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Mr. Bubbles

A close-up of the Big Daddy from my Zombies in the kitchen picture.

x3 this is by far my favorite<3 ! It had started off as a normal gingerbread man, and I accidentally dropped the m&m eye in the wrong place. The I added more, because the round head looked like a Big Daddy. Soon, I found myself changing his feet to boots, his hand to a drill, and adding lines of dough across the eyes to make the mask~!

:'D I love it so much<33 Here's a ref picture of a real Big Daddy [click me]
[I know, it's not perfect... I was doing it all by memory]

Other Close-Ups:

Cookie Sculpting & Painting (c) me
Big Daddy (c) 2K Games
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Hi! I just wanted to let you know I featured this in my weekly column on Fandomania:

Fandomestic: 15 BioShock Crafts From The Depths of Rapture
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:'D thank you so much! I fell so honored<3
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.....xD;; Shin, you have too much time on your hands. <3

Fortunately, it's too much time that seems to unleash the most epicly-random...things... like this. xD;;
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..xD; I know.. If only I could use the time for something productive.

>w< and thank you~! I had so much fun with them<3
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Don't worry, I don't do anything better~

I can tell! 8D Huzzah~!