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    When Camron came too. She could not feel her entire left leg and her arms were tied up. As she regained vision and it became more clear all she could see was a big metal wall, and hear loud metallic banging and screams of pain and agony. The screaming and banging was hard and loud. She just barely managed to roll over on my opposite side no thanks to her dead leg.

    Shock riddled up and froze her spine in terror, at the sight that beheld her. There Damon was, wrapped in six rings giant silver chains slamming his side up aginst the wall. Each time he crashed and collided into the wall screams like a dyeing beast howled out of him as smoke hissed off the chains. Exhausted he angrily and desperately, threw his weakened searing burnt body aginst the double doors. Sliding down to lean aginst them he threw his head back with closed eyes, gasping.

    As she looked at him, she took in the entire situation and a million thoughts smacked across her head. From what she could deduce they had put him in basketball shorts, tied her up with rope and wrapped in SILVER chains. First things first she thought, ‘I have to somehow hide that Damon is an alpha and get him out of here or to where ever these assholes are taking us. I will not let one of my Alphas die when I know I can do something. But what? OK so hide Damon, save the day, don’t dye. Sounds easy enough. Now how do I get out of these ropes.’

    She looked up at an exhausted Damon. In a low couscous voice she spoke in a whisper. “Damon.” His eyes snapped open as his head jolted turning to her. His face was read riddled with sweat and agony, Vanes around is eyes pourtruded angrily and pulsed. His eyes, his eyes came strait out of supernatural, just big black orbs. When he opened his mouth to speak nothing but long hideous teeth were visible. What was supposed to be his voice was no more than a low viscous growl.

    When Damon snapped his eyes open there was nothing but a thick fog, and a small silhouette on the ground. Was it her, Dontae was doing all he could so subside the pain. It had only been enough not to kill him. But it was her! She was alive! She was really alive. When he tried to speak all he could do was make a sound.

    Then she sat up leaning aginst the wall her right leg bent at the knee while her left remained strait. She spoke softly desperation slipping into her voice. Damon, Dontae, I don’t know if either of you an understand me but please, try.” She talked normally. “On the inner side of my right boot I have a knife. My hands are tied and my pants are covering the top of my boot.  Can you teat my jeans and get the knife?” There was a long pause as she waited for the monster man to respond. Only the clanking of the truck made sound all hope seemed lost.

    Suddenly he stood and walked over to her very brashly and savagely. Actually scaring her, causing her to slam her head aginst the wall when he leaned only three inches above her face. Black pits glared gown at her, she actually began fearing for her life. Not due to the situation, but of him.  He snapped up strait as a board, walked slightly passed her bent leg. Turning on his heel as he stopped.

    Gently he bent down on his knees. His lips almost touching her boot, like a beast not knowing any better impassioned by what he was doing. He ran his cheek over her pant-covered ankle softly stroking it. Enjoying the intense suggestive pleasure that came from adoring her. If only her leg. As he made his way slowly up to her middle calf, he felt that he was in a fever dream. Rejoicing even more he tilted his head so he could feel his lips brush aginst the scintillatingly thin barrier that separated him from her delectable skin. Camron watched as he did all these things to her. Frozen not knowing if it was fear, shock, or how Damon was acting. All she did know she could think is. ‘If I don’t let him do this he can kill me.’

    As he smoothed his lips over the top of her knee, the black eyes that had been so tentative to where he had been moving abruptly snapped up leering at her. The only way she could tell the penetrating gaze was directed at her was by the dim light of the cabin that rippled off his onyx eyes. Still holding in his steel gaze. He gently placed his mouth on her knee, and with as much force as he could pierced the fabric wrenching it downward off her body with so much speed a slight shriek escaped her lips.

    The small sound of fear escaping her body made him jolt up from her ankle back to her face. Though his eyes were still back, and mouth was still full of heinous fangs. He appeared to show concern for her, as a soft growl echoed threw him, vibrating her body. Not thinking she spoke. “I’m just fine. Hurry get the knife.” He bent back down, but not before stopping to slide his lips down her leg. The feeling he received, was more pure than ecstasy, euphoria of pleasure as he began to move down her leg. She felt shocks revenge threw her body; the pain was so intense she could barely remain conscious. The agony mixed with slight pleasure made her head spin. If she wasn’t careful she would fall victim and lose all her vices.

    In a fog she hadn’t realized when he finally made it to the bottom of her leg, biting the knife or setting it next to the wall. She forced her numbing body to lean and grab it. She began to shred the ropes behind her back off her wrists. The massive creature sat there. Watching, starring, boring wholes not into her she noticed, but her leg. As she cut she watched him watch her. When “OW” she shouted. She had broken the rope simultaneously cutting both her writs. Bringing her hands around to examine. Damon surged toward her stopping just before he rammed into her. His head was down as he glared at the small but profusely bleeding cuts.

    “I’m still ok.” Camron reached for the shredded jean to tie around her wrist. “We have bigger fish to fry.” A vile growl erupted at her. When she looked up what she saw was something so beautiful it only came in nightmares. Amidst his black death bringing eyes were amber rings, his hair flowed over his face in wisps from exhaustion. Somehow he had reclaimed just enough sense to bring them out. He stared at her Camron’s wrists, fiery eyes glowing aginst the black. He bent down and licked the injury.

    Embarrassed Camron shouted. “Hey nimrod! Turn around so I can try and get those chains off!” After a lot of ripping, pulling, stabbing and jabbing at the enormous lock Damon was finally free. As he slumped to the ground with relief; Dontae spoke to Damon.

    (Are we alive?)

     (Yea, I think we are.)


    (I don’t know, all I remember was, wanting to please.)

            His shoulder started to jolt franticly. He rolled his head to the side and saw a frantic, pail Camron screaming. “Damon! Damon! Wake up! Wake up you jack ass!”  She used both hands and shook with all the might she had left. His body rolled back and forth as he began to recall the last few minuets. Then it hit him. (Camron had broken the chains.)

            He jolted upright picking her up in the process. Standing strait up spinning around hugging her tight. When he had finally stopped he held her sitting on his arms. One leg on each side as her pelvis lined up with his stomach.

His sudden movement surprised Camron; after he had stopped spinning and held her up it hit her.

“Damon you know the situation we're in right?”

“His happiness vanished and he became cold. His arms tightened slightly sending enormous surges of agonizing pain all over her left leg.

“Yes. Fighting off the urge to pass out she spoke quickly as she began to sweat and vision blur.

“Okay I have a plan on how to hide your Alpha presents.”

“Why would I hide myself? I’m an Alpha. I can beat a few measly rogues. After all-” She cut him off screaming furious that he could be so arrogant, narcissistic and bull headed in this situation.

“Will you cut that shit out already! They have a fucking army! You’ll be slaughtered before you set foot out of this truck! Put me down you dick!”

            Gently, he sat her down. But still he heard a grunt of pain as he sat. what was wrong? He crouched down balancing on his toes and waited until she was done deep breathing. She spoke seriously to him. “For this plan to work you need to do exactly what I say. I need you to swear on your life, man and especially as an alpha that you, under no circumstances, no matter what happens. You absolutely will not take off what I am about to give you, and reveal yourself until ‘I’ say it is safe.”

“And if I refuse?”

“Then we both might die.” He sighted. “Ha---Guess I have no choice then, huh.

    He watched as she bent her thin neck and brought her roughed up hands to the wound chord around her neck.  She paused and looked at him, her deep green eyes sparkled in the yellow light. “Hold your breath.”

    “Why? She scoffed and rolled her eyes. “Just do it!”  Complying he held his breathe. Smoothly she took the chord and snapped it around his neck. “Okay you can breath.” Smoothly breathing was turned into a hard choking fit when the abusive smell of three other wolves assaulted his senses.

     “Breath slower it’s hard at first but you’ll get used to it.” She watched him breath slowly. Sure enough the horrible stench no longer caused him to choke. Then it happened, like wind rolling threw the sky. It drifted up slowly threw the heavy smell of her necklace. It couldn’t be, it was not possible. She simply sat there watching intently, making sure he didn’t choke. It slowly became stronger little by little. Slowly he creped closer to Camron, she looked at him slightly suspicious.

     “Um what are you doing?” She said attempting to inch back. That only caused him to crawl over her, one leg out side each of her legs. He wrapped both his arms around her in a deep embrace and buried his face deep into her collarbone.

    Camron attempted to struggle out but the more she fought the tighter he held her. Having an almost completely naked man straddle you, hug you and rubbing all over your neck. He had to be delusional. He finally brought his mouth to her ear pushing her to the ground in the process. Using one arm to hold he thigh and the other for support he whispered in a low rumbely voice. “My mate.” Her eyes widened “Wha”

    She was cut off by loud metallic creaking and banging. The doors had opened shining in torturously bright light. He snapped his head back at the door. Suddenly realizing every last thing. Two final words escaped his lips. “Were Fucked.”


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