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Death Note Puns...OF DOOOOOM



Lolz, my 1st kind of comic like thing it UP! Fear the stupid puns! XDD If you got confused, I'll explain my puns and how they came up ( A special thanks to my sis :iconitachi311: for coming up with the majority of the puns, or inspiring me for them! ^_^)

1. Mello/Jello- Duh, cause Mello with a J is Jello. I came up with this cause it rhymed and I made a car thing in science class with a jell-o box. So....

2.Mikami Mouse/Mickey Mouse- I have too much Disney related things in my I came up with this cause Mickey Mouse sounded like Mikami! Lolz, I think I have a pair of those ears somewhere O_O

3.Wammy/WaMu checking- Me and my sister was at the bank one day ( Cause my dad had to go) and we were in line. She said from far away that the WaMu thing looked like Wammy. I thought it did too, and WAM was the 1st 3 letters in Wammy, thus the idea was born

4. Mello/Hello Kitty- This is my fav probably, me and my sister (again) were talking about something and she mentioned Hello Kitty but mispronounced it "Mello Kitty". It was so funny, I had to use it X3

I like how Wammy turned out, and I'll probably come up with more puns, so expect a 2nd one of these! ^_^
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Pfft Mello Kitty XD