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Yeah, this is what i would totally do if my best friend explodes...Go around in the city and dance akwardly.
Hey, guess what?

Murdoc is back on friday, and i’ll shall do one last chat with him!
Since i have nothing to do, i shall share you a fun fact of the week, since i want to tell you guys stuff you might or might not know!

Fact 1: Did you know that in the original Lucas game Sam and Max hit the road, Sam was voiced by Bill Farmer, the same guy who voiced Goofy. Yeah, i was shocked when i first heard this, so now i can't stop imagining Sam doing Goofy's laugh. 
I just downloaded Steam and done a new Steam account ( Since i have forgotten my old account's password ), so i can play steam games now! ( I shall ask my parents if i can get money, so i can buy some games soon. )
Welp, i have now finished episode 1 of Telltale Sam and Max season 1.
Does anyone here remember Panfu?

Just wonderin', since i remember playing this alot when i was younger, and i love it.

I decided to play it again, and i admitt, it was pretty fun...and i gotta admitt, it is way better than Club Penguin. Just an opinion.
Sad news: Like my cat Coco, my other cat Magic has dissapeared...he either probably got killed by a fox ( since foxes normally are here where i live ) or got hit by a car. But, i hope he is ok, or have found a new owner..



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Here is a part 2 of this:  Make your own story! Strange package!Heyo, guess what? more of these. YAY!
anyways, here is more of these:       
So...LETSA' shiet. :T
" OH! HI THERE, _________! Remember me, ________? I'm ________! Ya'll remember my insane pet _______? Yeah....well, ____________, since today! i got a mystery packet! So, i opened it up...after ____ hours and ____ minutes, since how much ______ it had on it, and OOOOH MYYYY GOOOOD! inside, THERE WAS __________! IT ___________! but then started floating in air and it TRANSFORMED INTO ______________!
I __________ AND MY WHOLE FAMILY, MY DAD ________, MY MOM _________, MY BROTHER _________ AND MY SISTER __________ CAME IN AND THEY SCREECHED! My dad _________, my mom _________, my brother __________ and my sister ____________, So, i was all alone with the ______

Anyways, here is other of these if your interested:   Make your own story! New pet PART 2!Guess what? another one of these, but this time, let's continiue with the pet!
Here is the first one: 
But, since i have also done more of these, here is the other journals:     
Ya know the rules, so LETSA GOOOO....and shit.
" Oh, hi there, didin't see ya there! You remember me, _____, right? no? well, _________! In the last part, my new pet, ________ went to my room and ___________. it was so horrible, the rest of my family came in and ________. Well, that't not it, my ___________. Let's see what happends next, shall we?~
Welp, after ____________, i go to sleep. But suddley, i felt something that was...._________. It was _______, who was _________! I _________ and then i ___________. I decided that i needed to train my pet how to _________ at the _________ tomorrow. Next day, when i was having breakfast wit
  Make your own story! New pet!HERE ARE ONE OF THESE AGAIN! But this time, you shall describe your new pet, and you can write all the most insane shit you want!
here is the other ones if you're interested!:     
Again, you can read the rules on the other journals.
Anyways, LETSA GOOO...and shit.:
" ( reads a book called ______ ) OH! HI _______! Welcome to my _______! ( Throws away my book and accideantly throws it at _____ ) My name is ______, and today, i am really _______, and ya know why? because, i will get a new ______ pet! i am so excited, i am gonna ________! ( then, after what i said, i ___________....then i ________ )
Anyways, letsa go to the _________ and choose our new pet! hmmm...what should i get? a _____? maybe a _____? or maybe a _____? ( LE GASP ) i know! i shall get a ______! that's a great pet! 
Later, when i got home with my new pet, which i nam
  make your own story! Describing yourself!i have made these, because they are shit ton of fun and everyone can put whatever they want! but this time, you can describe yourself in the story, how insane you want it! 
here is the other ones if you're interested!:       
you can read the rules on the other journals.
Anyways, LETSA GOOO...and shit.:
Hi! my name is _____ and i am around ______ years old. I live in _________ and my family consist of ________________________. My hobbies include _____, ______, ________, ________ and ________. I also really like to _______! my favorite food is ______, ______ and ________. Favorite drink is ________ and _______. My favorite snack is ________. However, i HAAAATE eating _________, because _________________!
My school is next to ________ and the school's name is _________. i have many classmates, but few of my friends are ______, _____, _____, _____ and
  make your own story! president choice!i loves making these, beacuse it was really fun! so, i made another one. here is the other ones:   
here is the rules, you need to at least write something appropriate. example, when there is a blank space for a character, you shall decide who that person is or come up with a name, when a character says something, you decide what he or she shall say and so for it.
welp...letsa go and shit. :T
" i woke up on a weekend and i went down to see my mom _____. i asked " hey mom....what ______ are you doing? " and she answered " god morning, ______. i am voting for the presidential election. " and i answered " why are you _________ then? " and she answered " _________, ________. i am voting for _______ ".
i looked at her like __________ and said " who is ______? i have never heard of him...". she answered " _______, he is gonna make our country _______ again! unlike our other president ________...any
  make your own story! 3here is a follow up from this: 
ya know the rules, so letsa go and shit:
" everyone was at the _________, some of them where ________ and some where ____________, but they where all gonna watch the ______ between me and ______, and they where _____ for me to loose. My guardians who helped me in math class from the bullies, _____ and _____ was there, my cafiteria budds, _______, _______ and _______ was there too and they where scared that i was gonna get ______ and ______. my bully who challenged me, ______, came in and everyone cheered. he then showed his ______ and the fangirls went ______ and _______ loudly. 
then, i came and everyone ________ at me and there was my trainer, ______, and he wanted me to _______. so, the battle had begun and a random kid namned ______ came in and rang the bell, so we could start. Me and ______ started to ________. we both had a good start, and we both where leading. suddley, ______ had a special _____, he started to _
  make your own story! 2here is the sequal to this journal: make your own story!
here is part 2 of that journal! your the same character as the other story and your at the same school.
again, here is the rules, you need to at least write something appropriate. example, when there is a blank space for a character, you shall decide who that person is or come up with a name, when a character says something, you decide what he or she shall say and so for it.
" later, after ______, my teacher _____ came to me and said " ok, that's enough, now go and talk to Principal ______ ". i walked out as i was _____. later, i was at the Principal ____ office and he was _____ as i walked in. i said " _____, principal _____ " and he said back " well ______, ______ ". he continiued by saying " i think that the punishment _____ gave you was too _____, so, i shall talk with him later about it. by the way, have a ____ day, _____ ".
  make your own story!so, i am gonna make my own story, and there is blank spaces. i was thinking about you guys copy paste this story in the comments and then, fill in what will happen in the blank spaces.
here is the rules, you need to at least write something appropriate. example, when there is a blank space for a character, you shall decide who that person is or come up with a name, when a character says something, you decide what he or she shall say and so for it.
well, letsa go and shit:
" one monday morning, i woke up at ____. it was the first day of school, and since i had alot of time left, i decided to go on the internet a bit. i saw a video and it was about ____. it was the most horrifying experiences in my whole life. then i decided to eat some breakfast, wich was normal breakfast i would eat everyday. a bowl of ____ and toast with ____ jam on it. after i have eaten my breakfast and filled my bag with _____, my mom, who just woke up, shouted " _________ ", before i left.
" as i was walking to sc

Anyways, LETSA GOOOO...and shit. :T

" So, after getting eaten up, i went to the _______ _______, and i saw tons of weird _____ while i was walking around there! like i saw a _________, a ___________, a ____________ and many many more ________! And then suddley, i was at ________ ________! I looked after the powerstone that kept it functioning in it's _______, and when i was searching, suddley, my whole family came! They where planning to help me! but why though?

" But...why did you decide to help me now? after __________ and then __________? " I asked. My dad, _______, came up to me and said " Kid, ____________________ and ____________________. So, now, we shall help you and we shall save the world! "

I couldn't belive it! I was so ________, tears started running down my eyes. My mother hugged me and My Dad, Brother and Sister did the same. But then suddley, everything started to shake! outside, the __________ and my old pet _____, _____, Has started to _________ and have killed half of my army! Then, my friend, _______, and the class bully, ________ called me through a ______ and My friend yelled " WHAT THE ______ ARE YOU DOING?!?! THE ______ AND YOUR WEIRD PET IS _______! " and ______ responded with my friend " YEAH! WHAT IS TAKING YOU SO LONG! HURRY, BEFORE ____________!!! "

So, Me and My family, took out our main weapons. My Dad had his ______, My Mom had a ______, My Brother had a ________ and My Sister had her _________. I took out my ________....Autographed by _____ from ______, while i was at one of their concerts! So, we went to the powerstone, and started To shoot and attack it with our weapons! The stone started to shake, and then it exploded! Michael Bay style! And togheter with the stone, the ______ exploded as well! 

Outside, The _______ started flaying his arms violently, like __________, and light started to shine through his eyes, and then, BOOOOOM! It EXPLODED! Again, Michael Bay style! Suddley, the sky became blue once again, my army was revived, everyone in the world who was killed before, was revived, because after the _____ died, tons of ________ where falling from the sky and thanks to it, everyone came to life once again! The air smelled like warm _______, the wind felt _______, and everyone started to cheer! Later, me and my family came out of the ______ rotting body, and everyone cheered even louder! But my pet _____ was crying ______ and was throwing a temper tantrum, like _______!

So, i went up to my pet, and my pet looked up to me and said " gonna give me a second chance? ", with a huge ____ smile on his face, but then, i ______ my pet and said " _____ NO! You are ______ insane! You almost took over the world and killed half of my army! If your _____ hadn't exploded and caused it to rain _______, then the world wouldn't be revived! Plus, you have almost destroyed half of the ________, so, NO, I will not forgive you and give you a second chance! So, ________, _______! "

My pet ____ started throwing a bigger hissy fit, until the police and ______ came in and arrested him and put him in jail, for ________, ________, _______ and much much more! 

So, everything went back to normal! I got _________, everyone loved me now, my family went back to ________, Half of my friends gave me _______ as a thanks, and even the bully in my class, _______, was proud over me, for saving the world! So, this was one _______ adventure! Also, i wonder...what is my pet doing in jail right now?

Meanwhile in jail, your pet ______, is _________________ and the rest of the prison is _____________ your pet, while your pet ______________ and ____________.


( Lake Zurich plays in the background, while 2D _________, Noodle __________, Murdoc ___________, Russel __________, Jon _________ and Vinny _____________. Ace is now probably gone. R.I.P. )


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