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Sketchbook Comparision by AnimeInMyPocket Sketchbook Comparision by AnimeInMyPocket
~I've been completely neglecting this website. I'd like to say it's because of exams, but I think it's more like I haven't drawn anything really substantial - I feel like I've just been doodling and drawing OCs. >^>~
~Anyway, I reached the last page of a sketchbook I brought about three/four years ago. It's had so many pages stuck over that it actually won't close properly. In commemoration, I thought I'd redraw the first drawing that was inside it - Ed and Tinkerbell. I remember that it was actually for a fanfiction I wrote two chapters of then abandoned - I'm not even sure why I wrote it in the first place. Still, the idea of Ed coming to terms that he's a child...that has promise...~
~Anyway, the newest version was done in ink, watercolour paint and colouring pencils because I really hate tonal drawing now, and I'm running out of the stuff that makes soft pastel stick.~
~I feel like the first one wasn't bad, but that I've changed my style and shading so much that the pieces really do look different. I think I've gotten much better at anatomy though... > >~
~That's what I've been doing during exam season in terms of art - but I have been writing fanfiction - found on my Ao3 : TurnTups. :3 In fact, I'm working on one (maybe two) FMA  fanfiction(s) right now for the FMA fandom bomb.(…) Please make sure to think about taking part too!~
~More FMA art:…
~More Timey art :…
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Wonderful ^^
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