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A Pondlock Love Story by animequeen23 A Pondlock Love Story :iconanimequeen23:animequeen23 4 2 Manage Your Time Better... by animequeen23 Manage Your Time Better... :iconanimequeen23:animequeen23 3 0
Ich werde dich nie vergessen - Part 2
"I really am sorry about the broken window," Richard said to Myra as he munched a sandwich at lunchtime in the staffroom.
Myra shrugged, taking a bite out of her own sandwich. "It's not my pay cheque it's coming out of," she said with a grin.
As Richard was about to reply, grinning, a slim blonde waltzed in. "Myra, Richard, the principal wants to see you both…" The two exchanged mystified glances then followed the secretary out, their lunch now forgotten.
"Richard, nice to see you're settling in well," Peters began, beaming at the gym teacher. "Though I'd thank you not to break any more of my school windows." He turned to Myra and his smile faded. "Myra, I'm afraid I have some bad news for the science department…"
"And that would be…?"
"Budget cuts. The science department is going to have its budget cut," he replied, looking grim.
"You can't be serious," Myra replied arching an eyebrow. "What do you want us to do, sell the Bunsen burners just so we have enough money?!"
:iconanimequeen23:animequeen23 3 1
Never Trust A Fangirl
"Are you ready?" Madison asked Minniiee as the two snuck backstage.
The other girl nodded. "Don't forget, do the biggest puppy dog eyes you can, ok? They won't be able to resist."
Maddy grinned. "Never trust a Rammstein slash fangirl; you never know what she's going to do to you…"
Minniiee laughed as the two found their way onto the stage. The show was now over and the band was packing away.
"Hi," the two girls said in unison.
The six males looked up, surprised. "Hi…"
"How… How'd you manage to get here?" Richard asked after a slight pause.
Maddy shrugged, "Magic powers. Never underestimate a fangirl."
Paul chuckled, coming up to them. "Magic powers, eh?" He looked at the two. "What number am I thinking of?"
"9842," Minniiee replied instantly.
Paul nodded, grinning. "Close enough. That proves it Rich, they do have powers…"
Richard shook his head slightly at Paul but couldn't help smiling. Paul's smile was contagious. "So, do you need us to sign something?"
The two gi
:iconanimequeen23:animequeen23 9 18
Du bist mein Engel - Part 3
The phone rang shrilly in the corridor, waking Till from his dreamless slumber. Who'd be calling at this time of night?! thought Till irritably as he left his room and blindly tried to locate the telephone. The phone was still insistently ringing, intent on waking everyone in the house up.
"Hello?" Till mumbled into the receiver.
"Till, is that you?" the voice on the other end asked.
"Yeah, it's me. Who's this?" he asked sleepily.
"It's Oliver…"
"Olli?! Is everything alright?!" he asked worriedly, all sleep fleeing.
"Paul's woken up, he's out of his coma…"
"That's great!" Till exclaimed. Then once again remembering what time it was he frowned "But why did you call this late?"
"I'm sorry. I knew I should've waited until the morning, but he's been asking for you guys…" Olli hoped that Till would believe this last bit. Because the truth was, Paul hadn't. "Could you come over?"
"Well…" Till struggled. "Ok. I'll come over… I'll see if any of the others are awake, an
:iconanimequeen23:animequeen23 6 5
Du bist mein Engel - Part 2
The most dreadful of moments always seem to get stretched out in memory. Things happened so fast; the seemingly random shot, ambulances rushing to the scene. He remembered the police trying to keep the crowds back, remembered his frantic drive to the hospital.
Olli  was the first to arrive out of his band-mates. "I'm searching for a Paul Landers," he said frantically to a passing doctor. "I need to see him! Could you please tell me where he is?"
"Sir, he's in the emergency room. He's in a very critical condition at the moment. He's lost a significant amount of blood…"
"Then I'm here to give blood to him."
"That won't be necessary."
Olli's eyes widened. "Oh god, he hasn't died, has he?"
The doctor paused for a moment. "He's getting all the help he can get. He's not responding, but we're going to keep trying…" With that the doctor left.
Olli rushed after him. "Doctor, you don't understand. I need to see him! Please…"
The doctor shook his head impatiently. "Did yo
:iconanimequeen23:animequeen23 4 1
Du bist mein Engel
Olli stood at the back of the stage as he strummed his bass. He was known as the quiet one, and although rumours said that he stood at the back concentrating more than anything, he had a more important motive.
From his position he looked out for his fellow band members. Olli looked up for a moment and stared at Paul's ass, then catching himself, shook his head, smiling slightly. He briefly looked over at Flake, Richard, and Till, then glanced up at Schneider, before returning all his attention to his guitar. After a moment, his mind began to wander, and as it did, he began to play on auto-pilot.
He sneaked another look at Paul. The shorter male was concentrating on playing, but occasionally, he looked up and surveyed the crowd. Olli smiled to himself. He loved how Paul played. He loved how every once in a while Paul would look out at the crowd, then at Till, Richard and Flake.
Olli loved his position at the back of the stage. Because from there, he could not only look out for his band
:iconanimequeen23:animequeen23 6 14
Der CSI und der Rechtsanwalt
A/N: Both are OC's at MDPD
Madison gave a tiny sigh, staring into her drink. She wished that Lexie was here so she wouldn't feel so out of place by herself, but he'd gone out on a date tonight after insisting that she dress up and go out to the bar to meet someone new.
Ah well, she thought, taking a sip of her drink, might as well make the best out of this situation. Maybe find a cute girl to hook up with for the night or maybe just –
"Someone as pretty as yourself shouldn't be drinking alone," a voice tinged with an accent murmured to her, interrupting her musings.
She turned to the stranger, a tiny smile playing at the corners of her mouth. "I'm flattered, but how do you know that I'm not merely waiting for someone?"
A small smile played on his lips. "Surely if you were meeting someone they wouldn't want to miss spending time with you by being late… May I buy you a drink?"
Momentarily she looked down at her almost-full glass. His gaze followed hers and he gave a chuckle. "T
:iconanimequeen23:animequeen23 0 0
Ich werde dich nie vergessen
~I'll never forget you~
The school bell rang out, piercing the summer air with its screech. Joyous chatter filled the hallways as the students rushed out, happy that their holidays had now officially started.
A raven-haired boy was leaning against the doorway to a certain classroom, carefully watching everyone who left. His blue eyes followed the students rushing down the hall, before looking back into the classroom.
A pretty brunette had just packed up her books and was leaving. Her green eyes lit up when she saw him and a slight smile played on her lips. "You didn't have to wait for me," she told him.
He smiled, reaching out and taking her bag from her. "Who else would wait for you? Till?" he retorted.
She gave a giggle, looking over at him. "I can't believe the holidays are finally here!" she said with a grin. "We can go swimming and have a tonne of picnics. Oooh! Let's go camping. Just you and me."
Richard bit his lip but smiled, although now his thoughts were elsewhere. "Sure. We
:iconanimequeen23:animequeen23 7 5
Screaming Dog Challenge by animequeen23 Screaming Dog Challenge :iconanimequeen23:animequeen23 1 4 Lost Army Girl by animequeen23 Lost Army Girl :iconanimequeen23:animequeen23 0 2 Army Girl by animequeen23 Army Girl :iconanimequeen23:animequeen23 0 0 Choose Wisely by animequeen23 Choose Wisely :iconanimequeen23:animequeen23 2 4 A Sea Thank You by animequeen23 A Sea Thank You :iconanimequeen23:animequeen23 0 0 Anchorage Sunset by animequeen23 Anchorage Sunset :iconanimequeen23:animequeen23 2 12 Sunset at Anchorage by animequeen23 Sunset at Anchorage :iconanimequeen23:animequeen23 2 2


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Ok it just hit me last night exactly how many fanfics I have promised to people, either as part of the CSI Miami contest, or just because.

So here's a (I think) complete list of stuff owed. If I'm missing you, please let me know and I'll add you.
This way there's no way I'll forget what I owe and to whom.
This is in no particular order as I always write what writing-craving I have that day. So wonderful contest winners please don't be mad if your fics aren't done sooner, I will get there just as I will with the long-ago promised ones.

:iconhileycaine: A Ryan/Horatio romance.
Status: Started.

:iconsymphonic-labyrinth: A father-daughter fic between her OC Aliana and Ryan, involving Kyle asking for Aliana's hand.  
Status: Started

:iconseasidefantasy: Greggo fanfic

:iconminniiee-chan: Another part to the Olli/Paul saga.
Status: Started

:iconchesterzerousygirl: Next part to the Richard and Myra saga.
Status: Second part's completely done.

:iconprincesspurple92: A Rypay promised from about half a year back ^^;

:iconunprecidented-union9: Some sort of fluffy and romantic Tryan.

I think that's currently it. I can feel a lot of cheesy squeals coming along as I write all this romance and cuteness. If I die, please send the following: Alan Rickman, Rammstein, Greg Sanders and Sara Sidle. Only these people will be able to revive me :D
Well, maybe Lucas Grabeel and Emily Procter too...

Anyways, before I go off on a tangent which will take hours: note me/comment if there's something you want added, something you want to check up on, or anything.
And if you read this and I have indeed promised you something but my memory has failed, either note me or comment.

In other news, anyone wishing to make me something Rickman related for my birthday would be loved forever :D

Hugs and glomps,


New Zealand
Unnecessary disclaimer: I own everyone in CSI, CSI Miami, High School Musical, Bones, Shortland Street and Rammstein. I keep them in a box under my bed, letting them out regularly for exercise, although Horatio, Grissom and Flake need to be let out more often, otherwise their glasses will fog up.

Welcome to my dA page. Hope you like my work - my photography and poetry and art.

Oh, and check out my clubs!
Chyan Lovers Club :iconchyan-lovers-club:
Greg Sanders Cheerleading Squad :icongreggo-squad:
And I'm LT for the CSI Miami Club :iconcsi-miami-club:

And come say hello on Puzzle Pirates:
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My other darling, Kerrielle, got deleted, so here's my new sweetie, Grissom.

Come join, and say hi:

I'm also Drew Barrymore in the :icondacelebritiescrew:

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