingers. “You must be new” Before I could pumble the brat, James broke in.            “Excuse me miss but were looking for our sister. Have you seen her?”

    “Well, maybe. What’s her name?”

    “Camron, her name is Camron Waters.” She looked over her list. Donte spoke to me. “Lets just break in the damn door. I’m tired of this shit. And that little fuck” I thought back to him. (Much as I agree with you, that little shit eater is our allies brother) The Lolita had finished looking over her papers and spoke to Alpha waters again.

    “I’m sorry but there is nobody here by that name, what is her NAME (werewolf name) “She doesn’t have one. Will you let us go in and look?” she glanced at me and I crossed my arms and glared at her in annoyed impatencethen. She went back to James. “It’s a ten dollar cover fee, plus five for a collar mandatory, and two for earplugs for newbs.” I scream “WHAT YOU GOTTA BE  KIDDING ME!” she looked at me. “If you don’t like it YOU can leave.

    After we forked out the money she handed each of the four of us, a hot pink braided cord. Before James put his on he asked the Lolita “Why are these pink and who made them.” She smiled at him “Now I can’t tell you that, even if you ARE acute Alpha.” The look on his face when she called it was price less. I couldn’t stop laughing! “But,” she continued. “I will on two conditions.” He nodded. “First you give me your number, and second we go on a date.”  All right that’s it I couldn’t handle it anymore, and neither could his brothers, we were all on the ground cackling up a storm with tears in our eyes. I could berly make out what he said I was laughing so hard. “Aren’t you a little young?” The girl laughed. “Honey I’m 21 this getup just makes me have a baby face. So the shmuck agreed and gave his number. So satisfied she told us. “Kiba makes them. Those of us here will send donations and samples and Kiba turns them to collars to hide the natural scent. And the pink is to show everyone here that your first timers.”


    We split up, in side the place was no better filled music grew louder every second, thank god for the earplugs. Hundreds of people, thumped, rattled and mashed around. It was a vortex of sweaty dancing half naked men and women. Ironically there was not a drop of alcohol or drug anywhere. Some chick crashed into me and started grinding all over, mad was it a turn on. (Come on were here we might as well have some fun) Donte egged me on. So I grabbed her waist and started ‘dancing’.

    An MC came up on stage and shouted into a mic. His voice sounded like he had been to one two many concerts it was echoy and raspy. “LADIES and GENTLEMEN.” The crowd instantly fell silent and motionless. The girl disappeared.

    “We have a VERY special guest tonight.” There was a slight murmur of confusion since the MC had paused. “Let me introduce to you; the one; the ONLY; KKKKKIIIIIIIBBBBBAAAA!!!!!” The entire building trembled with roaring screams and applause, the support beams creaked and moaned in agony. A girl in a brown jacket, red top, with black boots and shorts, came on stage and began to sing ‘God is a Girl’.

    (For best results listen to god is a girl)


     Suddenly, I just barely caught the most wonderful scent in the world, it smelt like rain in a pine forest.” Donte scram out (MATE!!) in the back of my head, I jerked my neck around, straining it back and forth to find where, who, it was.

    The first chorus hit and out of nowhere a blinding spotlight light flashed on top of me. My eyes squinted and strained pain to see what was going on. I could barely make out the girl on stage. One outstretched arm reaching and pointing towards the sky the other set pompously on her hip. I watched as her hand fell in slow motion as if it were deciding to chose the one to be excuited. Her hand fell and signed my death note, “Dude, Kiba is calling you up! She NEVER does anything like that! GO!” Before I could protest the swarms of people swept me forward and onto the stage.

    I stood up there dumbfounded and shocked. I had no idea what to do. She leaned forward at me like a real low Japanese bow, I was about to receive when whoosh a boot came flying at me and nearly hit my face. I had just barely managed to lean back enough to avoid it. The crowd applauded in ah. I watched as this beautiful creature spun around arching backwards. A fist outa nowhere stopped dead in front of my nose leaving an intoxicating wake of air. I looked out from behind her fist. She smiled at me with glowing pink eyes, and I realized what she was doing.

    I jumped back and swung my arm as hard as I could smoke flew off the leg she blocked it with. Suddenly she was standing on top of it. I jumped to get her off and landed skidding back on my hands and feet. The words started again, and she and disappeared. The crowd cheered causing the building to shake even more. I looked around on the stage she truly was gone until I looked up and there she was. She is beautiful as the moon goddess herself, with white hair swinging on a bright red ribbon.

    After her song had ended, I fallowed her back stage, keeping my distance until she was alone. When she finally was she walked down a narrow hallway, away from all the loud music and light, to a back door emergency. Only dimly lit by the dirty yellow light above the door. “Kiba!” I called her. When she turned around. I pinned her against the wall with both hands on it, and my body firmly against hers. Dontae and I let out a small uncontrollable growl in pleasure. He then proceeded to take our head and nuzzle the place where her neck met her collarbone, the spot where our mark would soon go. (Do it! Do it now!) he begged.

    It was only a few minuets but felt like hours. “Could you get off me please” She ordered. I love how she takes charge. I complied only slightly, removing my face to look at hers. She spoke again, and she sounded. Well, pissed! “Mind getting the hell off me; fucking pervo!” Dontae winced a little and I stepped back. I stroked her lips and spoke. “My dear sweet little mate. There is no call for such language.” Oh how I wanted to kiss her right there, but I swore when I met my soul mate I would do it right. Her face had realization on it and then I proceeded.

    I got down on one knee and recited the oath of devotion. “I; Damon Victors, Alpha of the Wild Thorn pack. Choose and accept you, Kiba with all of my heart, and my life, you may do with it what you wish.” I didn’t eye contact it was against the old traditions; one that no one fallowed anymore. I waited, and waited, frozen, it was the most agonizing eternity that I had ever felt in my life.

    A soft hand gentle touched my down cast chin. A wave of shock ran threw my surprised body. The hand lifted my chin high to her face, I still kept my eyes downcast and avoided eye contact. (What’s happening) donate asked. She spoke “Looked at me” Her voice was calm and collected. It was sweet as strawberries, and smooth as silk. “Look, at me Damon.”  I raised my eyes on her command to meet beautiful (white?) eyes. Her hand was on her chest with her fingers braced over her heart. “I Kiba Rogue. Do not exist in reality. This world is a fantasy. If you want a mate.” She came close to my ear and whispered. “Find her in reality” I closed my eyes and Dontae howled in agony as I fell to both knees. When I came to we were in the parking lot.


    After Camron had bolted from the club and was ONEHUNDRED PERCENT sure she was far enough form the club and town. She pulled Frankie off to the side and in the middle of nowhere she put her ‘collar’ back on and removed the shorts, boots, top, and coat, and put back on her usual baggy jeans, t-shirt and standard black hoody. Then she got on Frankie and went A.T.V. all over the forest.




    Chapter Eight: Sarah


    After Sarah’s brother and the Skyline leaders left. She changed into some jeans and a t-shirt grabbed her keys and left the pack house. “I REFEUSE to even think Camron; the girl who jumped in front of an exploding oven, the girl who helped us in the rain, even though she knew my brother hates her very existence. Could ever be bad”. She thought to herself.

    According to the text she had gotten from Day before they left. They were heading north off the forest back roads. Roads that most the normal inhabitants had forgotten about years ago. She searched and combed every inch of the area, after a while she started heading east deeper into the woods. After about four hours of calling out for Camron her voice was pretty much gone, and she was pretty much lost. She was turning go leave when she heard a desperate scream for help. It rang sharp and hard threw the air and her mind link. The shock was so loud it caused her to jerk and nearly hit a tree. “HELP! HELP ME! PLEASE! I-I’VE BEEN ATTACKED AND I’M BADLY INJURED!!” The voice was male and very scared sounding. She called threw her mind link. “What pack are you?” The voice answered quickly and out of breath. 

    “Skyline!” Without a second thought she fired up the engine, it rawered to life like a mad beast. “ What’s your location? I’ll be there in a second!”           

    “T-Three miles directly E-East of your location. Please hurry!” The car hauled around sputtering mud and sticks everywhere.

    It was no time before Sarah came to the area. She jumped out of the car and slammed the door. Oh high alert ready for any attack. “COMRAD! Where are you! Come out!” She shouted in a tuff(ish) voice. The bushes rustled. She whirled around and glared at the bush. She crouched just slightly, quietly extended her finely manicured claws. They were beautiful as they were deadly. She inched her way closer, and closer to the bush. Creeping even closer, the rattling of leafs sounded like a machine gun exploding in her ears. She reached out her other hand; when thunk! She was on the ground a little white bunny?” on top of her breast sniffing her nose. In that second all the tension vanished. She lifted her head to face the bunny and said “Boo!” The little creature skittered off.

    She stood up and dusted herself off, turned around and thud, ran into a very large well-dressed man. She stepped back and looked up at him suspiciously. “Um what are you doing here?” She said in a flat voice trying not to let the man know he just scared the shit out of her. He wore a burgundy suit and hair to match. He smiled a very snake like and homicidal stalker like smile that made her want to G.T.F. outa there. His voice wasn’t much better breathy and whispery, much like you would think a snake would talk like, but without the s-s-s-s on everything.

    “Why, my dear; sweet thing. Don’t you know a pack member when you see one?” he feigned being hurt. Sarah didn’t trust the creepy, but played along. “Okay-.Welllllll seeing, as how you’re not in any sort of danger. She turned back to her car “I’ll be leaving you now.” Along thin hand grabbed smoothly and hard on the back of this. She looked back, a homicidal expression eked across his face. “Oh but my dear. “I” was not the one in trouble to begin with. Sarah opened her mouth to scream. Her mouth was covered and her knees, wrenched her to the ground on to her back, with both of her hands clutched in one of his. Her eyes watered and widened as she tried hysterically to free herself.

    He put one long lanky led with his knee between her legs, with the other he balanced his full oppressing manner and weight on top of her desperately thrashing and surging body. He took his hand from her mouth in a second she was screaming. “SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU GOD DAMN SLUT BITCH!” He bashed the back of his hand across Sarah’s tear smeared face. Forced to stop she only cried and blubbered slightly. He clutched the neck of her shirt causing her to jolt, and in a second it was torn to shreds. He sat up, a slight hum in the background, his eyes raked over her exposed trembling body. His voice was cold and sharp “Oooh, Alpha is going to enjoy this.” He crouched back down with his long face in the crook of he neck, she winced. “mmm, vanilla,” The free hand groped at her soft tender breasts. “And just the right size.” The humming grew louder.

    All while the terrifying man squeezed, and grinded, and licked all over her. Sarah sent out a mental 911, screaming as loud as she and her wolf could! “HELP!! HELP!! SKYLINE! THORN! A-ANYBODY! PLEASE SAVE ME!

    The letechers hand smoothly slid from the breasts down her side. Sending nauseating chills up her spine, as he continued to leave hickies all over her collarbone. The snake like hand finally stopped at her jeans button; and unclipped it. Whispering in her ear. “Don’t worry princess; it won’t hut.” The he paused speaking and smirked “Much”. He said pulling her pants down causing her to scream at the top of her lungs. “NNNOoOoOoO!!!!!”


    Side swiped out of nowhere by the face the man went flying up and backwards with his face bleeding. A demon howled in agony as it flung the forest floor then dead silence. When it finally stopped the man looked up threw a half bloody broken face to see a psychotic looking motorcyclist in a full black helmet wielding a metal stick. If he hadn’t shifted and ran away he would have been dead.  The physic-o minimized the stick then sharply turned to Sarah. making her jump and scrabble backwards. Stopping a her feet physic-o kneeled down supporting his weight on his kneed and toes and reached for Sarah, Only to make her shriek back in more fear. As if the Monster realized something, he took off his helmet and shook out his hair and smiled at her.

     Sarah’s eyes welled up with even more tears she jumped forward at the figure causing him to fall on her butt. “Camron! Oh my god Camron! How did you!? Where did you!? “ She said as she hugged her rubbing her face back and forth across her chest. “I-I don’t care! Thank y-y-you s-so mu-uch-ch!”

    She helped Sarah up on to very shaky legs and fixed her pants. Her voice was soft, kind and motherly. “Come on. Lets get you home.” She walked over and pulled a big brown coat and wrapped it around her. She was smaller than Camron by a noticeable amount. The coat would have been funny in any other situation. Camron helped Sarah onto Frankie and they left.




Chapter Nine: Back to the Pack.

                        BANG BANG BANG. The pack house door rattled. It was four thirty a.m. and Damon had only been home for a half hour. “Who the fucking hell is at the door NOW!?” He flung the door open in furry and paused looking at the tippy top of a black hooded figure. He about lost it and snatched Camron by the throat and lifted her high into the air. “YOU! You piece of shit!” His fingers tightened around her throat causing her to gasp.

    “Do you have ANY idea what I’ve been threw tonight, because of you!”? Her hands slowly reached up around his figures and she spoke hauntingly calm her voice was so cold you could see her breath. “If you want to scream and yell, or even beat me. Fine.” Her hands merely rested there, there was no force applied, no sudden movement, no nothing, Except for the ice-cold frost like feeling the swam around her hands. The shock of all the cold caused him to barly loosens his hands enough for her to jester with her eyes, towards the shadowy figure hiding in the corner. “But right now; there is someone who is so terrified she is afraid to walk into her own home.” Damon went to lean out the door to look putting Camron down. But before he could

    “Stop right now.” Damon froze looking at Camron staring strait into his eyes challanging him. He let out a small warning growl. Her voice was still frozen “Before you look; you muse SWEAR. On your word as an alpha, on your word as a brother, and as a protector. You will absolutely NOT scream, shout, get angry or be aggressive towards HER in any single type of manner.” Paralyzed by her Camron felt he must obey the boy’s orders. Against his better judgment he agreed.


    Damon’s POV

    Sarah came out of the shadows I stood there still as stone. Tears smeared mixed with mud all over her face. Even more mud covered what I could see of her threw the enormous brown coat. It also looked like she wasn’t wearing shirt, and she smelt like a disgusting rogue male. Dontae howled in fury! Banging against my head and rib cage to get out. To shift that second and go tear that guy to shreds! I can feel myself losing control and my eyes blacken as I begin to black out with anger. Dontae scram in my head; (Who the fuck could do that to my sister! Who has the balls to attack the wild thorn pack! LETALONE THE ALPHAS FAMILY! I will dear his ENTIRE pack to SHREDS!) I felt my canine teeth extending as he scram incoherently. A little voice snapped me right back.

     “D-d-day?” Sarah was trembling in fear because I hadn’t reacted. As I had sworn to not be aggressive, I spoke softly and sweet, and motioned to hug her, causing her to jump. Negating that action I mind linked Lilly to get a shower running. “Sarah go inside I have Lillian making you a bath.” She nodded walked in pulling that fag along by pinching the wrist of his sweater. Still filled with boiling fury I snatched his other wrist, slowly not to scare Sarah, But hard enough to make a point to him. She only looked at my hand, like asking “why?” Then he spoke. The ice was gone and replaced by honey. “Sarah. Your brother and I need to talk.” Fear washed over my little sister’s face. “I’ll stay as long as you want.”  She dropped his wrist and walked off. As soon as Sarah was gone he snapped back looking at me.

            I hurled that asshole threw the back door causing it to Explode. He flew out into the back yard bouncing off his shoulder and stomach finally crashing into a tree back first. He let out a loud Grunt and gasps -as he slid down to his ass. I walked up; slowly and deliberately.; letting out my full power. His hood fell as he looked up at me. Emerald green eyes boring into me Looking at me saying “It’s all you fault.” I stopped a few inches from his knees and put my foot on his shoulder. I glared at him trying to split his mind with the pack link.  I knelt my head down closer to his face acknowledging the cuts and burses on his white skin. Somewhere in the back of my head Dontae cringed a little. It seemed he was having trouble breathing already breathing, which only  fueled my fury. I spoke quietly so not only he could here. Just incase someone could hear. “its all your-“ I took my foot off the tree and bashed across his face flinging him like a rag sideways “FAULT!” I scream.

            I fallowed his direction watching him attempt to sit up from the ground coughing up blood. Two full force hits from an alpha; I'm surprised he’s still even alive. I started kicking in the stomach as hard as I could. With each kick I spoke a word. “I you hadn’t run off, Sarah never would have never left! She would have never gone looking for you! She would have stayed home” Tears streamed down my face as a scram at him. And he just took it.

            I finally fell and slumped to my knees, staring at his face and the ground, tears flowed uncontrollably, no matter how hard I willed them to stop. When we finally made eye contact he was still laying on the ground. Blood smeared down his jaw and all over his face. Staring at me with dead green eyes full of a light that he knew would drive me splitting insane. All he had to do was say one thing. I knew it and so did he. “What?” I said scraping away the shameful water. Staring  at me hard, he fought his way up on shaky legs, only managing to take two steps before falling to his knees. As he fell he wrapped his feeble arms around my neck and attempted to hug me. I put my face on his shoulder. My body heaved as I sobbed.

            It had felt like hours when I finally got a pack link from Lilly. She spoke quietly. “Alpha, Sarah is done; and she wants Camron. What should I do?”

            “Have her go to her room ill bring ………Camron, up.” I replied. I took him in the smashed door. I helped him threw the smashed kitchen, wash his face and up to Sarah’s room.


Sarah’s POV

            There was a knock at my door. Lilly who I had sitting guard against looked at me. She eyes were sharp and cold, like a beast waiting for the attack command. From my bed I shook my head and she smiled opening the door. In walked Camron and my brother. Right next to each other, I’m so glad he didn’t lose it. She sat at the foot of my bed and he sat next to my bed. Then Lilly left. Camron leaned back almost laying down supporting herself on her elbows and spoke to me. He voice was soft but playful. “You, know. You should really be getting some sleep. After all that wet down tonight.” That made me slightly smile, and they looked relived. I answered her. “Will you stay the night then?” She glanced over at Day, why, I have no idea. Then she looked back at me and her head fell to the side and she said “Na- I’ve caused enough trouble for one night I better go home.” She got up and left my room. I looked over at Day and said “Thank you for not hurting someone so important to me.”


Camron’s pov

            I got home at about six and my body raging in uncontrollable pain. The guys were in the living room and, they, were, fuming and the house. The house looked like it hosted a weeklong frat party, minus the beer and hang over’s. 

    “Camron May Waters! Where the fuck have you been!” He scrams. Uh-oh, I thought I’m dead, fucking and totally beyond all recompense dead. One James never scram, let a lone raised his voice. Two he never swore, EVER. Three, He used my middle name. James gestured, harshly, “Your lucky dad is retired! He’d have had the  entire pack looking for you!  Are you seriously KIDDING  me again!” he waved his hand in the air “With this-this Lunar Underground?!” That did it for me. My voice was quiet but I silenced him. “Stop. Just stop James. Ream me later I have school in an hour and a half I’d like to try and sleep.” I said trying to keep my knees from buckling under. I walked towards my room. “If you want to know why I’m so late. Call that Shit faced ass-hat your supposed to call an allie.”

    As soon as I locked the door to my room my body tremmored, my weight smashed in on my body, collapsing on my weak leas causing me to scream, falling to my side. I reached for the mini trashcan by the door and began coughing up why felt like my life supply of blood. After what felt like hours, I crawled up to my bed. It hurt so much I felt like I was crawling over burning glass shards my body wrapped in barbed wire. I took of everything but my under wear. I examined just how black, purple, blue, and yellow-green I was. There were bruised the siz of grapefruit. All over my legs and those were the smallest. My upper body looked I was 90% of the affore mentioned colors. While the other ten was normal. I slinked into bed every movement hurting more than the last. The cool softness of the sheets washed over me, and I passed out.


    Needless to say I didn’t go to school that day, or for the next 2months. It turns out, when Chris was sent to wake me up: hi being the cheeky bastard he is. He threw my blankets off me and got an eye full! Thank god for underwear. When I finally woke up they rushed me to the hospital. That was when I found out that two thirds of my ribs were busted. I had 18 cracked and or broken ribs, 18! I was prescribed heavy strong painkillers, and strict bed rest for two months.

    So; here I am. Stuck in bed. Burnt out on everything. Until I get a call, from guess who? Tonya I answer. “Hey girly what’s up? Why did you cut our call so short the other day?”

    She answered. “Um, well, I uh, needed to change my tampon.”

    “ok then.”

    “Any Cam, what happened with that Guy and his attitude issue?”

    “Well that didn’t go well. After that first time; something happened and his sister almost got raped. I was out riding threw the forests on Frankie and helped her. But he was so pissed he flipped and broke half my rib cage. Now i'm on bed rest for two months and two weeks in I’m  BBBOOORRRDDD! But oh I get the joy of school. Note the sarcasm.” She laughed at me! My misery. “That’s not funny Tony”

    “hah aim sorry Cam. Hehe. Well have fun.” She hung up the phone.

James walked into my room. I looked at him. He spoke to me. “So I heard everything from alpha Victors. You know he wants to apologize.” I pulled my blankets closer to my chest. The pain made me constantly feel cold. “James” I said flatly. “What do I care, if he wants to say sorry. James shrugged. “At least try to act civil towards him. I thought oooh if he only knew. “Anyway” he said. “the girls brought your home work for the day. He handed me a stack of papers “oh joy” I said

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    Yo, hi there, my names Camron Waters and before we jump in I’m just goanna come out and say it.  Family is werewolves, yep you read it werewolves. I learnt that when I was 10. My mom and dad didn’t believe in keeping a secret that big. Well, except for me, I have three older brothers and there triplets! James is the oldest fallowed Eric and Chris. Yep you guessed it I’m the youngest (by 2 years and I’m 18), and the ONLY girl.

    Anyway. You’re probably wondering about the me not being a werewolf thing right? Well it’s kind of like this. When my mom had my brothers they looked almost exactly like my dad, brown, and rusty red hair and blue eyes, however when I was borne I have blond hair and forest green eyes. Due to the difficult birth I lost my mother at you guessed it 10.

    O.K. sooo I’m not a werewolf, I’m completely 100% human. No super speed or strength, super smell, nothing. If I had to say I have one “power” I like to call it “the call” Most werewolves can mind link with each other, but when I do it just right I can “howl” and it can be head from miles away. The only other thing werewolf-ie about me is the fact about me is I train with my dad and brothers. So I can fight off a wolf the size of a black bear using a Bo staff. (That’s the long wooden stick in ninja turtles.) . Dad used to be the alpha of our pack but now James is. Eric is beta second in command, and Chris is third.


    Chapter one: Why Me?!

    “You GOTTA BE FUCKING KIDDING ME! LEAVE L.A?!” I shouted in gasping for breath. Dad just sat at the breakfast table sipping his coffee, looking at his paper. “See this is why we didn’t tell you before hand. We didn’t tell you before hand.” I leaned back crossed my arms and cocked an eyebrow. “We Who?” God if this old man strings me along any longer I’m gonna snap. Dad finally looked up from his paper. “James.”

    James, OF COURS the oh so brilliant alpha of (our) skyline pack. (catch the sarcasm?) I turn on my heals and BOLT down the hall and up the stairs leaving a path of destruction in my wake. Dad had watched as I flew away. “I hope that boy is wearing a helmet” then he looked back at his paper.

    I bust threw my brothers’ door. James turned around “Hey Cam-” POW!! 150 pounds of angry teenage L.A. street biker girl full force strait into his chin!! James flew twelve feet back and two feet in to a wall. James sat in the wall for a minuet stunned “Ow Camron. Are you sure YOU’RE not a werewolf? For gods sake that hurt!” He stepped out of the wall a little annoyed but mostly laughing, and brushed wall and Spackle out of his long silky brown hair. James was always my favorite, he was calm, kind, smart, and even good-looking. Believe my friends went on about it. Un like he other two overly roughty and loud I swear there more dog than anything “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME!!” I scram at the top of my lungs.  Eric and Chris peeked in the doorway behind me. James stood up strait rubbing the bright red dock martin boot mark on his chin and side of his face. “Because we knew you would react like this, save the drop kick to my jaw.”

“Well of course I’d react to dad dropping a bomb shell. What the hell! And the Oh-yea-by-the-way-were-leaving-tonight thing was the icing on the cake! I’ll drop the fight on the move FOR NOW” James knew I meant business now. I could feel my eyes burning; dad’s number one rule, never show an enemy pain of ANY kind. “But do you have ANY IDEA how many things I put in order now?  Do you!!” I was screaming now. “You may believe it or not, but my life does not revolve around our pack! And now to top it off I have to pack up all my shit and move to god knows where! Just fucking great Jamie, just great!” Shock suddenly silenced me I realized what I have done. I said the forbidden word. “James I’m sorry, I-” He cut me off looking very sad and hurt. “Just go take care of what you need but be back in two hours. The guys and I will start on your room.” I nodded and walked out, Eric and Chris were snickering behind me.

James POV

 I walked out and socked them both in the back of the head. “Are you sure were the same age?” Chris who was a real smart ass rubbed his ear length buzz cut rust colored hair said “Nope you’re a FULL day older” I rolled my eyes. He thinks it’s so funny that were bourn on different days. Its three minuets, I was August 16th at 11:59 pm and those two morons were august 17th at 12:02. “Come on you two lets get started” I opened Camron's door and prayed for the best.


Camron's POV

    I opened the door to the garage and I heard the boys walk into my room above. Ka-thunk-thud “Damnit Cam!!!” I had to cackle to my self. Chris had tripped over the mustang engine block on my floor. How do you miss it? Seriously? I walked over to one of my most prized possessions. My built from scratch custom designed street bike. Dark purple with a Kawasaki ninja block, mustang fuel lines, dirt bike tires, all those bells and whistles, and my own concoction of nitro infused concentrated gasoline. Basically it was the fastest, most dangerous, most illegal bike on wheels. I called her “Frankie” short for Frankenstein-bike. I got on, put on my helmet and black riding jacket turned the key and Frankie ROARED to life. I took off like a bat out of hell! Not even trying. I road all the away across town to my best friend since pre-k, Tonya she must have heard me coming because she was jumping up and down in the front yard flagging me to the back. I had barely taken the key out and had my helmet before she was all over me squealing like a little girl about Frankie. O.K. first off Tonya does NOT squeal EVER. Second she’s a violent tempered she beast too but can control her temper. Unlike yours truly.

    In all the squealing and over-analyzing of Frankie. Josh and Sam walked up, I had kicked their ass’ in junior high and we’ve all been best friends ever since. They’ve all come to me with one dire crisis or another. That’s the only time I’ve ever felt like a big sister. After that I sat them all down and gave them the crash course of what was happening Tonya wailed and sobbed, Sam was pissed, and josh. Josh just walked away. We said our good buys, and Tonya spoke. You absolutely have to call us the first thing you get settled. Promise, ok?” Tonya knew my promise was law.

    “I promise.” She hugged me one last time and so did Sam. I looked at josh, he only stood there, and then Sam pushed him. He walked up and hugged me tight and whispered something to me I almost couldn’t even hear it. “King of the four……. only call and they’ll blow your way”  after he let go of me and I left.


    Back at the house.

It was Dad and James  had finished loading the U-haul. And Eric and Chris were bickering about who was going to drive it. I walked up to Eric, his hair short red spiked hair looked like blood and fire at dusk. “So big brother number two where are we going?” Eric looked at me gruffly and annoyed at the situation. “Podunk nowhere Washington called ‘Forest Green’ can it be any more cliché? ” Dad shouted “Alright load up we drive half way then break” James got in his black Chevy nova, Eric and Chris started the U-haul, and I took of on Frankie. We were off.


Chapter Two: Finding forest.

    It was dark when we got there. God cars are slow. This new place was a BEAST. OH MY GOD. Two stories, a basement and a three-car garage! Dad walked up behind me and smacked me on the back. “Hey spunky you like?” I shook my head yes dumbfounded. “Good. Here are the keys your room is the biggest, the basement is completely refurbished. Hours after we had finished moving, I flopped down on my bed and looked and my new room. As much as I hated moving, I had to admit this place was pretty cool it had a full bathroom and bedroom area completely separate from a living room area, which my dad had unexpectedly provided a fluffy “L” shaped couch and flat screen TV for. And there was a door to the side yard, perfect for those midnight rides. As I wonder at my room Eric comes down stairs. “Hey twerp. You like?” I tip my head over the back of the couch. “Hells yea.” He smirked and laughed “yea, James thought you would.” He flopped on my couch. I looked at the pack insignia on his left arm. I love the swirling points on it. “So I’ll assume that this sudden uproot of life has something to do with alpha big brother up stairs.” Eric had the funniest surprised face. “uh-yea, were over taking the forest back because their alpha an beta went rogue. How did you?”  I looked at him kinda sarcastically. “I’m human bro, not stupid. And you just told me.”  He started laughing and stood up “o.k. o.k. look I was sent down to tell you, you’ve got school tomorrow and we have a meeting at the new pack house after so don’t be late ok?”

    “What! You got to be kidding me! School! We just moved!”

    “Then you better get some sleep”

    I hurled a pillow at him I he closed the door. Too lazy to go to bed I decided to sleep on the couch.






    Chapter: 3 Welcome to Hell High School.

    I woke up by trying to murder to my phone screaming ‘we are the nobodies’ by Marlon Manson. I the feeling of kill it kill it kill it had wore off. I schlepped off my bed still in the close from the day prior and went to my basement bathroom and got into the shower. The water was freezing but I liked it that was the colder the better, but not to the point of hypothermia. Accompanied with my peppermint body wash, shampoo and conditioner I was wide awake, wrapped in a towel I strolled into my room. The clock said 6:36 (woo –hoo six minuets new record!) and I opened my closet then spoke out loud.

    “O.k. new school, new town, new day first impressions are the best. A pare of bootie jucie shorts and a baby T maybe?” I started busting up laughing at my own joke, like someone could ever force me into that retail-snob-ass-shit! As always my goal was to go un-noticed in new places. So I wore my favorites, a all too far broken in pare of faded blue gray genes with holes in the knees, a fitted black wet seal v-neck t-shirt, and my zip-up hoody with an extra deep hood. After I was dressed I looked at myself in the mirror, yep-new kid nobody most of what you could see of my face was hidden by my hood and its shadow, all that really stood out was the lock of hot pink hair that I wore deliberately. Pleased with my appearance shock hit me like a train as I bolted out of the bathroom and jumped on my bed and grabbed the thin small braided black cordlike necklace, and my black belt with the buckle that read ‘if you can read this, you’ve already been hit.” I slipped the articles on, (so sue me I have one or two brands I like, I got the boots at good will) grabbed my phone, put on my very beloved and only pare of dock martens and headed up stairs.

    I walked into the kitchen and saw my dad and brothers in the kitchen. “Morning guys”

    “Morning Cam” the male chorus echoed. I glanced at the clock 7:05 first class started at 7:40. I stuffed an apple in my mouth and grabbed my bag and headed to Frankie in the garage. “

    “Camron hold up” Eric’s voice stopped me before I opened the door to the garage.

    “Yea?” Eric tossed me a small silver tube about the width of a metal container CarMax, and length of a tube of your average lip-gloss. I roll in around in my hand and see the skyline pack insignia symbol on the side. I hold it up to my ear and shake it while speaking to Eric “New beating stick?” I question smiling. “No Sherlock it’s a tampon container.” Eric snaked. Well isn’t that still embarrassing. I tried to make a hasty retreat when James spoke. “Camron” Damn I thought SO CLOSE. “You’ve got your ‘collar’ right?” I pull the cord out from my hoody. “ Of course I do. I invented the damn thing didn’t I?” I roll my eyes saying it. “Yes you did, don’t forget we have a meeting with the pack were merging with and the wild thorn pack as well. I’ll text the you the address later.” I opened the door said “yep” and left.

    Frankie could be heard from a mile away, so by the time I pulled into the student parking lot I had all eyes on me. So much for being inconspicuous, but I didn’t care it was one of the few nice days they were supposed to have around here. I took off my full-faced helmet and let the cool breeze wash across my face before I his myself in my hood, then I clipped my helpmate to my bag slung it over my shoulder and headed to the office.

    I walked into the office and saw a chirpy secretary at the front desk. “HI! YOU MUST BE CAMRON!” oh god her voice to WAY too sugary sweet. I’m getting cavities. She handed me my schedule, locker, combo all those other papers. “Thank you” She chirped “YOUR WELCOME YOUNG MAN” I walked out analyzing my schedule. I was used to those mistakes, because of how I liked to dress and the chord.

    At my locker, I tried putting my helpmate in and failed miserably. So I left on my bag and headed to my first class. U.S. History not too bad, I guess, I walk in and see the teacher “Hi, I’m Camron you new student. ” He took my course class sheet and signed, “I’m Mr.Von.” Funny he looks more like Mr. Rogers. “Your lucky were starting a new unit. You’ll be in the 5th for by the window” Lucky a window seat. Class flew by nothing major. Next up Math I abhor math, but same routine but it was with Ms, britskie, it was hard not to fall asleep. On my way to my 3rd hour class I stopped by my locker to drop off two HEAVY ASS TEXT BOOKS! After I shoved them in, I turned around and “oof” I walk into a brick wall; only it want a brick wall, my eyes fall on the most sculpted set of abs I have ever seen. I fallow the abs up to a “holy wonderful” broad chest underneath a very tactfully tight shirt. I peek out from my hood and see messy strait mid neck length thick pitch-black almost midnight blue hair. Finally my eyes fall on his face, it was ‘hammna hammna hammna hot’ like the exactly perfect cross between Orlando bloom and Jared Padalecki.

    “Oi fucking, your in my way new boy.” Every last syllable out oh his mouth was dripping with distain. I lifted my head strait up and made direct eye contact with him bewitching amber eyes. Then it hits me, an evil smile creeps across my face I straiten my posture staring him down. I was raring to go now. I stare him down fierce mischievously.

    “You should use your manners. Or don’t you have any?” His amber eyes quickly darkened his posse behind him was dead silent. I stepped to the side and walk to my third class feeling triumphant. However still hiding in my hood and its shadow.

    Third hour was ‘home economics’’ yep they still had it in this backwoods town. I had a young lady who smelled like cinnamon for a teacher she preferred to be called ‘Chloe’. She explained that they were in the middle of the cake unit and it was a group of three projects, she put me at a table with two other girls. A brunette and red head, the brunette spoke “Hi I’m Sarah and this is Lilly” I reply “Red Lilly. Cool. I’m Camron.” They look at me confused “Your hair color” then they started laughing at my lame joke. Class starts and I help Sarah and Lilly with their chocolate vanilla marble bunt cake. “Camron; Your sleeve! After the fifth time I had stuck my sweater in the batter I gave in. I took of my sweater and the girls were flabbergasted.

    “Oh my god! Your so totally cute!” Lilly squealed. “Wait, your not a guy?” I looked at my boobs. “Nope. I figured my pink hair gave that away.” About half way threw class smoke erupted from our oven before I could stop her Sarah opened the oven and flames exploded out. I had just barely tackled her to the ground and gotten burnt by the flames. Two other people had extinguished the charcoaled cake.

    The nurse wrapped my for-arm with gaws and burn-ointment, and asked if I needed to go home. I told her No put my sweater on, hid in my hood and headed to my fourth hour class.

    English, Ok. I was the first one there since there was abut a half hour break between my last and this class. Walked in, Mr. salt, (he looked more like Mr. pepper to me) and he assigned me a seat at the table in the back of class and told me that we were doing ‘Dracula' lucky I’m an oldies girl, and to get the notes from my table partner.

    I sat down and began to absent-mindedly doodle on a piece of paper. That’s when I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up and turn to ice. I could feel death and rage emanating from the front of the room. My heartbeat began to quicken, I have never in my life felt such murderous killing intent. It came closer and more dangerous, and then it sat down in the chair next to mine. I took a deep quiet breath to control my heart. Only to snap my head strait up when a boy shouted “Damon! You ready for the game tonight?” The hate ray disappeared and I was left alone.

    Class went by boringly Mr. Salt droned on as I doodled aimlessly, every so often I would glance out of my hood to catch the ass hole sitting next to me giving me the death glare. He caught me looking the last time and concededly smiled. I just rolled my eyes and went back to doodling. That made the hate ray worse. Soon class was over and it was lunch.

    I went out side to find it poring rain. I found a bench under cover and ate. Enjoying the sound and sent of rain washing threw crisp lean pine air and trees, I even heard a lonesome howl on the wind, the solitude was sullied by the bell. I had forun studies with Lilly and ‘Senior Pierre’ and Gym with Sarah. After a terrible gym clothes and a game of indoor soccer. I was so gone.

    In the parking lot I walked threw the plethora of cascading rain enjoying it to the fullest. My bike and two other cars were the only ones left. One being a silver jeep Cherokee with the hood up and two very filmier figures looking into it, yep I was right Damon and his buddy I think it was Jake something or another. I walk up and speak to Jake. “Any problems here?” He and asshole turn to look at me. “I don’t know man I just cant get the thing to start.”

    “We don’t need YOUR help” snarled Damon.

    “Oh just let Camron try Day. It’s pouring and well me late. ”

    I look up to see a sopping Sarah looking at Day annoyed. “Yo Sarah” I peek at the engine behind the guys and then look back at her. “You got a stick of gum and a bobby pin?” Everyone looked at me like I was a fruitcake. But the requested items were brought forth, I proceed to chew the gum and twist the pin. “Uh what does any of this have to do with the car?” Jake asked. I stuck the gum to the mutilated pin, and reached my hand into the engine for about a minuet then pulled it back out. “Start her up.” The jeep roared to life. “How did you?”

    “You’ve got a loose battery connector. Noting major but get it fixed right away nonetheless. Gum wont hold forever.”

    As I walked away the boys climbed into the car. I lean my head over the back of my shoulder “Oh, and Damon?” Death glare. “You smell like a wet dog” then we all went our separate ways.




    Chapter 3 ½: Damon

Damon’s POV


            All day I had been severally pissed off at the comment new boy at school made, it took all I had, had to restrain Dontae my wolf. And not tear his throat out right then and there. I demand respect damn it. I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t stop thinking about it, it was almost as if he knew and he was egging me. Trying to get me to snap. Humans can’t sense what we are. But there was something else about him, something that had Dontae restless. “Be weary of the boy.” He warned. Most of all his sent pissed him and me the fuck off. “You don’t have to tell me twice” I thought back.

    I floored the throttle of the jeep sending Sarah my sister flying backwards into her seat. “Geez Day we won’t be back late from a meeting.” She exclaimed rubbing her head “Skyline still has to initiate forest before anything”.  She was right. I pulled up to the pack house. Turned off the car and we walk towards the back where it was being held. Most of the pack had already arrived.





    Chapter Four: The Meeting.

    I went straight home and slept until five that was when Chris came in and told me to get up we were leaving in an hour. I took us an hour. James Eric Chris and dad all car pulled while I drove my bike. As cliché as it was it was a nice night, so the meeting was held outside. The air was crisp and clean and had a nice chill because of the rain. I’m glad I still had my jacket on. I hung get back-aways since technically I wasn’t supposed to be there. So I leaned up against a tree and begin reading my book. James and everyone did the opening ceremonies initiated the new pack blah blah blah.



Damon’s POV

            I walk up to the clearing where the meeting is being held. Jake and most of the Wild Thorn pack had already arrived. “Yo Jake.” I wave and walk up to him. “Evening Alpha. Everything is ready we can start the meeting with skyline any time.”

“That’s good we should-” I stopped mid sentence when I smelt and saw the figure leaning on a tree across the clearing. My face-hardened and snarled before I knew it.


Camron’s POV

            I turned the next page in my book, and suddenly I couldn’t breath. There were sharp claws digging there way into my throat. My hands latch on to the large hand, tightening around my neck and lifting me off the ground throwing me into the bark of the tree making the wood splinter. I looked up since my hood had fallen when I hit the tree.


Damon’s POV

            My claws came out as I tightened my hand lifting him a foot off the ground. I stood strait lifting him higher and snarled. “What are you doing here trash!” My grip tightened even more causing little blood drops to pool around the nail, and causing his blond and pink hair to fall around it fag “I’ll ask you again” I barked, his hands feebly grasped at mine.


            Without warning I felt two different sets of extended claws at either side of my neck, the murderous growling intent was enough to make even me look at either of them. It was skylines beta Eric and Chris the gamma, third in command. Their sky blue eyes had turned dark as the ocean. Eric spoke first stepping forward so his arm was at a 90-degree angle. He spoke growling.

    “If you value your life.” The other finished the sentence with the same mauls.

    “You will put Camron down. Slowly..” To make a demand of an Alpha, was enough for me to tear them to shreds. Nonetheless I did as ordered. As I turned around from the now gasping piece of trash on the ground, I noticed that a crowd of growling wolfs in human had quickly gathered around us. Soon the crowd parted and quieted instantly when the alpha of skyline walked threw. His face was stone and expressionless, and voice was like ice. He was calm and showed no emotion what so ever. Even Donate slunk back at this ghost.

    “What quarrel do you suddenly have with the youngest of MY FAMILY. ” I could hear a slight ting of agitation in his voice.

    Then my anger lit like a fury hell hath no causing every member of my pack to step back.

    “What is the meaning of that thing being here!!? I swung and arm gesture to the now standing fag, “James, Are you trying to make a mockery of this meeting?! I felt my wolf side anger, and Donate was ready to fight. He ran his hand threw his long chestnut hear and looked exasperated.

     “This meeting was mandatory for all available members of our packs, was it not? Weather Camron can turn or not, is still a member of skyline and should be treated as such.”

    I looked back at that piece of shit and my sister was standing far too close to him and speaking. I roar at her “Sarah get away form that trash. My sister had fear and anger in her eyes, she was about to speak when he cut her off.

    He spoke in a calm cordial, reverent tone. Like it was crystal glass sliding across the finest silk. “Brother Alpha, I wish to speak freely.” I could tell that his Alpha brother was shocked, but he replied. “You may speak.”

    He spoke to the crowd “First of all I apologize to our new brethren here tonight for this little depocal.” Then He spoke to his brother but made direct eye contact to me, a challenge. “However, if the Wild Thorn Alpha claims me as not a full member of my own pack. Make me prove my worth.” A smile inched at the corners of his mouth. That silk voice still flowed.

    “He needs only to claim the right to challenge me. I know as solely a human I cannot beat a wolf, let alone the alpha of one of the three strongest packs in the country. But I can at least prove myself strong enough to be part, can I not? ”

    If I didn’t know better I would swear by the moon-goddess I saw skylines beta and gamma roll their eyes. Their alpha looked at me as did both packs. He spoke “Do you Alpha, Damon Victors claim the right to challenge?” I correlated the official reply “Yes, I claim the right to challenge.” He then looked at that fag. “Do you Camron accept his right to challenge?”

I will never for get the words said that day. It wasn’t the official acceptance creed. He smiled, and bowed with his head up. “With honors.”