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Leo Valdez x Reader- The Hot and The Cold: Part 14
“I vote for not sleeping on the ground tonight,” said Percy, as you hear a roll of thunder, and worriedly glanced at a stormcloud in the near distance.
“Well I’m sure there’s a hotel with vacancy somewhere around here,” you said, holding on a little more tightly to Smil as he carried you all in the direction of a small town.
“Well yeah, but even if there is, we don’t have any money,” Garrett jumped into the conversation.
“But do we really need money? I mean, Piper can charmspeak, and our parents are gods…” you replied, thinking hard. That was a pretty good argument.
“But with Gaengalus obviously getting stronger, I don’t think that our parents will be able to help us,” Leo remorsed.
“But Piper can still charmspeak,” Jason said, looking over at his girlfriend.
“But, that doesn’t seem right, charmspeaking ourselves into a hotel,” Piper mumbled.
Another roll of thunder w
:iconfanfictionfordayzz:Fanfictionfordayzz 14 14
Leo Valdez x Reader- The Hot and The Cold: Part 13
You all got up early that morning, so that you’d be able to make it to San Diego on time. You were supposed to go to a nightclub, for whatever reason, and dark Apollo was supposed to meet you there, and do his challenge, or whatever.
Once everybody was loaded onto Smil, you told him where to go. You all rode in silence, probably because you were so tired. The ride seemed longer than usual, as you all knew that the next challenge would not be easy, and it was extremely hot out.
You finally arrived in San Diego, and you looked behind you, and everyone was asleep, except for Leo, who looked like he’d very much love to be asleep like everyone else. You caught his eye, and he gave you a small, reassuring half-smile. You returned it, and turned back to face the front. You did not want him to see the tiredness in your eyes.
You finally came to a stop in front of the nightclub, and Leo woke everyone up. Everyone was very drowsy as you walked in the main doors. The building was empt
:iconfanfictionfordayzz:Fanfictionfordayzz 10 10
Leo Valdez x Reader: The Hot and The Cold- Part 12
"Y/N! Y/N! Oh my gods Y/N wake up! Please!"
Your eyes fluttered open, the sunlight burning them like they were in a stove. You squeezed them shut again, then proceeded to try and open them once more. The person kneeling over you noticed this, and brought a hand to their mouth, their eyes gleaming.
You squinted. The person was male, curly black hair, brown eyes... you knew those eyes...
You sat up and all the memories came flooding back to you at once. Being a demigod, the quest, Lord Gaengalus, your family...
Your thoughts were cut off when Leo wrapped his arms around you in a bone crushing hug, burying his face in the crook of your neck.
"Y/N oh my gods you were out for 3 days you scared the crap out of me you were fine, well as fine as you could be in that state, and then you just stopped breathing I thought you were dead te amo tanto por favor no vuelvas a hacer eso otra vez..." He mumbled, getting so upset that he started speaking in his other language, Spanish, but you didn't
:iconfanfictionfordayzz:Fanfictionfordayzz 12 7
Leo Valdez x Reader: The Hot and The Cold- Part 11
Leo's POV
After the McDonald's, everyone stood outside the store wondering what to do next.
They all wanted to do different things.
Nico wanted to eat more
Me, Percy, and Jason wanted to sleep
Piper, Annabeth, and Hazel wanted to keep going because they wanted to finish the quest.
Garrett and Reyna were too busy staring at each other to argue.
The shouting was too much, and Y/N yelled something along the lines of 'SHUT UP YOU'RE ALL ACTING LIKE TWO YEAR OLDS' and then Percy said something like 'okay, mom'
Y/N  said she was pretty tired herself, so she said we should all find a place to sleep. We all agreed on that, except there was one problem: Smil was nowhere to be found.
I kicked the ground. "Well, that's not good," I said.
Y/N nodded absentmindedly. "I'm going to go look for him."
I looked up and stepped in front of her, pointing a finger at her.
"Oh no, you're not. It's way too dangerous to go alone. I'm coming with you."
"Take care of them," she said, already looking like sh
:iconfanfictionfordayzz:Fanfictionfordayzz 12 9
Leo Valdez x Reader: The Hot and The Cold- Part 10
Once everybody was awake and loaded on Smil, you headed off. It was a little boring, until Smil got a little too bored and started singing. You recognized the song as ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black, and you were confused until you remembered today was Friday. With a lion that sounded like Morgan Freeman singing a song like that while you and your all powerful friends were riding on him, that was sure to be pretty entertaining.
Smil suddenly stopped in front of a dock, leading out to a lake.
“Why are we stopped?” Asked Garrett.
“I- It says this is where we need to be.” Smil said.
“You have a GPS in your brain?!” Leo asked, excitement in his voice.
“Yes, but that’s besides the point.”
You looked out onto the ocean. “I don’t get it,” you said. “Dark Poseidon is supposed to be right here.”
Suddenly, you heard the sound of a speedboat in the distance. You jumped off Smil, and looked out from where the
:iconfanfictionfordayzz:Fanfictionfordayzz 14 26
Leo Valdez x Reader: The Hot and The Cold- Part 9
“Okay, we’ll reach our first destination at a beach about… 2 miles straight ahead. Not bad.” You said, reading the map, attempting to change the subject.
“What is our first destination?” Asked Annabeth. “And where do we need to go to find Gaengalus?”
You explained to everyone about the quests from the dark versions of the gods, and how once you completed every single one the doors to his lair would open, and from there, you’d have to fight through his entire army to get to him, and then fight him, and once he’s dead, everyone’s happy and Camp Half-Blood and the world is saved.
They all looked at you for a long time after you finished, probably letting everything sink in, and then seemed to realize the chances are surviving were slim to none.
“So, this is basically a suicide mission,” said Percy.
You smiled. “Basically. Now who’s in?”
“Me!” Exclaimed Smil.
“Me too.” Sa
:iconfanfictionfordayzz:Fanfictionfordayzz 16 16
Leo Valdez x Reader: The Hot and The Cold- Part 8
You looked at what Piper was screaming at, and standing beside you was a black, shaggy, 8 foot tall lion with glowing red eyes. It looked at her and tilted its head, confused as to why she screamed.
You walked over to Nico and handed him Leo, which he clearly wasn’t happy with, but he held him anyway. You began to walk up to the giant lion, and Piper mouthed the words ‘are you crazy?’ You gave her a look that said ‘I know what I’m doing’, and continued walking until you were face to face with the beast.
It growled at you, and everyone flinched. You reached your hand out to its face, and slowly to his giant ear. Its eyes followed your hand cautiously, but it didn’t pull away. You began to scratch behind its ear, and it flopped over on its side, landing right on your foot.
You crouched down and continued scratching behind its ear as it purred, and all your friends stared at you in disbelief. Even Nico watched in silence with his mouth agape.
:iconfanfictionfordayzz:Fanfictionfordayzz 19 9
Leo Valdez x Reader: The Hot and The Cold- Part 7
When you made it to Oregon [and yes you did it in thirty minutes], you weren’t sure where to look for the merchant first. He could’ve been anywhere, and you were feeling pretty tired after hitting all those road signs. You wished you could sleep like everyone else was doing.
Suddenly, a dark figure jumped in front of the truck. You screamed and slammed on the brakes, causing everyone to wake up. The figure just stood there, staring at you. You and Leo exchanged glances, and he looked so tired that you wanted to tuck him into a cozy bed and leave him to sleep for hours.
You got out of the truck, your fingertips growing cold, you approached the figure slowly, and you could see it clearer. It looked like a lion, but it was all black. Its eyes were red.
It just continued staring at you. You stared right back at it. Suddenly, it came running at you at such a high speed that you had no time to react before it lifted you up with its head and put you on its back.
It took off, and t
:iconfanfictionfordayzz:Fanfictionfordayzz 16 6
Leo Valdez x Reader: The Hot and The Cold- Part 6
When the song was finished, you really wanted to dance to another one, but then, the scrawny guy you saw at the entrance approached Garrett, and before you knew it, the guy was dragging him out the door. You, Leo, and Nico followed cautiously, Piper, Annabeth, Percy, and Jason staying behind for backup.
You stayed behind the lockers, and waited. The dude finally began to change, and you felt your fingertips getting colder, the way they always did when you were excited or nervous. What happened next, though, was the most little expected thing ever.
Time seemed to go in slow motion. You heard a deafening crash and looked above you, and there was a giant Pegasus about the size of a dragon that had crashed through the roof. It wasn’t any normal Pegasus, though. It was made of ice. It came crashing down, and you didn’t have any time to move. You suddenly felt the force of someone leaping on top of you, tackling you away from where the Pegasus would land. You closed your eyes and
:iconfanfictionfordayzz:Fanfictionfordayzz 15 4
Leo Valdez x Reader: The Hot and The Cold- Part 5
Long story short, Thalia explained everything, and you were freaked out. For the next week you could not sleep. You had no idea when this quest would happen, or if it even would happen. Maybe that prophecy was a bunch of baloney.
One day, you woke up to Leo standing above you, wide-eyed.
“Oh good, you’re awake. Come quick. Chiron needs you.”
You threw off your blankets, revealing your pyjamas, a cute Pikachu onesie. Leo raised his eyebrows.
“Nice pyjamas.”
“Shut up.”
You ran out of your cabin with Leo in tow. Chiron was standing outside, waiting for you.
“I’ve just received an anonymous iris message. It’s time.”
You gulped nervously.
“However, the person was very specific of who they wanted to come with you.”
“And who’s supposed to come with me?”
“Piper, Leo, Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Nico, and one other demigod.”
“Who’s the other demigod?”
“Garrett Miller.
:iconfanfictionfordayzz:Fanfictionfordayzz 17 13
Leo Valdez x Reader: The Hot and The Cold- Part 4
You jumped out of your bed, and ran out the door as quickly as you could. You looked to your left, to your right, and to your left again about 50 times before you heard another scream. You rushed to where the noise was coming from, and there was a girl you didn’t know from the Aphrodite cabin was in one of the talons of the creatures you dreamed of last night.
You ran straight up to it, stumbling a little as you did so. You looked up at the creature, who was hissing right in the girl’s face.
“Put her down!” You screamed.
The creature looked at you, put the girl down, and put his face right up to your face.
“And who are you to ssspeak?” saliva flew out of its mouth when it said the last word.
“I’m [Name].” You said with so much confidence it could feed all of Africa. “Daughter of Chione.”
The creature’s face twisted into a sick almost sort of a smile, revealing its fangs. You heard the sound of wings flapping, and s
:iconfanfictionfordayzz:Fanfictionfordayzz 16 14
Leo Valdez x Reader: The Hot and The Cold- Part 3
Standing in front of you was a woman. She had silky [your hair color] hair that fell past her shoulders, piercing icy blue eyes, her cheeks were rosy, and she had full, pink lips curled into a soft smile. She was wearing a light blue strapless dress that stopped at her knees in the front, but went all the way down to her feet at the back. She was breathtakingly beautiful. Breathtakingly beautiful, and at least 15 feet tall.
She began to walk towards you, and Chiron moved out of the way. When she reached you, she kneeled down so you could meet her eyes better. She stared at you in silence for a minute. You tried to see what she was thinking, but you could not read her. She seemed to know what you were thinking, though, because she said, “Child, you can read minds, but not the mind of a goddess.”
Her voice was soft and gentle, yet quite loud. You stared at her, eyes wide.
“Wha- who are you?” You asked, still in awe.
Her smile became softer.
“I am Chione, dau
:iconfanfictionfordayzz:Fanfictionfordayzz 15 10
Leo Valdez x Reader: The Hot and The Cold- Part 2
You looked at him, confused and scared. What was this “Camp Half-Blood”? And why did they want you? You were just a normal girl with a dream of becoming a/an [dream job], who also had really cold hands and never seemed to be affected by the cold in winter. But there were lots of people like that! What made you so special?
Chiron saw how confused you were, and he softened his eyes and voice as much as possible.
“You’re a demigod.”
“Wh- what’s that?” you choked, and Chiron looked at you with understanding.
“When a god and a mortal have a child together, the result is a demigod. Half god, half mortal. The child inherits some of their godly parent’s powers.”
“So… one of my parents isn’t… isn’t my real parent…?”
Chiron looked at you with so much sympathy, you almost felt pathetic.
“They didn’t tell you?”
You shook your head slowly, your eyes stinging. Why didn’
:iconfanfictionfordayzz:Fanfictionfordayzz 18 6
Leo Valdez x Reader: Just Shut Up
“And don’t forget to unload the dishwasher!” Your mom yelled at you from upstairs. You were down in your room, browsing tumblr, and your mom was going to work. She gave you the day off school. She wouldn’t tell you why, but you didn’t complain.
“Okay, mom!” You yelled back, but she was already gone.
You sighed, refreshed your dash, and went upstairs to unload the dishwasher. You started putting away the plates, then the bowls, then finally, the cups. You smiled, remembering how you and your friend used to sing the cup song together. She had moved away last week, and you missed her so much. For her sake, you decided to sing it.
I got my ticket for the long way round
Two bottle whiskey for the way
And I sure would like some sweet company and I’m leaving tomorrow, what do ya say?
When I’m gone
When I’m gone
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone
You’re gonna miss me by my hair
You’re gonna miss me everywhere
:iconfanfictionfordayzz:Fanfictionfordayzz 52 17
Leo Valdez x Reader: Better Than Books
You were sitting on the new swing they had just got at Camp Half-Blood. Yes, out of everything they could’ve gotten, they got a swing. You decided you would use it, just because it was there. You were reading your book, and everything was quiet and peaceful.
You suddenly heard a twig snap. You shut your book, and drew your bow, taking a defensive stance. You almost had an arrow out of your quiver when you realized it was your boyfriend, Leo Valdez.
You dropped your bow to the ground.
“Gods, Leo. That’s the third time this week you’ve snuck up on me like that.” You said, sitting back down on the swing.
He grinned. “Sorry.”
You rolled your eyes at him, and went to grab your book again. Leo suddenly ran forward and jumped onto your lap, facing you and holding onto your hands where you were holding onto the ropes of the swing. He wrapped his legs around your waist and looked at you, smirking.
“What are you doing?” You asked, raising an
:iconfanfictionfordayzz:Fanfictionfordayzz 52 6
Leo Valdez x Reader: A Little Crush
The new Aphrodite girl was really starting to get on your nerves. She and Leo would go for walks around the camp all the time, since she got here 4 days ago. Leo never talked to you anymore, which made you sad because you had known him since he had gotten here, and she had known him for 4 days.
The girl was gorgeous, you would give her that. She had long, straight brown hair and bangs that sometimes fell over her stunning brown eyes. Leo probably liked her, which made you made, because you were in love with him.
Tonight you were really upset, because you had talked to the girl, and she thought Leo was adorable. Leo probably thought she was the most gorgeous human being on the planet, which, again, made you very angry. This wasn’t fair. You had known Leo for way longer.
Tonight they were going to be doing fireworks, and everyone had to come. As you suspected, Leo was going with Taylor, the Aphrodite girl. You saw them walking towards the hill together, and looked down and sniffled
:iconfanfictionfordayzz:Fanfictionfordayzz 53 15



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Today’s been shit so far

I didn’t have dinner last night and there wasn’t enough time to eat breakfast this morning because of fucking school being so early

Then we had NWEA testing on stuff I never even learned
After that we had a quiz that I didn’t even KNOW about

BIT was okay, but I had to sit alone

And in Gym, we had to play badminton which would’ve been fine but I was separated from my friends (and crush) because there weren’t enough courts so we each had to go to a random group and I got out with people I didn’t know

I nearly lost my shit and I refused to play
But the two girls I was on the team with said they wouldn’t play until I did
So I did and it was horrible
I wasn’t even trying

After it was over I finally started crying in front of my friend and my crush

I still feel like shit but i don’t feel like crying anymore at least
I forgot to do my Social Studies homework over the weekend and now I’m upset because my mom will be mad at me
I just choked on my soda but I am f i n e



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