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Sarcastic Feminism :iconwitchvine:WitchVine 68 344
Why Women Turn To Feminism
Because you do not love us
as we want to love ourselves.
Because of the scarlet letters
you embroider on our chests
as we sleep on yours.
Because you pull the pigtails from puberty
and squeeze mothers and prostitutes
from the girls we really are.
Because Disney fooled us:
we awoke, sweet-sixteen, embittered
with no kiss, no carriage, no prince.
Because the heroines of our youth taught us
the plastic passivity of our sex.
Because we couldn't be factory-made beauty too.
Because we have spent too long courting tears
and making life-rafts of our pillows.
Because we want the power to reject
our presence, our affection - even our indifference
and not feel our hearts unbeating because of this.
Because, in feminism, we find the fairy Godmother
we were always denied by being real - but constructed.
:iconloveshoteyes:LoveShotEyes 213 539
I have a friend
With chocolate-colored skin that turns gunmetal in the sun.
Society calls her African-American.
I've never liked that.
It never made sense,
Seeing as we both came over to the New World on boats
At the same time.
She is no more African than I am Dutch;
She knows no more of masks and drums
Than I do of klompen and windmills,
And if anything,
It seems to make far more sense
To go ahead and call us black and white--
We are at least on level ground that way--
As her brown skin is no more black
Than my pink is white
And even she has told me
That to be black is better
Because black is so much more to her
Than a cold and dark and distant Africa.
Oh, but Society, if black is too harsh,
Call us something softer:
Call us chocolate and vanilla.
Call us mahogany and birch.
Call us Coke and Sprite.
But don't
call us dirty and pure.
We are both Americans
Born of American parents
That were born of American parents.
So don't
call her African-hyphen,
For what gives me, the white,
The rig
:iconmoolis:moolis 35 22
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United States

.....Nah I'll think of something eventually xD

Current Residence: in a town in a state in a country on a continent on a planet.
Favourite genre of music: rock, Alternative
Operating System: Mac
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Stewie!!!!
So I haven't been on and uploading on DA in AGES. I've made a new account, which is hanabiBell so yush! That is my new account. I'll be uploading there shortly, so please subscribe to my new account! I'll probably occasionally check this one, but for the most part this one is done. I'll keep the art and journals up, but consider this one done. Danke!


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Thanks for faving "After The Rain" and its lineart.
animehotaru19 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2009
No problem! I really like it (them)
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okay this is annoying. i'm making you an icon, damnit. give me an idea or a picture. >o<
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-_- you know that rocky horror icon that's my avatar for IM? lol... xD Log on for making plans about the lake house thingy cause I'll be bored
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oh oops.
did i mention that my laptop isn't running and the computer doesn't have Yahoo installed? i kinda forgot my password. . .
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Oh, wait, never mind! We can't go this weekend. We might go next weekend so I'll give you a heads up on plans next week -_- (cause the pipes all froze and broke and the toilet like exploded and apparently its still not habitable -_-)
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animehotaru19 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2009
ooooh...... well they said yes and I'll tell you what day we leave and at what time tomorrow kk?
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... at my drawing boys tutorial =9
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