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Secret Ranger - DestinysSky by AnimeInMyPocket Secret Ranger - DestinysSky by AnimeInMyPocket
~As I said on my first Secret Ranger - I completely forgot I had to do this and now most of christmas is gone already! o0o~
~Anywho, this one is for DestinysSky ( it's their Harry Potter OC Atlas; who I am way too invested in now. CX I just started off by reading your fanfiction on Archiveofourown and now.. well, please continue writing Atlas' story - I'm so pumped to see what happens! oOo~
~The back story behind this is that I saw this (…) and wanted to explore how maybe Atlas' worries and past affected his friendship with Draco. And, well, I'm doing this play called Hospital Food (connections.nationaltheatre.or…) and there's a whole scene with these two boys called Josh and Gus:
GUS: And I can't scream that loud so I started laughing. Laughing! Looked right at you fast asleep there - across from me - across the room - and I started laughing - out loud - and you turned in your sleep when you heard me - and I put my hand over my mouth to stop it but I don't think I did - I don't think I could - I think I just fell asleep that night laughing - that night - that f***ing night - laughing laughing my f***ing arse off and screaming from the inside of my head!!
[JOSH forcefully takes GUS in a firm embrace. Calms him. A long silence. Slowly they come out of the embrace. Gus recovers.]
GUS: I'm the one who normally hugs you.
JOSH: Yeah, well.
[JOSH takes a king size snickers bar from his pocket Opens it and takes a bite. A beat.]
GUS: Don't I have a mouth?
[JOSH checks that GUS has a mouth.]
Josh: Oh yeah.
~And I just thought that Draco's probably more of a Josh, and would know something's bothering Albus and want to help but doesn't really know how? So he'd just kind of tackle him from behind.~
~I don't know. Maybe it's kinda gay and maybe their just good friends. Either way I feel like I've put way too much thought behind this. X3~
~Regardless, I hope you like it DestinysSky and have a merry christmas!!~
~My other secret ranger art:… ~
DestinysSky Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw!! It's so cute!!! Thank you so much!
It's actually funny because in my head I feel like Atlas is confused about his feelings about Draco. Like he loves him as a brother because they grew up together, but he also has these feelings he doesn't fully understand. So good on you for spotting something like that.
(I've actually been meaning to update his story but being in school with homework that takes up your time and energy sucks :p)
AnimeInMyPocket Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Ah, I'm so glad!! owo
(Hahah, it's okay, I know that feeling all too well!)
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