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Secrets - Excerpt
Yaoi, M/M Contemporary Romance
Logan only wanted one thing in his life, Christian, his childhood friend. But a stolen kiss on graduation night broke Logan’s heart and destroyed the special friendship they shared. Now four years later, Logan returns to his family in Santa Cruz on the verge of a new life to find Christian on a treacherous, lonely path of booze and drugs, harboring painful secrets. Only Logan’s love and acceptance can lead Christian back from the brink of destruction. Can Logan put aside old grudges to save the young man who shattered his heart and in return, accept the love he’s craved?
As Logan walked behind Christian onto cream-colored sand, warm now with the sweatshirt, he took in the waves, crashing to shore like white ink splattered across a black canvas. Twinkling lights from restaurants and shops on the pier speckled the fog off to the distant right.
As he walked, two plaid wool blankets slung over his forearm swung in the breeze.
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Yaoi-Holding on to the Past-2
Sebastian's shoulder shook.
He opened his eyes. The dark bedroom appeared before him. A warm hand shook his shoulder once again.
"I'm sorry, Sebastian, so sorry." Julian's voice was heavy with emotion.
Twisting to his back on his bed, he looked up at Julian, kneeling beside him. He lurched up and tugged Julian down to his chest. "My angel, you are safe." Relief rained down on him. He kissed Julian's hair, cheeks and forehead. "Thank God, you are safe."
Julian sniffled and held tight to Sebastian. "I shouldn't have run away from you. That was stupid."
"It was, but you are here now." He released Julian. "Where did you go?"
Julian raised his head and looked down upon Sebastian. A sheepish smile curled one side of his lips. "I just went for a walk in the woods, that's all. I just needed to think and cool off a bit."
He nodded. "I see…"
Julian let out a long exhale. "Anyway, enough about my stupidity. How are you after getting the news about your friend?" His gaze searched
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Yaoi-Holding on to the Past-1
"Sebastian? Are you still there?" His father's voice rang out through the phone speaker.
Coming back to the present, he brought the phone to his ear again. Anger wrapped around his grief, keeping it in check. "Yes, I'm here. It was Caesar, wasn't it?" he spat.
"Yes. It seems they ambushed him in the Muir woods."
He let his head fall upon the cold glass of the window. "There was no one with him?"
"I am afraid not. They promised to negotiate giving Ramon to us if he came alone. I know how much he wanted to catch Caesar for you."
He pursed his lips. Emanuel's voice rang out inside his head. Sebastian, we will find him. You have my word. Guilt tore through his heart. If only he hadn't reacted so strongly to Emanuel's failure to find Caesar. "Ramon is, is alive?" His voice wavered.
"We don't know if that is true or if it's a lie."
"So his life was lost for nothing. And that bastard is responsible." Even as his anger lodged heavy in his chest, tears pooled once again in his eyes.
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Hanging in the Balance - Ex. 3
Yaoi, M/M Paranormal Vampire Romance
In Life and Blood: Book 1 - Hanging in the Balance
Copyright© Christie Gordon
All rights reserved, eXtasy Books
Snatched as a human baby and turned vampire at age eighteen to serve as a chevalier for a sadistic queen, Julian is forever alone and waiting for his destiny to be fulfilled. While on watch one night in San Francisco, Sebastian, an elder vampire of immense strength, comes to him, intent on killing him. Instead of bringing Julian to death, this stranger turns Julian's life upside down, exposing secrets that have kept him bound in his torturous life. Can Julian accept the truth and free himself of his bonds to find his one true love or will he find he can't betray the queen he's sworn to protect?
Excerpt 3:
Julian lay on his bed in his chamber in a deep sleep, curled up on his side wearing nothing but a t-shirt and briefs.
My angel.
His brows furrowed and his head twisted. He mumbled, "Sebastian, where are yo
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Mature content
Hanging in the Balance - Ex. 1 :iconanimegeik:animegeik 2 1
Mature content
The Obsession Excerpt 2 :iconanimegeik:animegeik 2 0
The Obsession Exerpt 1
Yaoi, M/M Romance, Contemporary
The Obsession
© Copyright Christie Gordon
All rights reserved, eXtasy Books
As a senior-year art student at a Santa Barbara university, Tristan is caught in a mental prison of his own making. Sexually repressed and emotionally abused by an oppressive mother, his preference for men leads him into sexual addiction. Then a new roommate appears in his dorm - Collin, a stunning psychology major from class he's fantasized about since the start of the school year, a young man Tristan's fallen in love with from afar. Collin uses his charm and knowledge of psychology to pull Tristan out of his self-destructive existence and into a tumultuous affair. But Collin has a secret, a secret that could potentially further damage Tristan and send him plummeting farther into isolation and desperation than he's ever been before. Will Collin's secret emerge? And will Tristan move forward and find the love he's always craved or will he fall headlong back into addic
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Yaoi Talk: L and Light Yagami
Me: Welcome to another edition of Yaoi Talk with your host, Christie Gordon. Today we have with us L and Light--
Light: I said leave it alone!
L: But there is a 99.963 percent chance of you having candy in there.
Me: (leans over the table) In where?
scuffle, scuffle
Light: Get your hand out of there!
L: But something's in there, I feel it!
Light: No there isn't...OW!
L: I got it (smiles big)
Me: You've got what?
Light: That's not candy! (falls backward in the chair)
L: Ah! (falls backward in the chair with his hand in Light's front pocket)
Me: Uh, what, what are you two doing down there?
Light: (gasps) Get it out!
L: Hmmm, cylindrical, hard, a bit of a lip toward the top...
L: (eyes widen) Oh...oops, sorry.
Me: Uh, what is it?
(L and Light both sit up)
L: (flushes and looks around)
Light: (glares at L) It was nothing.
L: Oh, I'd say it was something.
Me: What the hell was it?
L: Light here seems very happy to be here today.
Light: Shut up.
Me: ...Oka
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Mature content
The First Full Moon Ex. 5 :iconanimegeik:animegeik 1 0
Mature content
The First Full Moon Ex 4 :iconanimegeik:animegeik 2 0
Mature content
The First Full Moon Ex. 3 :iconanimegeik:animegeik 2 2
Mature content
A Summer Without Rain Ex. 4 :iconanimegeik:animegeik 0 0
Mature content
A Summer Without Rain Ex. 3 :iconanimegeik:animegeik 0 0
Mature content
The First Full Moon Ex. 1 :iconanimegeik:animegeik 4 7
Here we are, everyone, on the crossroad.  One way leads to the future, uncertainty, maybe better times or maybe worse.  The other way leads to past mistakes, certain we’ll make them again.  Sometimes we don’t know which path it is we’ve chosen.  Sometimes we have no way off or our way is hazed with regret and haunted by the memories we refuse to let go.  Sometimes it’s the right damn path, but we just can’t see it.
It’s all a blur, this life, captured only in photographs, moments in time caught by an electronic eye.  You get to see how far you’ve come and sometimes it only shows how much you’ve yet to learn.  How is it we bump our heads against our past, making the same mistakes over and over?
How it is a mother even contemplates ending her own life and leaving behind her own flesh and blood to grieve her loss?  How is it a father chooses to abandon his children to st
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I’m alone, because I should be.
I want to be.
You told me so.
But, isn’t it the same as I’ve always been?
Even though you aren’t “that guy”…Isn’t it still the same?
It feels the same, doesn’t that make it so?
Or are my feelings just something getting in the way.
An inconvenient problem making you become someone you’re not.
How do I make amends with my past?
How do I force my feelings away?
How can I do that when all I do is second guess your motives?
You’ve done nothing to deserve this, except be yourself, in all that is you and all that is good and bad.
Yes, bad.
There is so much good, so much it scares me and makes me want to run.
But it’s the bad, the things you won’t admit, that make me run and hide.
I need time to be me.
I need you to let me.
I love you, and I need to grow.
Both things clash in my life.
I’d do anything to make it not so.
But it is.
Let me.
Love me.
Don’t leave me alone.
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Wow, this is a tough topic these days. I just found out about AJ Llewellyn being a woman. Yes, a woman, not the gay man she pretended to be.

We both started out at eXtasy Books writing M/M Romance, though I prefer to write more of the Yaoi variety:) I've had plenty of banter back and forth with AJ about writing, the M/M genre and the like and I must say I feel a bit... shocked. I know that women have taken male pen names in times past in order to get published and all that. And I know that some female M/M Romance authors have male pen names currently and keep hush about their true identity. I suppose it is no one's business but their own. Or is it?

Here's the deal. If I read a M/M Romance book by a particular author with a male pen name, I assume certain things. The first being, that they have first-hand knowledge of what it's like to be a gay man and maybe I'll learn a few things. Of course, that's the author in me. And if and when I encounter this author in a chat or on some social media site, I speak to them as if they're the gender of their pen name. I take into account their opinions on writing and other topics based on what I think their gender is, right or wrong. I can't help it. We've all been programmed to think a certain way based on our upbringing as a particular gender and have preconceived notions about the opposite gender. I hope that makes sense:)

As far as author gender and writing M/M Romance or even Yaoi for that matter, my question is this: Should authors be straight up about their genders? I mean, we're writing about gay men for a predominantly straight female audience. M/M Romance is not the same (at least in my eyes) as gay romance - presumably written by gay men with a target audience of gay men. So it seems to me that author gender might matter. Women in general put more emotion into their romances, especially if we're targeting a female audience. Again, my freakin' opinion;) But women are emotional creatures. Emotion is what we crave, right?

I'm also wondering if the female authors writing under a male pen name are doing the rest of us authors a disservice. It's hard to go about telling people who aren't familiar with this genre that you're a straight woman writing gay romance. I've blogged about my follies with that a few times. You need a thick skin and a hardy sense of humor. Maybe if more of these women writing gay romance for other women were more up front about it, it would normalize the situation a bit more and make it easier for all of us. Stand proud that you're a straight woman writing about gay men, damn it:)

So now that I've said my piece - chime in here. What do you all think?
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