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Specific Style Samples by AniMerrill Specific Style Samples by AniMerrill
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If I've learned anything from the internet, it's that fanart gets pageviews and pageviews get sales. So just to demonstrate some amount of breadth, I did a few takes in as close as I could manage the style of some of my favorite cartoon characters (plus one I hate) just to show off that to some degree or another I can emulate other artists styles if necessary. I would HOPE that I get asked to do stuff in a certain style because like... they need me to do a guest comic or in between frames on an animation or something. But let's be real, you peeps just want gemsonas and to get shipped with Danny Phantom.

Characters: Rick Sanchez, Greg Universe, Zim, Eddy, Sam Manson, and uh... some guy from the Cyanide and Happiness comics.


Commission appraisal:
(This is essentially totaling up what this piece would have cost had someone ordered it from me, just for reference)

* Sketch: $5
* Per Extra Character: +$5 x 5
* Lineart: +$5
* Base Color: +$5
* Specific Style: +$15

Total = $55

(Please note, if you ask for... like more than two styles in the same pic like this I probably will upcharge for each additional style just because it can be sort of weird flopping between them like this. Also if anyone asks me ever to do something in the C&H style I'm charging you $200.)

I'm selling commissions! Find more here:
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June 13, 2017
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