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APH - A Lesson Well Learned (Ending)

[Warning: Contains parental discipline.]   Her eyes widened dramatically, and she backed herself against the door. Yes, she'd gotten her fair share of smackings when she was younger, but she had never gotten one at school. And she did not want to start now. "You...You can't. You won't!" Lucy said, trying to seem as tough as possible, given the situation.   "I can, and I will." With as calm a demeanor as he could manage, he took a firm hold of the girl's arm and pulled her over to his desk, promptly dropping her over it so her chest was pressed down against the wooden surface. Using his left hand to hold Lucy in place, the Englishman light

Punishment Fics

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Vati!GermanyxChild!Reader - Mein Beer! (Ending)

[Warning: Contains corporal punishment of minors.]   You and Christy had a lovely time downing the entire six-pack. Being a German yourself, you handled it well, hardly getting drunk at all. Christy, however, was a bit tipsy. When Ludwig yelled your name…boy, you sobered up pretty quickly, forgetting about the beer and feeling your stomach drop to your toes.   You called back very meekly. "J…Ja, Vati...?"   "I vant you and your friends down here, NOW!" He didn't have to give a reasoning for you to know you were in trouble.   At the demand, Tsugumi hesitantly stood, nervously wringing her hands. "See? I-I told you..."  

Punishment xReaders

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I Was So Stupid to Trust You...

Why did you do this to me? I came to you for help, thinking maybe I was wrong to be weary of men... Thinking maybe I could trust you... Thinking maybe you could give me a friend to lean on... But, oh, how you proved me wrong. When you grabbed me up by my hair and threw me on your bed... When you forced yourself on me, despite my sobs and pleas for mercy... When you heartlessly destroyed my most prized possession; My virginity... Something I can never get back... Something I wanted to keep with me forever... I was a fool to trust you. You knew the pain I was in... The scars I was hiding... The nightmares I was having... Yet you still did it.

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APH - Wild Child - Ch.1: The New Pack

Ok. This is something I don't usually do. This story is ongoing, so I'll be posting the new parts as they pop up, instead of all at once. Enjoy~   The little girl howled and giggled when four wolf pups came running. They tackled her and she squealed with laughter as they nuzzled her neck and licked at her face. She hopped onto all fours and barked at them, running in a circle. Suddenly, the pups' ears flattened, and they backed up quickly. The small child frowned and tilted her head with a whimper. The wolves took off running, barking and yelping, and when the girl turned around, she saw why. There stood a person; a strange human.   Susan

Wild Child

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Jenny: The Crimson Kitty Caper


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Ash ketchum in KND


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