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My Bio
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Status: happily in love

Likes: friends, girls, comments, colors, 'emo' things, cats, small cute animals and things, roleplaying, cosplaying, singing, art and music.

Dislikes: not much.

Current Residence: Canadaaaa~
Favourite genre of music: the one where banditz are breaking necks at breakneck speed.
MP3 player of choice: meh ipod <3
Personal Quote: We just sound good together!

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists



yeah, moved accounts to vvixie ( ~vvixie ( GUYS, that means i will no longer be updating here but instead will be updating to vvixie. PLEAASEE add me to your watchlist- I don't want to be alone!!!



Been looking for a nice wig for a Lunamaria (Gundam SEED Destiny) cosplay...and its just not happening. ahah. ah well, i'll find something.. sometime. AND IF ALL ELSE FAILS- guess who's hair is going to be cut and dyed A COLOR! her color anyway~ orrrrrrr, i might go for a female!Athrun. depending on my mood and the amount of hairdye on hand. BUT BEFORE I RESORT TO THAT im going to look for a wig for a while. the reason im going this? i realized that i don't have ANY complete cosplays..well.. natsuo from loveless, but that doesn't count. AND cosplay picnic in on August 16th (weeeee so excited for that) So i want t



D: Guys. I'm allergic to wheat. WHEAT. I like my pizzas and cinnamon rolls and bread and even chocolate thank you very much. But the more I eat it, the worse it's getting. I get these massive headaches and sometimes I feel really sick. Fucking wheat. Its in EVERYTHING. So.. I'm going to keep eating it. But getting sick and miserable all the time sucks too. *sighs*. What a lose/lose situation! fucking wheat

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I've changed accounts! Please watch knifeless-juliet --> :iconknifeless-juliet:!
Aurora-SakuraHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there! I would like to invite you to join :iconcanadian-anime:!

Aurora, Co-Founder
[link] heres the link to the pic ^_^

also ive seen some custom made boots to your size for only $45 you have to root for em but they are out there ^_^
Thats awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ :D

I actually have decided to make my own and see how that goes- but that price seems really nice :D

right now... i got a 7$ pair of brown boots from a second hand store and then some white spray paint (it was more just a joke at first, but its actually working~ :D)
! wish me luck~ haha i don't really want to spend that much in the end :P *cheeeeaap*
I SEE YOU TOO- but not today because you're not here.. and its snowing 0-o
*tis courtney* hay jenjen i gots a new account. XD