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Small update. Because freak stalker won’t leave me alone, I have separated my twitter accounts. My main will remain where I post all of my own characters and personal work however my new account will post all work for others including commissions and art trades. Here’s a link to each if you’re wanting to follow me on Twitter. Personal: Commissions/trades: I’d like to shift off of twitter eventually because of its lack of privacy controls. You can’t even lock your account to be only viewable to logged in users.

Astrocharge and his family join Team Prime by MelSpyRose, literature

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Good evening everyone, I have managed to have two of the TF characters in the Danganronpa artsyle, in hope that this'll give you a chance to draw the Danganronpa versions of Transformers characeters from the groups of Autobots, Decepticons, Predacons (Bug Clan) Maximals, Predacons (Dragon Clan), Dinobots, Mini-Cons, Terran Cybertronians, Technorganics like Sari Sumdac, and even more that you can think of. Plus, Transformers OC's and TF Humans OC's can be welcomed into the series if you are curious. Here are the two pics of the two leaders as a example I worked on the past 2 days, so that way you can challenge yourself to work on the characters in Danganronpa art style: If your also curious about trying a Danganronpa TF story roleplay with me, or if you have any questions about the idea, don't be afraid to ask me. I be okay to answer to the best I can. Anyways, I challenge you to get creative and to take your time on the Danganronpa TF challenge, have a great time and good luck
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Today is A.A. Miller's birthday, in to those who remember him, he is the father of Christopher Robin, and the creator of the poetry stories, and the Winnie the Pooh stories for his son. Be sure to wish him a happy birthday and send him prayers in heaven to thank him for all of the stories and adventures we had as children in reading Winnie the Pooh ^w^
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Everyone, please help spread the word and to stop the bad people from making things worse for my friend SonicStar21. Have a look here and to read it carefully: Trust me, it is a real major SOS my friend is sending to many good people who wish to save and defend her. So please hurry and do protect SonicStar21 with all of your might!
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are you taking requests and if so could you do my 2 separate requests for 2 separate groupshots since i figured i would ask bro: The League of Super Evil (Dark Shadow (Leader) (My OC Looks Like A Fusion of Kingdom Hearts's The Master of Masters and CyberEMan2099's The Evil Masked Figure) and Catwoman (Wife and Co-Leader) (DC Super Hero Girls G2 Season 3) and Tiger Claw (Second in Command) (TMNT VS Batman) and Dick Dastardly and Muttley (The Dark Heart) (Scoob) and Jim Carrey's Dr. Eggman (The Mad Genius) (Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Live Action) and Willem Dafoe's The Green Goblin (The Maniac) (Sami Raimi's Spider-Man But with Hood and Moving Mouth) and Tomura Shigaraki (The Rookie) (MHA) and Lilith (The Demon) (Darksiders) and Black Beetle (The Living Tech) (Young Justice) and Hercules (The Half God) (The God of War Greek Saga)

Inspired by The Mean 8 (MLP FIM) and The Sinister Six (Spider-Man No Way Home) and The Foot Clan (TMNT 2012) and The League of Villains (MHA) and The Super-Villain Teens (DC Super Hero Girls G2)

and The Guardians of The Globe (Space Ace (Leader) (My OC Looks Like A Fusion of Marvel's Ultimate Alliance 3's Starlord and Fairly Odd Parents's Crash Nebula) and Batgirl (Wife and Co-Leader) (DC Super Hero Girls G2 Season 3) and Leo (Second in Command) (TMNT VS Batman) and Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo (The Heart) (What's New Scooby-Doo) and Sonic The Hedgehog (The Blue Blur) (Sonic The Hedgehog Live Action 2020 Redesign Not Ugly Sonic) and Spider-Man (The Web Head) (PS4's Spider-Man) and Deku (The Rookie) (MHA) and Bayonetta (The Witch) (Bayonetta) and Blue Beetle (The Living Tech) (Batman The Brave and The Bold) and Kratos (The Half God) (The God of War Greek Saga) Inspired by The Mane 8 (MLP FIM) and The Web Warriors (Into The Spider-Verse) and The Hamato Clan (TMNT 2012) and Class 1-A (MHA) and The Super Hero Teens (DC Super Hero Girls G2)

That's way too much for me 🤨

actually they are 2 separate requests for 2 separate groupshots just to let you know sista

Oh, sorry. We'll im actually busy with Christmas in the truth, so I'm afraid I won't have time for that, sorry.

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Hey is my birthday today!!!

Happy Birthday, sorry if I was too late to do your request, but I do have something to make it up:

It came out yesterday and I think your gonna love it ^^

I know transformers: Rise of the Beasts I can‘t wait to see it!