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Almost the end of August.
I'm not ready to go back to school.
It's June! Happy June everyone!
Over here the weather doesn't know how Spring works.
Lena Young


Name: Lena Annette Young

Nicknames: n/a (feel free to suggest one!)

Age: 17

D.O.B: February 12

Blood Type: A-

Gender: Demigirl [She/Her Pastel Yellow Star Bullet They/Them]

Height: 5'6" Pastel Yellow Star Bullet 170cm

Weight: 128lbs Pastel Yellow Star Bullet 58kg




A baker is someone who bakes and sometimes sells breads and other products made using an oven or other concentrated heat source. Lena is the ultimate baker. She has cooked many masterpieces from many different places and has won numerous awards, making her recognized for her talent and ability to convey almost anything through her baked goods. She has also recently started a youtube channel featuring her recipes and cooking, giving her more recognition online.

Lena is very sympathetic and can help people who may feel scared or embarrassed to share a secret. This can come in handy for when someone may have seen the murderer but was possibly blackmailed. Lena would encourage them and give them support to help them speak, getting everyone closer to the truth.
"Hey, don't worry about it! I promise we won't judge you for it, or at the very least, I won't judge you for it. Just be confident, you'll feel a lot better after saying it, so just tell us what you saw!"

It is extremely hard for Lena to tell a lie. She can't keep a poker face at all.

1 is the lowest while 6 is the highest.

[ HP - ✼✼✼✼◇◇ ]
"Oh ya...They told me I'm pretty immune to illnesses."

[ STR - ✼✼◇◇◇◇ ]
"Not strong at all, you could probably find someone else to do the heavy lifting."

[ INT - ✼✼◇◇◇◇ ]
"I have...moments of stupidity so I don't think I'm really smart."

[ CHA - ◇◇◇ ]
"I like people. I've been told that I have a very personable aura before."

[ AGI - ◇ ]
"I am pretty quick though, if I do say so myself!"

[ PER - ✼✼✼◇◇◇ ]
"Eh, it's pretty average I think."

[ Total: 19/20 ]


Double Rose - Bronze - Right Roses
Double Rose - Bronze - Right Sweet Smells
Double Rose - Bronze - Right Being able to help
Double Rose - Bronze - Right Sunshine
Double Rose - Bronze - Right Action (Genre)


Horror Double Rose - Bronze - Left
Overly Crowded Places Double Rose - Bronze - Left
Dry Places/Things Double Rose - Bronze - Left
People who toy with other people for the fun of it Double Rose - Bronze - Left
Silence Double Rose - Bronze - Left

Pixel Wing - Bronze - Left GARDENING Pixel Wing - Bronze - Right
Lena likes to tend to some flowers. It makes her happy to see the flowers looking pretty. She seems particularly interested in roses.

Personality: [Give a minimum of 5 positive traits, 3 neutral, and 5 negative. Give a small description in list for each trait or in a paragraph.}

coconut heart bow Adventurous: She's always looking for an excuse to do something fun or go on an adventure.
coconut heart bow Optimistic: She looks on the positive sides of things more often than not!
coconut heart bow Loyal: She keeps promises and bonds to a t.
coconut heart bow Compassionate: She has tons of sympathy for other people and cares a lot.
coconut heart bow Organized: She's actually able to keep a clean work space, a nice looking room ect.
white heart bow Emotional: Sometimes she lets emotions cloud her judgement.
pear heart bow Casual: She doesn't do a lot of "formal junk" or anything like that.
white heart bow Outspoken: She doesn't mind speaking her opinions at all.
watermelon heart bow Persuaded Easily: If it's someone she likes, or looks up to, she'll eat up anything they say.
watermelon heart bow Impulsive: Her decisions are very quick as she lets her immediate thoughts control her decisions.
watermelon heart bow Ticking Time Bomb (I actually don't really know what to call this): She absorbs, absorbs, absorbs all the hate she gets and eventually it leads to the final person hearing no end to her anger and frustration.
watermelon heart bow Assertive: She has a very forceful personality that is sometimes a little too confident.
watermelon heart bow Idiotic at times: Sometimes she has these moments where she'll forget some vital stuff....that just makes you go "...why?"

Pastel Yellow Star Bullet Pastel Yellow Heart Bullet Overall, she really does care about you, but can sometimes be lead down the wrong path. It's her biggest goal to try and think more logically, and think more about the future, rather than the now.Pastel Yellow Heart Bullet Pastel Yellow Star Bullet 

Biography"Uhhhh....Maybe a little later, 'kay?" [LOCKED]

Public Record

By: Anonymous on January 28, XXXX
Lena Young is a 16 year old girl who has been rising in popularity ever since she started a youtube channel called "L.A.Young". It has gone from no subscribers to about 100K in about 2 months which I think is insane! It makes sense though, considering she can make such detailed and unique baked goods and still almost have a personal connection with the viewer. She recently put up a Q&A video and I asked what made her start this wonderful baking hobby. She then explained that, and I quote: "It started as just a young little me playing with plastic food in a plastic oven, then turned into me with real food in a real oven when I was around 9-10 years old! When I was 13, I entered into a competition and won 3rd place. Considering that was my first time ever, I thought it was really good, and still celebrated with my family and close friends. So it started like how almost anyone starts off: Pure chance. But next comes how you want to shape and grow that little bud of potential. Thank you for participating, PamChan01!"
So there you have it! I hope you stick around for my next post in my "ALL ABOUT" series!


Bullet Point Circle Pattern - Brown Mini Notepad+Black Pen"Oh this? It's just in case anything major happens I write it down, just in case I forget."
Bullet Point Circle Pattern - Brown 
Tiny Flashlight"E-Eh...I just like having it around...."

"You can look through my stuff, once you've gained my trust." [LOCKED]

Little Pixel Wing - Bronze - Left She wants to dye her hair dark brown Little Pixel Wing - Bronze - Right
Little Pixel Wing - Bronze - Left Has an irrational fear of the dark (Explaining the flashlight) Little Pixel Wing - Bronze - Right
Little Pixel Wing - Bronze - Left She likes yellow and brown Little Pixel Wing - Bronze - Right
Little Pixel Wing - Bronze - Left She likes Apple Pie, Chocolate Cake, Bananas and Carrots Little Pixel Wing - Bronze - Right
Little Pixel Wing - Bronze - Left Her least favourite food is surprisingly enough, Carrot Cake Little Pixel Wing - Bronze - Right
(More will be added)

About You

Name: Shachi 

Time Zone: EST

Availability: Weekends are best, but if you want some other time we can talk on discord

[S-A] Roommates!
 A little piece of art with three wonderful roommates together!

From left to right:
Myung-Hee: :icontsumiisu:
Kyu-Ree: :iconanimegamette:
Chou-a: :iconbaby-g-draws:
PoL: Piper


NameAnnika "Piper" Zetterlund (She says, "Hi there! Name's Piper!")
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: September 13

Height: 5'2" Heart - pink  F2U pixel dot 160cm
Weight: 129lbs Heart - pink  F2U pixel dot 58kg


Gang: Flash Tango
Reputation: Bronze I

Stats: 40 SP
CON: 6 (-2)
STR: 4 (-3)
DEX: 13 (+2)
INT: 6 (-2)
CHR: 11 (+1)
Apologies that the stats don't match up with the art!!

Weapons: N/A


ferrugineum heart bow Cheerful: Piper is usually very happy. She likes to have fun almost all the time, and enjoys making games out of the littlest of things. She listens to music that fits this description accurately. Other smaller definitions could be an optimist, air headed, and childish, but cheerful is the one word everyone can agree to call Piper.
ferrugineum heart bow Daring: Dares are thrilling for Piper, and challenges too! She's always up for a good challenge whether it be at wits, or physical ("Not my strong suit though.."). She loved to play truth or dare as a kid, and still does! She's always up for an adventure, even if it's in a game! She loves to take side quests to be able to do the most things! She's willing to do just about anything if it means being able to have an adventure!
ferrugineum heart bow Personable: She's very in tune with other people, making her almost a friend magnet. She loves being able to talk with other people about similar things that they like, about themselves and so on! She's very bubbly and pleasing.
[ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink[ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink[ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink[ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink[ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink[ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink[ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink[ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink[ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink
ferrugineum heart bow b Stubborn: Her way is her way. She doesn't like people trying to change how she thinks ("I can do that on my own!"). She also doesn't admit to her mistakes, unless it's really serious.
ferrugineum heart bow b Opinionated: She has her opinions, and she isn't hesitant in saying them. Her decisions are almost always factored by her opinions on people and things. She is not hesitant in saying which dress looks better on someone, deciding what restaurant to go to, or even if someone is fit for another person ("But I don't talk about that one too much.")
ferrugineum heart bow b Meddlesome: She jumps into people conversations sometimes if she's bored, and doesn't always knock if she knows a door isn't locked. This is ironic because she very much appreciates her privacy and personal time.

    Piper lived in a very peaceful environment growing up. Rules were never really talked about on a serious level from her parents, and they let her do almost anything as long as it was legal. She loved it, and she loved her friends, her dog and cat, the neighbors, and of course, her brother. Her older brother, Aamod was almost like the world to her. Aamod was sweet, generous and extremely patient. He was only older by 2 years, so she adored going to school with him. Even if he tried to put up a front of "You're my annoying little sister." in front of his friends, he actually really liked going to school with her too.

    Life continued to be lovely until she turned 13, when her father left. It was heartbreaking for Aamod, but Piper couldn't fully connect. From what knew, her father was working a lot, and she didn't see him very often. When she did see him, he was always tired, or in a negative mood. But according to Aamod, he was "The reason why I am the way I am." and "An amazing father." so on, so forth. Now, Piper and Aamod were left with their mother. Aamod became a different person. He became reserved, quiet and almost cruel when he did speak. This lasted for about 2 years until Piper's birthday.

    He...apologized. He said he was sorry for how he acted those two years, and that he didn't know what had happened. Piper being the way she was, said that she forgave him in a heartbeat. She always trusted that he had his reasons, and if even he did not know them, then she was fine with that too. Life went back to normal, the occasional snap here and there, but they were very sporadic.

    Piper is now 19 years old. She returns home from hanging out with her friends, when her mom comes up to her with a worried expression on her face. Her mom said that they were losing money quicker than gaining any. Piper's father was her family's breadwinner basically. Piper, Aamod and their mom each had jobs, but it wasn't enough. Now, they are on the verge of losing their home. It was so quick, so sudden, it confused Piper to no end. But now, she had to find a different way to make more money. She started taking another job, making sure to work to the best of her abilities.

    But over time, she started wanting more. Her family was barely getting by now. So she decided to try getting more money to make them live with a little more luxury. But there was only one solution in her mind: Theft. She didn't want to, but that was the one other solution besides working so hard she collapsed one day. So she pick pocketed. She felt guilty from time to time, but she always convinced herself it was for the sake of her family.

    One day though, when she was 21, she was walking with her brother when a police officer came up to her and arrested her. She didn't understand, did they find out about her thefts? It was entirely possible. But then, she found out that she had been placed under suspension of the murder of someone that she...disliked. She didn't murder anyone! She begged and pleaded for them to reconsider, but it never worked.

    In court, she was found guilty, and sent to Lethe.

    Of course, she remembers none of this. But Piper still feels like something is wrong, that she is here for the wrong reason. That mattered to her, so she decided to ask to join Flash Tango, feeling a sort of connection to the gang. The tricksters, the thieves, the thrill seekers, she felt connected with. Seeing the more laid back nature of Flash Tango compared to the other gangs made her feel more comfortable with this gang.

warm pink star Cats
warm pink star Pastels
warm pink star Spicy Food
warm pink star Feathers (She collects different coloured ones)

F2U BULLET | Black Feather 2 Overly-Formal People
F2U BULLET | Black Feather 2 Being called short
F2U BULLET | Black Feather 2 People taking her cat beanie
F2U BULLET | Black Feather 2 Overly Gorey/Brutal things
Relationships: Note me or dm me on Discord if you wanna hc!
Rochelle: Piper enjoys swapping and sharing music with her! She generally thinks of Rochelle as a cool person.

OtherRainbow Bullet - F2U! EST Rainbow Bullet - F2U! Nothing 18+ or gorey Rainbow Bullet - F2U! Will probably add more as I think of them


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