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Kielie -Exposed?-


shes a black fox.
her hands, feet, ends of tail and ears, stripe on face and the patch going over her stomach are white. rest is black.
eyes are green.
thinking of making the hair red.
or blue.
in brief, kitty :heart:s Kielie. aha

Kitty also :heart:s this pic.

hoping to be colored soon^^.. or shall have an updated line-art version of it^^

look at her and her smexiness.

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The anatomy is perfect, very outstanding. The face is a tad wonky but oh well. I love this exposed stuff i might wanna try it one day hehe.
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thank you so much^^ im glad you liek ti^^ ya, the face just turned out like that and i didnt want to do anything with it. lol. it WAS just a sketvh ^^; but now i like it^^ oh, you really should! their a lot of funn. lol.
deceivingxpurexeyes's avatar
your so welcome :D! this reminds me to do your sketch also, so now i'm onto that! yea maybe i will, but i have to figure out what character. None of mine have tails to cover up places hahaa
AnimeLuver16's avatar
hahaha.. wellllllll... a small blanket or something ..or like.a towel i guess *shrugs* mine are all furries, so its eassyy. i wish you luck!
deceivingxpurexeyes's avatar
haha yea but that's cheating ahaaaaa. but a very good idea, I'll keep that in mind.
AnimeLuver16's avatar
hahaha meh.. i dont think its possible to do a non-cheating exposed pic with non-furries. lol.
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Looks cute ^-^ You did a great job on her anatomy, especially her feet, legs and torso look great, nicely and naturally shaped, with a believable pose too ^-^ The tail looks a tad rushed, and her left lower arm seems to be tad too curved, but those are fairly minor things, really :giggle: One thing that I noticed is that the face looks a bit flat for my taste - I can't really point my finger at what's causing that, it just .. seems to be a bit thin, and maybe in a slightly wrong perspective (like, her left eye seems a bit too far out and quite close to her neck) - overall though you did a great job on it though - keep it up! :aww:
AnimeLuver16's avatar
haha.. thatnks! it was just a doodle that turned out good, and i was worried that if i erased anything, it would mess up beyond repair ^^; lol.. so ya, i noticed these things myself, im just to lazy to fix them i guess! haha

thanks, im glad you liked it! :glomp:
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
Did I ever comment on this? :O_o: Well, if I have it was before you wanted me to critique, sooooo meh X3 Okay, the leg-overlapping thing you have going on there shouldn't be so dramatic ^^ And I know you've worked on your hand positioning since then buuuuuut yeah, they look kinda weird X3 And it helps to draw the face in these kinds of positions to turn the paper to a comfortable angle ;P That's all right now ^^ Hope I didn't seem too mean <.<

I'll to work on the furry version straight away :D Nooo worries :hug:
AnimeLuver16's avatar
haha.. i know its off in SO manny ways.. i drew the head first, and it was really just a squiggle that could look like a head, so i used it. *shrugs* its weird, but i liked ithaha.

dramatic?? whatdo ya mean? lol.

mm.. hands are my weakpoints.. i HATE them.. im really bad at them all. hahahha.. lol.. they dont work at all usualyy.. so ya.. thats about the best i could do there.. lol.

turn the paper? thats how i draw.. ALWAYS.. lol.. the paper is always turning.. half the pics i draw start with a sketch and i draw them sideways. ^^; nonon.. you didnt! no worries^^

hurrayyyy! thankyouu.. im sure it will be amazing^^
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
Dramatic, as in...meh, it's hard to explain X3 Don't let "deformed" hands hold you back! (haha, get it? hands..and they...hold you...*ahem*...) You'll get them great one day, I started out the same way. :D

I'll try my best to make it look great, nee-chan ^^
AnimeLuver16's avatar
lol.. kk.. haha. nice. i hope.. *sighs* but right now their being really stubbrern arg.

how did you learn to do them soo well.. haha.. everyone i know can draw hands SUPER well.. it annoys me.. ahha.
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
I just tried different steps of drawing the figure of them. Like, I would draw the palm, then the outline of the fingers and I would flesh it out and add the details. ^-^

But that took too long, so now I just draw them until they look like a real hand now X3

But yeah, study the figure of your hands and try to insert that into the drawing, you'll get it soon. :D No worries ^-^
AnimeLuver16's avatar
oh good god no. hahah.. ive been trying that for YEARSS!

im sooo fed up with drawing right now.. i have snapped pencils all around me.. hmm.. i think im gonna not draw for a while.. MAJOR slump..
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
I've done that before, and when there was paper finally in front of me, I couldn't not have it! Ideas were coming out of nowhere, and I was filling paper up fast ^-^ I'm sure it will happen the same way with you ;P
AnimeLuver16's avatar
haha.. ya, probably!^^ lol.
obssesed's avatar
hmmers, I've alrewady rambled to you bout how good I thin this pic I'll stop here. (ISH SO AWEOME!!!!...ooh, I lied. :XD:)
AnimeLuver16's avatar
hahah.. thanks^^ lol. yesyes *hugs* you make me feel good about meh art dee :heart: :hug:
obssesed's avatar
good cause your art s very good, there's lots to feel good about. :D
AnimeLuver16's avatar
ahha.. awwwwwww.. thankiesss^^ :hug:
RogerRaven's avatar
Realy good! You've really improved!
AnimeLuver16's avatar
hahahah ^^; lol.. shes my new obsession^^ ahhaha. thanks... but t was jujst a fluke really.. i dont think i'll be able to draw like that again ... :hug:
RogerRaven's avatar
Sure you will, that sometimes happens to me but, in time, you'll be able to draw what was once the one-time-thing.
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