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According to my dad, he claims that our dog Bobbo is ugly as hell...which is not true in all honesty.

I mean, look at him, is Bobbo ugly to you?…
More roblox story stuff, since i hate myself!

RobloxScreenShot20190217 120700788 by Animegirl13456
RobloxScreenShot20190217 121015358 by Animegirl13456
RobloxScreenShot20190217 121826150 by Animegirl13456
I had a friend that liked Vine and stuff like Don’t Judge Me Challenge...

Key word...HAD.

If this isn't the cutest thing ever, idk what is-
Fun fact: Frankie LOVES affection. She loves getting attention and loves to get cuddles...well, execpt from random strangers, then it’s creepy. But still, she likes cuddles and affection from her friends.
Just a small question:

If you where to do a sketch of my oc, who would it be and why? Give me a good reason too.
Happy single day to all of you. Eat so much chocolate you can. :T

Me: Hmm...this sounds ok-

then, 0:29 comes.

Ok, imagine this:

Warioware, but it is genderswap.
Me: ( talks about how my dog just died, my grandma just died and stuff like that )

My watchers: ( Dosen’t even care )

Also me: ( Does a small vent and talks about leaving )

Also my watchers: ” ( GAAASSSSP ) NOOO, DON’T LEAVE, WE CARE FOR YOU!!111 ” ” OMFG, HELP THIS POOR GIRL11!! ” ” ARE YOU OK!?!? ”




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Well, you mostly know the drill. Here is the other two Diaries:  Marias DiarySince i have done bit of Frankie's Diary, why not do Maria's Diary aswell?
Anyways, since i have done Frankie's, here is her diary: 
If ya know the drill, i will post it almost everyday, but not all the time since school and such. Anyways, letsa go.
Maria's profile:
Name: Maria.
Occupation: Diamond City High School student and a recent part-time job at the record shop.
Hobby: Well, i sketch alot and i like roller skating...that counts, right?
Favorite things: Well, belive it or not, i am bit of a bookworm and like to study alot, and i am quite the metalhead too, but i do enjoy some relaxing piano music every now and again. 
About Frankie: Well, she is honestly the only person...well, cat, that i am comfortable being with and trust, but she can be a bit stubborn at times.
About Wario: Well...i bloody hate that guy. Can't anyone see that he is trying to scam us over and over again?
Word (Quote): Well, remember kids, don't judge people, love
  Frankies DiaryWell, i decided to do few character diaries for my OC’s, since it seems like fun. I got this idea by reading developer diaries of Warioware characters. But first, i start with Frankie’s, since i love her so much.
Plus, i am going to update this everyday with a new entry, so don’t miss out!
Well, almost everyday, since school and all.
Frankie’s Profile:
Name: Frankie.
Occupation: Well, i am just a normal everyday cat...execpt that i walk and act like an normal human being.
Hobby: I really love skateboarding and hanging out with the people here! Also, i am faschinated with Aliens and Space, so much so that it makes my friend go insane!
Boast: Well...uuuh..this is pretty nasty, but...i am pretty good at burping.
About Maria: She is a really cool and sweet friend, but she can worry a bit too much. Plus, she needs to get more friends, since how lonely she is.
About Wario: Well, he can be alright, but he reeks of garlic and he won’t shut up about his toil

Anyways, letsa go!

Gina's profile:
Name: Gina.
Work: Diamond City kindergartner.
Special Skill: Well, i am really good at baseball! I can also use my bat as a weapon. Pretty cool right?
Favorite things: Desserts! Espacilly Strawberry Shortcake...mmm...Strawberry Shortcake~
Dislikes: Rude people!
About Wario: He's alright...but he is kinda of a meanie!
Word (Quote): I admire Kat and Ana so much! I wish i could be like them and be a ninja myself!

8/1 Tuseday:

So, today, i have gotten an diary from my mom, so i could write about how my day was!
So, that means that i can write about how many experiences i have in Diamond City and about my friends!
So yeah!
There is nothing more i can add...execpt, i got this new diary!
Pretty sweet, huh?

11/1 Friday:

I went to kindergarten today as usual, and you see, when i shall get to kindergarten, i usually take a train to get there.
Don't worry, my older brother always follows with me, since he also takes the train to get to Highschool.
So, later at kindergarten, when we where playing outside, i saw Miss. Kat and Miss. Ana, impressing the other kids and teachers with their Ninja skills!
Ah...They are soooo cool! I wish i could be like them someday...
But...i think they won't like me as much and find me annoying...
Oh well.

14/1 Monday:

Since my old baseball bat was broken, i went to Mr. Crygor to ask him to fix it.
He told me that not only could he fix it, but also improve it! So, he told me that i should just wait at the lab until it's done.
While i was waiting, me and Mr. Mike where singing some karaoke. It was all fun, until Mr. Mike told me that i was an bad singer...
Oh...that makes me sad.
But anyways, Mr. Crygor then came in with a new improved bat! 
So, i tested it, and...IT WAS AMAZING!!!
It could hit much harder and send anything flying! You name it, Baseballs, fruit, and even other people!
So, i thanked Mr .Crygor and now, i am gonna try out my baseball bat even more!

17/1 Thursday: mommy wasn't happy today. 
Since because i didin't tell her that i went to Mr. Crygor few days ago and that i accideantly broke her expensive vase, I am now grounded...well, it's not my fault! I just wanted a new baseball bat, but my mommy told me no since i have " many at Baseball Practice ", but here is the thing...i am not alowed to bring one home and i need my own baseball to train at home!
Also, she told me to get a " real haircut "...what's wrong with my hair? I love my hair! She dosen't care about my brother's hair, so why is mine such a big issue?
Anyways...i am pretty angry right now...

20/1 Sunday:

Ok, I am not grounded anymore! YAY!
So, now, i can train Baseball again!
So, me and my brother decided to go somewhere else to practice, since we don't want another accident happend.
So, the first 3 hits went really smoothly! The baseballs probably went up to space!
But the fourth one...well...
Mr. Orbulon's ship where nearby and when my brother threw the ball and i hit it, i hit it so hard, that i accideantly hit Mr. Orbulon's ship and it crashed near the park...uh oh...
My brother just laughed, but i was worried for Mr. Orbulon, so i decided to go to the park to see if he was ok...only to get stopped by my mommy.
I told her everything, and that i wanted to see if he was ok, but she didin't listen and told me that i am not going anywhere, since i needed to do homework.
Oh boy...i hope at least Mr. Orbulon is ok.

23/1 Wednesday:

So, today, i saw Mr. Orbulon wandering in the city, and i saw the opportunity to talk to him...but...he seemed really grumpy.
I told him why his ship crashed few days ago, and i apologized for what i did.
But...he was pretty angry...
He angrily told me to leave him alone and that it was my fault and everything for almost breaking his ship and many other things like that.
When he later stormed off, i felt...really mortified.
I felt really sad that he said those things...I at least apologized, so why did it rub him off the wrong way?
Oh least i tried, i guess..

24/1 Thursday:

I suddley heard a knock on the door, was Mr. Orbulon!
He apologized how he acted yesterday and it wasn't my fault, and it was his. He told me that he hadn't slept for many hours and because of that, the smallest things caused him to explode at people, like how he did with me.
He asked if i could ever forgive him. I told him it was ok and that he at least understood what he did wrong.
So, we hugged and he asked if i wanted to take a ride at his ship someday, and i said yes.
But i probably need to ask my mommy for permission first!


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