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The past of Animes,Mangas and Video Games comes back to life!

To support old series we are hosting a translation helping project on this group in which everyone can join and help.If you have any untranslated manga that has been published before the year 2000 and need help in translation please do contact the Founder of the group.If,on the other hand,you are a translator (in any language) and want to offer please contact the Founder too.
More details here :
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May 11, 2012


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Fan Club

1,553 Members
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Founder of AnimeMangaBefore200,DCB, here! This is a journal announcing the official end of AnimeMangaBefore200,the history of the group as well as the reasons why this group is dead. On 5th of August,2020 All Submtions shall be closed permanetly! It's more of a personal journal as the Founder of this group,so if you are not interested,there is nothing else important mentioned below... -The begining I have always had hard time finding people from the anime community who were into the same series as i was, mainly due to my avoidance of "mainstream" series. That's why around 2011-2012 i decided to create AnimeMangaBefore2000, a place to celebrate forgotten and underrated series ,not only from anime but from video games too. The idea at the time was simple : A place where people (including myself) interested in old series would introduce and get introduced to old "new" series through artwork. Unlike other groups at the time, we didnt care much for art skills as much as we did for preserving series that were lost in time and promoting artists who chose to draw obsecure series. That was my vision,a place for "haters"(if ya might) of mainstream who would discover old series and try to revive 'em via their own art styles. -So what went wrong? In 2012-2014,i was passioned enough to give all my free time to the group, not only for upgrading the group and authorize submitions but also for spending hours upon hours finding artwork of old series on DA and ask the artists to join our group. It would take me around 4 hours daily,browsing DA,contacting artists and having 1/3 of em joining us.The consept of our group was pretty weird at the time so i knew if i didnt go out of my way to find members,nobody would even have heard of our lil' group.
Unfortunately, as the years went by, not only did i lack the time to keep up with the group's demands, but also due to sudden member increase after our 1st contest, the submitions went crazy,from around 3-5 to 20-40 per day. It doesnt sound so bad until you realize that out of the 40 submitions, only 2-3 were thematically correct with our group. The rest were mostly Naruto,One piece and Bleach (which series we had banned after a vote poll),OCs and last,just random drawings of unknown theme,no descriptions and confusing titles. The last ones were extremely fruastreting,especially since the admins couldn't tell if the drawings were of some old series they never had heard before or just random shit,so they would had to contact the artist and ask about the theme of the drawing. This would take from hours to days. In case the artists never replied,the admins had to go out of their way and gather any element from the drawing they could,in order to research it by themselves online,most of the time in vain. Other problems arise when people would ignore the rules and spam submit or demand explanations why they artwork got decline "since it contain 1 old character and 4 OCs".
2nd Contest brought even more people who mistook the group for an "all-fanart" group,at which point the submtions would reach the 80-100 a day,with only 4 of them related to the group. A short-lived manga translation project by our group was promoted but never got anywhere due to mostly, people offering their services changing their minds and members of this group having only few old series to suggest. With little interest from the group,i decided in 2014 to terminate all collaborations with manga translators and editors. That was late 2014,when a behind-the-sceen argument between Co-Founder and a member spiral to the point of the Co-Founder been threatened with doxxing which resulted in a search for new co-founder/s to help with the group....That ended too after a couple of week, when nobody suitable for the job was found and people who were willing to help wouldn't accept the long process of checking each submitions. At thie point, the submitions box was full of Naruto art,OCs and mostly mixed art,a fact that in combination with rl demands, discouraged me from even looking at the submitions. The most suitable artwork would be from Sailor Moon,Dragon Ball and HunterXHunter,all mainstream series that i was hoping to avoid.. And on that note,i stopped caring for the group. It's not that i completely abandoned it,i would check on the submition box from time to time but with the group been far from my original dream,i would't even bother accept a submition. I saw all the worrying comments from our members between the years 2016-2018 and this is the reason why i am writing this entery,to give them a closer with this group. -Will this group be completely deleted? I thought long about "sinking the ship with all it's glory to the bottom of the sea" but...i think i will keep it least for now. However, as mentioned above,on 5th of August,2020,i shall shut down all the submitions to this group so if there is something you want to preserve in this group or you want to remove,this is the last call. -Will the group come back to life one day? I don't really thinks least it wont come back with me as the Founder,thats for sure. This group has lost all it's meaning to me at this point. -There are so many remasters and re-releases of games and anime recently,it's a good time to start the group running again! Yeh i get that,but that's also my problem with this group : it just feels like another "go with the flow" artgroup...The main idea was not to have easily digestible content here (like a seasonal remaster anime for which the hype will die out in 2 months) but instead, encourage artists to share their obscure series and have others say "oh wow,i never saw that before,let me google it and see what it is" and thus revive the artist's favorite series,help em find more friends throught their obscure taste. -What can i do to keep this group open? Nothing really,sorry...It's already 2020 that's a huge gap from "before" maybe it's time to move on. -I am still interested in old anime still...any recommendations to find new "old" stuff? It's truly mostly luck, finding good old stuff is like "treasure hunting" in a way,that's half of the fun of it...I could recommend playing the anime bots on Discord,that's where you find new characters and if they interest ya,you may even search for the anime they are from. (thats what i do lol) -So what's up with the Feature folder? The feature folder is exactly what i imagined this group to be. Some members asked me about it already but if you noticed, there is only 1 artwork of each old series in that folder. Each of the artworks in were picked by me to represent each specific series in hopes that people would browse the folder as a "catalog" of shorts, to find new series they hadnt seen before. That folder is like a hope folder i guess,my initial idea been that each series and each game,no matter how obscure and forgotten it might be,have at least 1 fan who is willing to share their love for those series with the rest of the world. So guess that's all for today folks! I really am greatful for every person who joined our group and even more greatful to every person i met thanks to this group... I wish ya all the very best ,stay safe and keep spreading your wings through your art~:heart:
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More awesome groups on DA
*(Topaz from Suddenly Princess or Detatoko Princess,1994, Hitoshi Okuda)Art by jiasen


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*(Mink from Dragon Half,1988,Ryūsuke Mita) Art by MuffinPlantation







Rules Please Read

Hallo,everyone and welcome to our group
This group's about animes/mangs/video games that were created before the year 2000!
That means that we will accept only fan art that were published the year 2000 and before,not after!

*(Aqui-chan from Devil Dice,1998,Shift)Art by TikiTiel

:iconleftangelwingplz:Joining our Group:iconrightangelwingplz:
:bulletblue:Just go to the top our group's page and click on the "Join our group" icon and you will be accepted right away!
:bulletred:If you are interested in joining as Co-Founders or/and Contributors,please before applying for the position,contact DarkColorBlood via a note with the tittle "Application for AMB200" and do NOT send a request on the group.Any such request without a previous talk will result in turning down of the request without any farther talk.Keep in mind Co-Founders are requier to have fine knowledge of old and new animes,while at the same time be able to solve submission matters without bothering the members.Also,Founder can be contacted via LINE app,id :nikkinekobutterfly
*(Miyuki from Yu Yu Hakusho,1990,Yoshihiro Togashi)Art by UnpopularGeek
:bulletblue:It doesn't matter if the fan art is from an anime that was shown on TV after 2000 as long as the manga that the anime was based on was published before 2000!
:bulletblue:Series that began been published before 2000 and was complited after that year are accepted too!
:bulletblue:Gender Blender are allowed as long as you don't claim as yours (OC) the character!
:bulletorange:Yaoi/Yuri/Hentai/Blood containing pictures are allowed but you have to put a warning sigh!
:bulletblue:All kinds of art are allowed!
:bulletorange:Submition is unlimited but you will have to wait until we vote if your picture can be included in our group!
:bulletred:No OCs please even if they are based on animes/mangas/video games that were published before 2000!
:bulletred:No mixed fan-art of series after and before 2000 will be allowed!
:bulletred:No mixed art of characters created before the year 2000 with your OCs will be allowed!
:bulletred:Do not bother other members of the group!
:bulletred:No journals will be allowed in the group (even if the contain is about old fan-art) or any kind of commissions advertisment!If you have any news about old fan-arts or have something relevant to say,please contact the founder so she could post your subject on the blog!
:bulletred:You may not advertise yourself or post any comments that are not questions about group or anything related to the group!!!+Only memebers are allowed to post comments related to old animes/mangas/video games info or news!!!
:bulletred: NO Naruto or One Piece fan-art or related art is allowed in this group!(rule voted on 08.09.2013)
:airborne:Have fun:airborne:

IF you have any question or need more information please contact DarkColorBlood!

*(Moka from Ozanari Dungeon,1989,Motoo Koyama)Art by Egoistic-Cosmos
:bulletpurple:Admins of this group are fine aware of animes/manga/video games dates and always check out them however,they may mistake from time to time!In a case your art will be tuned down evethought it obey the rules of our group,please don't be shy and let us know!You may comment saying we are mistaken via note or commetn on the Picture's Submition Proccess!
:bulletred:Please,give the admins some time to allow or turn down your picture during submition proccess!We are growing a big group and the daily submitions are plenty so bare in mind that your pictures will be submited to the group withing 24-72 hours the most!

*(Main Heroes from VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire,1996,Hiroshi Negishi)
:bulletred:Regular Question:
"Why my entery to the group was turned down?"
:bulletpink:It may be a fan-art of series after the year 2000!
:bulletpink:It may not be fan-art!
:bulletpink:It may be mixed fan-art!
:bulletpink:The artist may have been submitting his/her art to the wrong folder for long time and many times,ignoring the admins' warnings!
:bulletpink:The artist may have cause problems in the past to other members!(in this case the artist can also be banned from the group)
"What's the goal of this group?"
:bulletpink:To promote series that are not getting as much attention as they should or are forgotten.
:bulletpink:To show the world that "old" doesn't mean "bad".
:bulletpink:To wake up the child within you by reminding you your childhood's all time favorite series.
:bulletpink:To simply entertain people who are looking or are interested in old series.
:bulletpink:To make cool contests and share prizes with all old fashion series fans.
"Why it takes so long for my artwork to be approved?"
:bulletpink:Cause we get many submitions per day.
:bulletpink:Cause so far only the Founder can approve submitions.
:bulletpink:Cause the Founder has a busy university life and don't log in to DeviantArt daily.
:bulletpink:Cause the fanart you submit can be so old/confusing for some reason that the admins need a lot of time to figure out if that submition is ok for our group or not.
"About Contests...when and what prizes?"
:bulletpink:Usually,we have contests on Group Anniversaries or when a particular number of members is reached.However,that's not a rule meaning we might not host a contest on such events.
:bulletpink:Depence on contributions,we might make a contest after the planned event or might not do it at all.
:bulletpink:Prizes included are points,requests,art trades,llamas and art promoting events.
"How can i contribute to this group?"
:bulletpink:Draw and share your fanart with us.
:bulletpink:Contribute on contests.
:bulletpink:Help us with our old manga translation projects :current on hold)
:bulletpink:Contact DarkColorBlood on DeviantArt,email or LINE app id : nikkinekobutterfly.

*(Orgel from Violinist of Hameln,1991, Michiaki Watanabe)Art by CentauressFaryn

:bulletwhite:Thanks to all people who made pagedolls for our group!:heart:
Wanna make a pagedoll for the group and be featured? You are always welcome. Contact the Founder for more details~


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kurotsubasashi Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2023
can i join? or is it too late? 
DarkColorBlood Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2023  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
unfortunatelly, the group has been closed for years.
for more information please check our last journal post, thank you for your interest~<3
moontwinklesky Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2022
hi....just wondering would ever consider reopening this group? if not i understand
DarkColorBlood Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2022  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmm...that's a fine question indeed...i guess i could switch the ownership to a new founder but it would take a lot of negotiation and time for me to trust a person to take over the group.
This might sound selfish but this group means a lot to me, it's like a huge chapter in my life.
But yeh,i would consider it , it's trully a shame seeing the group dead like personally feels like a thorn in my soul having the group be completely silent...
moontwinklesky Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2022
i truly understand that, and it's not selfish at all, it makes a lot of sense. When I saw that journal about the group being closed it just sounded so sad I could tell it meant a lot to you. If you do find someone as a new founder I'd love to help keep it running. I'm actually a huge fan of old anime and I feel it's not appreciated enough these days.
DarkColorBlood Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2022  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for being understanding.:hug:
Sure i will consider it and leave this comment pinged on my messages. I will let ya know if i will make the big decision but mind you, it might take a while...
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princessmuffincake Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2022
its a shame this group is closed i would have loved to join :(
DarkColorBlood Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2022  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for your interest in our little community. Unfortunatelly, our group is no longer active,we apologise for any inconvinience that might have caused you.
You are welcome to browse our galleries thought and try to discover old and unpoppular anime series :)
Please do stay inspired and keep spreading positivity with your artwork~ :hug:
ColaTheCabbit Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2022  Hobbyist General Artist
May I join please? O3o 
DarkColorBlood Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2022  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i am sorry to informe you but the group has been closed here and long time.
please check the latest journal post for more information, thank you for your interest.
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