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A Mermaids Peace by Animejaz A Mermaids Peace by Animejaz
Here is my second piece from my "Doodles Revisited" series. A Mermaids Peace.

If you can believe it, I left this piece alone 10 years ago as a basic pencil sketch. (check out my Instagram to see the before and after of this picture @jazmynwhitman)  I've seen many of these caves carved out by the waves all along the coast of Monterey Bay.  I had visited home for the summer and got this cave sketched out before I went back to Iowa to school. I slowly added to it over the years and visits home but quickly found other empty sketchbooks to fill.

When I first found her again I was heading back up to Monterey for a family visit and really felt the magic of the ocean again. Bringing her to life with color was such a joy. When I came home to my job this piece was an amazing reminder of being outside in the surf.  I felt the blaze of the suns last colors on my skin and wished to be out of the office and on the cool rock with her. It was a true escape to fix her up and bring us both alive in the colors.

She is graphite and Prismacolor Pencil.
sandcastler Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018
Lovely looking slender mermaid!!  Her back-fin looks cool. I’d love to see more of this beauty!! ;)
Animejaz Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2018  Professional General Artist
Thanks sandcastler I have a few other mermaids I'm working on. I never though to go more into this one.  Maybe she'll pip up again. :D
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