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Hufflepuff ID

hogwarts id hufflepuff


I couldn't find Hogwarts Student I.Ds I liked so I made my own! Hope you like and enjoy filling them out. Don't forget to give me credit.

If you'd like link me when you've finished, I'd love to take a look at what you made.


:star: FYI :star:
There are a few ways to fill this out:
1. You can download it and open it up in Photoshop or any similar computer coloring program.
2. You can print it out and fill it out with traditional materials. Then upload the finished project by scanning or taking a picture.

Hopefully that helps.
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What's the font you use
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Link to the id (sorry about the water mark forgot to remove it
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Using for my hufflepuff ocs
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I'm going to use all four of them, if that's alright, for various ocs. :D :D
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Sorry , But may I ask you a favour??? I would like you to make 2 more ID houses! If you can and want of course . If yes , because I am new , I would like you to tell me how I can send them to you! Thanks for your time!
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Umm... I'm confused. I made all four Hogwarts houses and they are available in my gallery. 
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You're welcome! It looks great!
You did not make this. I know that for a fact. Don't you know it's not polite to claim other people's art as your own?
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No, it is not polite to claim other people's artwork as your own. That is true. However, it isn't polite to accuse people of stealing artwork without a source. If you think I'm stealing I would like to see where you think I'm stealing from. Where is this claim coming from?

No I didn't come up with the idea of Hogwarts IDs but this version is mine. It was originally created in November of 2010 for my own personal use because I was excited for the new Harry Potter movie. There weren't any available at the time that I liked. So being the artist that I am I made some. Although there are so many design issues with it like alignment. I have the original .tiff file on my computer still. 
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Wow really good! Do you mind if I used this as my profile picture?
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Not at all! Be my guest :)
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Thanks! I will post a link when it is done :D
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Done it! (You can probably tell by my avatar)
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This is so cool...I will try to do it!!
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Used~ [link] Thank you~!
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