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9464e1e2-fe6c-460a-9d62-404ac5984b58 by Animegirl13456

Off to camping we go!

After seeing this tweet, plus many fanarts of this:…

I just HAD to do a fanart! So here is sneak peek of it!

Also, while at it...

6a458fbd-0bd2-4603-a4de-17e02ab6a4b0 by Animegirl13456

Have a cute Boombox!
So...i have noticed something...

When i created that little story about how 2D got his mom pants, ya know, just for fun, then later when i went to Hewlett's instagram, i saw an artwork of 2D...wearing Murdoc's phase 4 shirt top of his shirt.

Then, later when i reused Virgin ( Vinny's nutshell name ) design and reposted it again, but with diffrent faces and clothes, Gorillaz later posted a picture of 2D standing next to a flag, and that artwork was reused from their other artwork and then they reused Humility video, to make the Superorganism remix.

Is this just coincidences? or are the Gorillaz aware of my presence and copy everything i say or do? If so...well...maybe i can say this...if this petition succeed:…

Then, maybe Gorillaz can make a twerking video as their next music video starring 2D? how about that, that be awesome....well, for me and tons of 2D fangirls, of course.

Idk, i am just being fuckin' weird as usual.
Ok, today, my grandpa gave us one of his dogs, since after grandma died, he couldn’t take care both of them, so he decided to give us one of them. Her name is Senja and she is a bit scared, so i can’t show a pic of her right now. 

Oh, i is Jon’s 14 birthday! His birthday is at friday the 13...pray for him...
Ok, AwesomeSilver, idk why....buuuuut...

What if Rhythm and Marshall changed their body types? Like making Marshall the chubby one and Rhythm the thin one?
Unpopular opinion time:

I actully like the Humility Superorganism me.

Also, yes, it is extremly lazy that they reused the Humility music video with the remix music, but hey, i find Orono ( the girl in the video ) really cute and i can totally see Jon and Orono hanging out and being friends...and also, Orono is 17 years old, the same age as me...Not fair, i also wanna be with Gorillaz, lucky kid.

I also see Jon liking Superorganism music and this remix. 
49f7fe11-802c-48eb-88d5-3687011ee0b9 by Animegirl13456

An happy Jon is the cure to world peace-

Anyways, this is what i am working on, and yes, it is Jon's phase 5 design, and his Humility outfit.
My own little headcanon: whenever 2D cries or is starting to cry, here is how my two Gorillaz OC’s react.

Vinny would beg 2D not to cry and then start crying herself. She also mentions that making 2D sad is the worst feeling she has ever felt and that when he cries, she just feels downright awful.

Jon would start freaking out, and starts apologizing over and over again and starts begging him not to cry. He would also try to cheer 2D up and when that fails, and when 2D starts crying, Jon would get paranoid and get stressed, so much so, that he gets an electric shock in his head, which causes him to faint, because how much pressure he felt.…

Ok, i found there is literally art of 2D getting low...


Not that i am complaining of course.. 
Ok, now i have a sudden urge drawing Jon in short shorts, like kinda those 2D and Noodle are wearing. Idk, but i always imagine Jon wearing these in this phase, and if someone stares at his...well, ass or such, he will get embarrassed and shout " DUDE, Don't stare at me like that! IT'S EMBARRASSING! "

Also, kinda ironic, is that he told 2D that he looked like a girl in those shorts...even though Jon also wears them and he has longer hair than 2D.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Guess what? another one of these, but this time, let's continiue with the pet!

Here is the first one:  Make your own story! New pet!HERE ARE ONE OF THESE AGAIN! But this time, you shall describe your new pet, and you can write all the most insane shit you want!
here is the other ones if you're interested!:     
Again, you can read the rules on the other journals.
Anyways, LETSA GOOO...and shit.:
" ( reads a book called ______ ) OH! HI _______! Welcome to my _______! ( Throws away my book and accideantly throws it at _____ ) My name is ______, and today, i am really _______, and ya know why? because, i will get a new ______ pet! i am so excited, i am gonna ________! ( then, after what i said, i ___________....then i ________ )
Anyways, letsa go to the _________ and choose our new pet! hmmm...what should i get? a _____? maybe a _____? or maybe a _____? ( LE GASP ) i know! i shall get a ______! that's a great pet! 
Later, when i got home with my new pet, which i nam

But, since i have also done more of these, here is the other journals:  make your own story! Describing yourself!i have made these, because they are shit ton of fun and everyone can put whatever they want! but this time, you can describe yourself in the story, how insane you want it! 
here is the other ones if you're interested!:       
you can read the rules on the other journals.
Anyways, LETSA GOOO...and shit.:
Hi! my name is _____ and i am around ______ years old. I live in _________ and my family consist of ________________________. My hobbies include _____, ______, ________, ________ and ________. I also really like to _______! my favorite food is ______, ______ and ________. Favorite drink is ________ and _______. My favorite snack is ________. However, i HAAAATE eating _________, because _________________!
My school is next to ________ and the school's name is _________. i have many classmates, but few of my friends are ______, _____, _____, _____ and
  make your own story! president choice!i loves making these, beacuse it was really fun! so, i made another one. here is the other ones:   
here is the rules, you need to at least write something appropriate. example, when there is a blank space for a character, you shall decide who that person is or come up with a name, when a character says something, you decide what he or she shall say and so for it.
welp...letsa go and shit. :T
" i woke up on a weekend and i went down to see my mom _____. i asked " hey mom....what ______ are you doing? " and she answered " god morning, ______. i am voting for the presidential election. " and i answered " why are you _________ then? " and she answered " _________, ________. i am voting for _______ ".
i looked at her like __________ and said " who is ______? i have never heard of him...". she answered " _______, he is gonna make our country _______ again! unlike our other president ________...any
  make your own story!so, i am gonna make my own story, and there is blank spaces. i was thinking about you guys copy paste this story in the comments and then, fill in what will happen in the blank spaces.
here is the rules, you need to at least write something appropriate. example, when there is a blank space for a character, you shall decide who that person is or come up with a name, when a character says something, you decide what he or she shall say and so for it.
well, letsa go and shit:
" one monday morning, i woke up at ____. it was the first day of school, and since i had alot of time left, i decided to go on the internet a bit. i saw a video and it was about ____. it was the most horrifying experiences in my whole life. then i decided to eat some breakfast, wich was normal breakfast i would eat everyday. a bowl of ____ and toast with ____ jam on it. after i have eaten my breakfast and filled my bag with _____, my mom, who just woke up, shouted " _________ ", before i left.
" as i was walking to sc
  make your own story! 2here is the sequal to this journal: make your own story!
here is part 2 of that journal! your the same character as the other story and your at the same school.
again, here is the rules, you need to at least write something appropriate. example, when there is a blank space for a character, you shall decide who that person is or come up with a name, when a character says something, you decide what he or she shall say and so for it.
" later, after ______, my teacher _____ came to me and said " ok, that's enough, now go and talk to Principal ______ ". i walked out as i was _____. later, i was at the Principal ____ office and he was _____ as i walked in. i said " _____, principal _____ " and he said back " well ______, ______ ". he continiued by saying " i think that the punishment _____ gave you was too _____, so, i shall talk with him later about it. by the way, have a ____ day, _____ ".
  make your own story! 3here is a follow up from this: 
ya know the rules, so letsa go and shit:
" everyone was at the _________, some of them where ________ and some where ____________, but they where all gonna watch the ______ between me and ______, and they where _____ for me to loose. My guardians who helped me in math class from the bullies, _____ and _____ was there, my cafiteria budds, _______, _______ and _______ was there too and they where scared that i was gonna get ______ and ______. my bully who challenged me, ______, came in and everyone cheered. he then showed his ______ and the fangirls went ______ and _______ loudly. 
then, i came and everyone ________ at me and there was my trainer, ______, and he wanted me to _______. so, the battle had begun and a random kid namned ______ came in and rang the bell, so we could start. Me and ______ started to ________. we both had a good start, and we both where leading. suddley, ______ had a special _____, he started to _

Ya know the rules, so LETSA GOOOO....and shit.

" Oh, hi there, didin't see ya there! You remember me, _____, right? no? well, _________! In the last part, my new pet, ________ went to my room and ___________. it was so horrible, the rest of my family came in and ________. Well, that't not it, my ___________. Let's see what happends next, shall we?~

Welp, after ____________, i go to sleep. But suddley, i felt something that was...._________. It was _______, who was _________! I _________ and then i ___________. I decided that i needed to train my pet how to _________ at the _________ tomorrow. Next day, when i was having breakfast with my family, and we where eating a bowl of __________ cereal and some _______. when suddley, _______ jumped up on the table and ________! My mom started to _________ and my dad said " HOLY SHIT! ________! WHAT THE _______ IS YOUR _______ PET DOING?!?!? " and i said " uuuh....________? " and my dad crossed his arms and said " Well, your pet needs some training! Now, GET THE _____ OUT OF HERE, BEFORE I __________! " So i took my ______ pet, who was ______ and took with me some of my breakfast, which was _________.

Later, i was at the ________ and i saw few of my friends, ______, ________, ________, ______ and _______! And i also saw my enemies, like ______, ______, _____ and even _______ was there! So, i ________ them and walked away. I strangely saw one of the ________ from ________, and one of them was _______, while the other was _________. I dunno ________ was going on, but __________.

Anyways, i take off my pets collar and let it free, so i could train it. But after i took of their collar, they started to _________! I started to panic and run after it! and while i did that, my pet started to ____________ as it ____________! it was quite _______! and all the people in the park started to _________ and ________! And then, my ______ ___________, which destroyed the whole _________! My friends where ________ and ________, my enemies where _______ and the other people where ________ and _______. it was pretty crappy.

Then, when i came home, i decided to lay on the couch, and ___________. But when i just did that, my pet _______ commes in, and farts, which causes the whole house to _______ and everything stanked like ________ ass! My mom ________, my dad started to ________, my brother cried and _________ and my sister....well...she ___________. Welp, after what happend, plus after my pet destroyed the whole _________, i decided to ______________, Since ______________. Anyways, that was my story of my insane pet, __________, and why i __________. It was quite a shame really, since ____________. Anyways, i hope you like this story, since i am so ________.....also, i now need to ___________. Anyways, bye, ya __________!

( Infinite's theme from Sonic forces loudly plays, as __________, your pet, seeks for revenge. ) "
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