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My birthday is coming up soon and we are going to Medieval Times to celebrate!! Woo hoo! Since it will be such a great escape from the modern world my friends and I are dressing up. So this is a sketch of my initial concept for my outfit from the left being very period accurate. To the bottom two which are a modern twist of a 13th century side cut out over dress. Most commonly worn by middle class women mostly made out of wool or Linens.  To High Society women made out of beautiful brocade's and well embroidered wools.

Now my to Modern Renditions on the bottom To modern rendition on the bottom are still the same side cut 13th century look but one has a pant suit aspect with a beautiful chapel sleeves. and the other has the cropped wide sleeve shirt and mini skirt with a more sheer version of the 13th century dress pattern on top to create a nice feminine air in movement.

One of the major reasons I love this side crop over dress is that the dress underneath is supposed to hug your curves and is beautiful at displaying the feminine form of the  chest and hips while still being conservative and elegant.

I'll post pictures of a final costume once I have it all done and on. 😊
I found this sketch of mine. It started as me practicing swirls that turned into vines that capture a forlorn and exhausted girl from a pond in an oasis in the desert on another world.  I remember the feeling of giving up as I drew her, but her story didn't end there. I excited to find out what happens next!  
embedded_item1524853605976 by Animejaz
Here is another in progress peice I just found from my "Doodles Revisited" series. This was started in 2004.

"Not all strong and powerful women live in warm climates. Here on the top of the mountain she stands proud and opens her arms to embrace the frigid blizzard. Standing tall and strong in the storm"

Water color and pencil.  
embedded_item1520301333625 by Animejaz