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Golden Axe 3_Ax Battler_Doodle_01_Jun2019 by AlexBaxtheDarkSide Golden Axe 3_Ax Battler_Doodle_01_Jun2019 :iconalexbaxthedarkside:AlexBaxtheDarkSide 23 12 DOA5LR: Helena Douglas - Cindy/Dr. Z from Golgo 13 by AVGNJr1985 DOA5LR: Helena Douglas - Cindy/Dr. Z from Golgo 13 :iconavgnjr1985:AVGNJr1985 111 8 Comission_Lefftah vs ladyFang Comic Page_03_2018 by AlexBaxtheDarkSide Comission_Lefftah vs ladyFang Comic Page_03_2018 :iconalexbaxthedarkside:AlexBaxtheDarkSide 32 7 Mazinger Z by loic-drawing Mazinger Z :iconloic-drawing:loic-drawing 13 6 Inktober 2016 - 23 by CristianHane Inktober 2016 - 23 :iconcristianhane:CristianHane 9 4 Flora Crazy Little Petunia AMV 001 by florapolitis Flora Crazy Little Petunia AMV 001 :iconflorapolitis:florapolitis 4 17 Pantheroid by egomante Pantheroid :iconegomante:egomante 5 3 Marin Unit by egomante Marin Unit :iconegomante:egomante 3 0 Flora's Crazy Universe and Final Sacrifice AMV by florapolitis Flora's Crazy Universe and Final Sacrifice AMV :iconflorapolitis:florapolitis 15 45 Alien plant girls fight to the finish AMV by florapolitis Alien plant girls fight to the finish AMV :iconflorapolitis:florapolitis 14 16 We are not humans we are plants we have chlorophyl by jaycebrasil We are not humans we are plants we have chlorophyl :iconjaycebrasil:jaycebrasil 15 41 Flora and FlutterShy Fly Wings by jaycebrasil Flora and FlutterShy Fly Wings :iconjaycebrasil:jaycebrasil 28 34 Sawboss and evilseed by jaycebrasil Sawboss and evilseed :iconjaycebrasil:jaycebrasil 7 9 Monster Mind Doon Flower Station Space Fighter 002 by jaycebrasil Monster Mind Doon Flower Station Space Fighter 002 :iconjaycebrasil:jaycebrasil 2 0 Alien Plant Girls full power energy by jaycebrasil Alien Plant Girls full power energy :iconjaycebrasil:jaycebrasil 23 24

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'61 - '65
The memory of Tokyo 1964 Olympic by supermgod
Retro Tetsujin 28/Gigantor by DaimosZ
Astro Boy by CoolEmma03
Brightheart Mothra by CoolEmma03
'66 - '70

Mature Content

Ultraman, Final Light, chapter 14 by UltramanZenith

Mature Content

Ultraman, Final Light, chapter 13 by UltramanZenith
Masked Racer (a.k.a. Racer X) by beavers2010
What this Day Means to Me,Ultraman was the first Tokusatsu series, and overall first superhero series, I watched as a kid. The first episodes I was exposed to were the ones closest to the end of the series(my first episode was "Gift From the Sky", which is why it holds a special place in my heart), so my introduction to the series was kind of lop-sided. But it introduced me to the world that Tsuburaya created, not just with Ultraman but Godzilla as well. From then on, I'd get into the Godzilla franchise, the Gamera franchise, Kamen Rider, Metal Hero, and even Super Sentai. It's because of this that I grew a love of big things smashing cities, which led to my love of Super Robots and mecha anime! But the Ultraman franchise remains my absolute favorite for one reason:The reason why the Ultras fought for us, and finally with us, is because they believed that we can better ourselves, to quote Battlestar Galactica: and in a world today where narcissism, existentialism, and nihilism are running rampant and no one is accomplishing anything, this message is even more poignant. This series inspired me to want to better myself and work in television/film making. Not just to make movies, but to actually help contribute and build our culture. Hell, I want to make an Ultra series of my own one day! We have accomplished so much since our inception, from starting the first civilization to walking on the moon, and we need to stop fighting amongst one another over who has the most oppression and finally better ourselves as a culture, as a species, and continue to drive forward!
Assembling complete by farstar09
Toei Mazinger Z Vector by DaimosZ
Takeru by SelkisFritz
In his hands by farstar09
Soul Man by AndromedaSwan
Candy and Clean by KaoriKonran
Bucky o'Hare Dead Eyed Duck Doodle 01_Aug2021 by AlexBaxtheDarkSide
Mami Anime Cel by mishihime
Sexy look by SelkisFritz
SM Redraw Challenge: Rei Hino-Sailor Mars Eps.159 by Retr0Neko
Kawaiiii!!!! (colored) by AndromedaSwan
Kodachi Commission by 0tacat
Early 2000s
Kilala Princess - Vol 1: Page 10 by FlyingPrincess
Hes DEAD by CoolEmma03
Rina Toin by beavers2010
Carmine From Magical Canan by beavers2010
OC for Old Anime
80s by AG-Femo
Pichi Pichi Pitch OC by MirusArt
Mi chiquilla en la playa uwu by principebaka
PPP/MM OC Miru Aidama and Martha Aiiro by MirusArt
TV Shows
The Many Wardrobes of Fatla by gwspaid3
The Many Wardrobes of Fubuki by gwspaid3
The Many Wardrobes of Tamao by gwspaid3
Gadget Loves Chip by beavers2010
Video Games
Vampire Fighter (DS VS SF) P7 by kabuto-gouki
Princess Peach on the run by Hollow-Inc
Super Mario Dream (the end of SMB2) by Hollow-Inc
Vampire Fighter (DS VS SF) P6 by kabuto-gouki
Group shots Crossovers
MarieEdd as Morrigan n' SheZow by NickyVendetta
Team Original Ash: Capitude!! by gwspaid3
I got some Raggedy Ann and Andy stuff! by CoolEmma03
Spunky YoYo Gal by Retr0Neko
Good ol' Hentai and Ecchi

Mature Content

Hurricane Honey (Universe) by RyugaSSJ3
Gundam Fix Psycho Gundam by granturismomh
Spaceman versus Pongo by Tulio-Vilela
Tokusatsu 80's - Early 2000s
Captain Power Comic Page 3 by RyugaSSJ3
Spider-Man : The Brother in Reflection by cronos-ov
Betty Gilpin as Lady Blackhawk (Birds of Prey) by MZimmer1985
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Group Info

Anime is in our names and Classic retro oldies are our game.

Any literary work of Osamu Tezuka,Shotaro Ishinomori,Fuji F. Fujiko and the beloved founder of super robot anime (well,perfectionist of it) that is Go Nagai,demon anime ranging from Yoshihiro Togashi to Go Nagai,the lovely character designs of Toshihiro Hirano and Akira Toriyama's childlike nature,we've got them all. From the beginning of time till the year 2000 of anime is where we accept.
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Jun 12, 2013


Group Focus
Old school retro anime awesomeness nostalgia

362 Members
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Rules and Regs. (because everything needs it)

I dunno how to run something like this but I think it goes like this.

Rule # 1: (with a bullet)

The animes must come from the olden years like the 50's till 2003 because that is where it all ends in my opinion so anything in the 70's,80's,90's,you name it can enter this zone.

Rule # 2: Any kind of art is accepted here and especially sprites for video games and more.

Rule # 3: Any kind of Hentai or p***-like image will be sent to a special folder which will be handled by me.

Rule # 4: The anime must be submitted into the correct folder with the correct timespan like say..Dorvack is in the 80's so place him in the 80's. So please do your research before placing your art into the correct folder. Wikipedia could help or just ask me. :)

Rule #5: Animes of nowadays are not allowed in this group like Naruto,One piece,bleach,Attack on titan so don't mess with the law. Dun dun dun.

Rule #6: Crossovers are fine but have crossovers with animes that are between the 50's - 2003. This is AnimeRetroClub.

Rule #7: Cosplay is fine so it's self-explanatory.

Rule #8: Don't hold back into sending your best works or your worst works,this is a non-biased group so please feel free to send photos,merch,line-art,sketches,anything. :D

Rule #9: Never criticize anyone's work if it looks horrid to ya. Remember,you're not the only one in this group so please be polite to others.

Rule #10: It's simple. Have fun!!

Edit: Rule #11: I am NOT GONNA TOLERATE ANY SEXUALISATION OF ANY KID UNDER THE AGE OF 15 OR LITERALLY BELOW and NO FETISH OF ANYTHING!! We can accept any naked chicks or dudes yes..I mean we GOT a hentai/ecchi folder for those R-rated dudes BUT NO FETISHES!!
Especially pedos! They will be removed at all costs!

Rule 12: NO MLP versions of anything!!

Rule 13: No recent tokusatsus or anything unless they are in crossover with a past character before 2003.



Rule 16: One Piece,Bleach,Naruto or any mainstream animes will not be allowed and yeah,even though Naruto and something else were made in the late 90s thanks to their mangas but really,they've defined the 2000s and not really the early 90s but Megas XLR,I'm all over that shit! ;)

Rule 17: One more thing,Marvel,DC,video games,TV Shows and all that,they're cool but they have to be specifically in ht 50's - early 2000's.

P.S: Original characters can be simply be made and placed in another special folder but you have to state what series this OC is made for. Almost forgot about that. ^_^ Mon Colle Knights the original japanese version with English subs coming out on April 27th! ;3 To all the classic and nostalgic anime fans to the new, old and modern! This is a must for your collection! ;3 While the master dub of the show is still being searched, watch the show in its original 51 ep form. :)
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