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Attack on Titan: Home Made Patches Tutorial

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Made upon request form tumblr followers. :)
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So useful! Thanks :D
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Thank you! Much cheaper than buying the actual cosplay!
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Another part of my AoT cosplay has been done!
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I tried this and it came out amazing!Just be careful you don't tear the protruding wings, I did once.
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Glad to hear it worked for you! :)
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This will be helpful, thank you! :D
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About what size did you make the smaller patches? Thank you for the wonderful tutorial! <3
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I made the sleeve patches 1/2 the size of my large patch and the pocket patch 1/4 the size of the large patch, but it really all depends on the max width of your sleeve and how large you're making your pocket. :)
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so one other question about these: when i do the folded method, i find the patches tent to bubble out in the corners? :X
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Did you make sure the iron it down thoroughly? If you can see bubbles in it before cutting out the fabric shape, then you didn't leave the iron on top of the fabric long enough or the iron itself wasn't hot enough.

I haven't have any bubbling yet on mine so far and it's been over a year.

Also, did you make sure to pre-wash the fabric? When using things such as iron on or heat-n-bond, to get best merging results, pre-washing the fabric is a must. :)

Hope this helps!
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ah, thanks! i actually found the problem, and it wasn't to do with how i was ironing the patches, but how i was stiching them. when i went around the curves at the bottom, i'd do it all as one continuous stitch, which would make it warp and bubble at the edges and then not sit down right. just doing each side of the emblem as a seperate pass seems to help fix the issue~
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Cool. I never thought to ask "how you were sewing it". For the smaller patches, I did each side separately and the large patch I used one continuous stitch. :)

Glad you found a remedy to the issue! :)
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yeah, the continuous stitch is what gave me issues, hahaha...
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Isn't that material the material that you can iron on shirts and things like that? Just wondering XD Thanks for the tutorial, btw! <3
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Yes, its the same thing. You can find it anywhere like Michael's, Wal-Mart, etc... in their craft section or printer paper section. :)
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Never thought of the tab idea for iron ons, definately going to make my projects easier
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Great way to make a patch! This will help me make a jacket like that when I'm not procrastinating.
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Haaa~~~ I know that procrastinating feeling. I'm going through that myself with my current project. -___-;
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This is so much simpler than what I was initially going to do. Thanks for sharing!
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No problem! Good luck!!! >.<
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Thank you so much!  I think I might use this method to finish off my jacket!
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Glad to be of service! Good luck!! :)
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HEAVEN SENT! This is great~ Thank you ^_^ !!!
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