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Fritz the Cat (Sketch Sample) by AniMerrill Fritz the Cat (Sketch Sample) by AniMerrill
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"My soul is tormented! I've been up and down the four corners of this big old world! I've seen it all! I've done it all! I've fought many a good man, and laid many a good woman! I've had riches and fame and adventure...I've tasted life to the fullest, and still my heart cries out, yes, cries out in this hungry, tortured, wrecked quest: 'More!'" - Fritz the Cat

I almost can't believe how long I'd gone in life without ever seeing a Ralph Bakshi cartoon, let alone this one. For those who don't know, you probably shouldn't look it up without being warned- Fritz the Cat was the first X-Rated cartoon ever intended for a general audience (i.e. shown in actual theaters and not just back room screenings as a joke). That immediately makes it sound like it's some kind of weird sex cartoon... and yeah, I guess it does have some weird sex in it, although mainly it comments on sexuality in general and actually gets into some hard commentary about the social environment of the 60's: hollow intellectualism, free love, race relations, and violent revolutions. It's a very transgressive and potentially offensive movie to most people, but in comparison to the modern adult cartoons it paved the way for (Ralph Bakshi once joked that content that regularly got onto the Simpsons on air was the same shit that got him the X rating back in the 70's) it has a lot of heart and vision that is sorely lacking today.


Commission appraisal:
(This is essentially totaling up what this piece would have cost had someone ordered it from me, just for reference)

* Sketch: $5
* Background: +$10 (simple indoor setting)

Total = $15

I'm selling commissions! Find more here:
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June 13, 2017
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