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edit 4: disabling comments, I appreciated it though, thanks guys ^^;

edit 3: hhhhhhhhh why is this bad dress up so popular D<
go look at my real art, guys. seriously.

edit 2: Please be sure to check out my newer dress-up, too! Way more options than this!!

edit: Uh, whoa. Thanks for all the favorites, you guys. This is really old and awful art, so please take a look at some other things in my gallery... This was my first deviation to get over 100 favorites, so I was pretty shocked ^^; I'm happy you all enjoy it though.
But NO I will not do requests for other dress ups, so please don't ask me!
And yes, VOCALOID Kagamine Rin's outfit does make a cameo in this. XD Some other people and I think that Rin looks a lot like Piyoko. O:

April 20th edit: Updated with version 3.5, added Piyoko's school outfit set, two kinds of wings, and an armband.
Planned additions:
-A larger variety of tops
-A larger variety of shoes
-Meido one-pieces
-Dejiko's outfit
-Puchiko's outfit
-Usada's outfit

Whenever I import rasterized images into Flash, the colors get icky. Plus, the base image (Piyoko) is an old picture as it is, so... sorry for the ugliness. -sob-

I'd like to dedicate this to :iconmusk-parfait: for inspiring me by always doing such well-done dress-up games and for all the help she provided for the very-newbish-me in figuring out how the heck to make one of these crazy things @u@;;;;
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April 19, 2008
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