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    You slowly opened your eyes and found yourself standing in an endless field of flowers. Sunflowers, to be exact. It reminded you of someone. That someone was Russia, or Ivan Braginsky. In fact, you swore you heard his voice call out for you.
    "[Name]," you heard the voice call out for you again.
    "Yes?" you said out loud. You looked around you and just saw an endless sight of sunflowers. In the distance, you saw a tan figure standing in a large patch of sunflowers. Something waved around it, from which it looked like arms from the way you looked at it. The longer you looked at the figure, the urge for you to run towards it got stronger. It felt like the figure emitted some kind of aura that would pull you in. You then took one step forward. Then another. Next thing you know, you found yourself running.
     The tall man with the scarf had his back turned to you as you got closer. You immediately recognized the man as Russia. When you stopped behind him, he turned to you and gave you a soft smile. "Privet [Name]!" he greeted.
     "Privet Ivan! What are you doing in my dream?" You then saw Russia's expression turn serious. He played with the end of his scarf and looked at the ground. 

     "You still remember all of us countries, da?"

     "Of course!" you exclaimed. Wait, how was Russia talking to you in a dream if he's just a figment of imagination? It felt so real, if you reached out to touch him, you could probably feel the soft fabric.

     Russia then took a deep breath and sighed. "We're fading, [Name]. People in your world slowly forget of our humanly existence. Your one of the few people who actually prevent us from disappearing," he said sadly. You opened your mouth to say something, but Russia turned around. You thought you heard him talking to himself. He then nodded to the air and turned back to you. "England told me something bad will happen tomorrow at your school, sunflower. Here, take this and never take it off." Ivan then unwrapped his scarf that was adorned around his neck and wrapped it around yours.

     "I-Ivan? But I don't get it!" you said in confusion as you adjusted the scarf around your neck. The ends of the sleeves were just about one centimeter above the dirty ground. Ivan just smiled at you.

     "Don't worry, we will tell you more when we find you. You can give me back the scarf when we meet each other in real life," he said and turned around. He then started to walk away.

     "Wait, Ivan!" you called out to him as you reached out for him but he then suddenly melted into the wind. You let your arm drop back down to your side. "Ivan. . ."
     You then jolted up in your bed. You looked around and saw that you were back in your room. You punched your pillow in anger. 'Dang it! It was just a dream!' you thought sadly. You then felt something around your neck. You shot up your hand to your neck and looked down at the same time. A pinkish white scarf was wrapped around you neck, keeping it warm. It had a faint smell of vodka and flowers. It was the scarf Russia's older sister Ukraine gave to him when Russia was just a small nation. 

     "[Name]! Your breakfast is getting cold!" you heard your mother call up from downstairs in the kitchen. Oh, no! You forgot about school! 

     You then rushed to get your school uniform on and managed to put on the top without removing the scarf. When you were done, you grabbed the brush on the stand and ran out your bedroom door and started to rush down the stairs, brushing your hair at the same time. You jumped the last few steps and quickly went to the kitchen and sat down. A plate of toast with butter on top of in sat in front of you. Setting the brush aside, you quickly gobbled up the toast and washed your hands. You then ran back upstairs and brushed your teeth.

     "Okay, I'm going now!" you said to your mom as you picked up your [f/c] bag from the floor. 

     "Where do you think your going with that scarf?" your mother said as she held the other end of the scarf. 

     You turned around. "Mother, please let go of the scarf. It's possible that it's going to get cold on the way to school and I just wanted to be prepared," you lied to her. She then reluctantly let go of the scarf and waved you off.

     "Hey [Name], why are you wearing that ridiculous scarf? It's HOT in here!" your friend [fr/n] said as she looked at your scarf. You shrugged.

     "I have to. But whatever you do, don't touch the scarf," you said in warning.

     [fr/n] then smirked at you and grabbed the end of your scarf and laughed out loud. You then snapped her head towards her and glared at her. "I thought I said not to touch the scarf!" you growled.

     She instantly let go of the scarf and backed away slightly. "Whoa, calm down!"

     "That's what I thought. Now, let's get to class." As you walked, you got weird stares from other students. You thought of taking it off, but Ivan told you not to take it off. You then remembered that Ivan warned you that something bad will happen during class. What was going to happen? 


     "Okay, now turn to page two-hundred ninety-six. We are now going to learn about World War Two." A bunch of groans erupted from from the current History class you were in. You silently fist pumped. This was going to be so easy to get an A in. 

     "Before we read," the History teacher started. "Would anyone tell me about what you know about World War Two?" You looked around and saw that no one raised your hand. You smirked. This was your time to shine.

     You shot your hand up. Your friend who sat next to you gave you a weird look. "You actually study this?" she whispered to you.

     "Shut up. War is interesting to me," you whispered back to her. Plus you learn some history from Hetalia.

     "[Name]," your teacher called.

     "One of the reasons why WW Two started was because Italy wanted to be awarded with more territory and wanting to be a world power. The Axis consisted mainly of Japan, Germany, and Italy. They made the Tripartite Pact. France and Great Britain declared war on Germany. The Allies were mainly America, Russia, China, France, and United Kingdom. America however declared himself neutral when the war started, but when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, America declared war against him, joining the fight. The long war then ended with Japan's surrender," you said. You would go into more detail, but would take up most of the class time.

     The teacher looked at your with a surprised face and then nodded. "Very. . . good [Name]!"

     "How do you know all of this?" your friend asked you. 

     "Hetalia," you answered and rolled your eyes. Didn't your friend know about Hetalia? You would always talk about it. 

     "What's that?" 

     "WHAT?!" you exclaimed loudly. "How can you NOT know what it is?! We would always talk about it!"

     A strange smell then slowly filled the room. Something told you that you cannot breath it in. 'Something bad is going to happen.' you recalled Russia's words. You then pulled his favorite scarf over your mouth and nose so you wouldn't inhale the horrid scent. You looked around and saw people slumped over in their seat. You then turned to your friend just in time to see her close her eyes and let out a soft snore. "Vas zhe hell?" you said, accidentally saying it with a German accent. 

     You quickly got up from your seat. Your slightly got dizzy but quickly recovered. You ran towards the door and reached out to open the door. You threw the door open and ran out into the hallway. You then pulled the scarf away from your mouth and took a deep breath. A weird scent made it's way to you and then your vision started to swirl. "Verdammt," you swore at yourself as you slowly fell to the floor. 

    You woke up and immediately found yourself bound to a metal chair. You then started to panic. Were you kidnapped?! You tried to loosen the ropes that bound your wrists together but it just stayed tight. The rope burned into your skin. Your growled in frustration and struggled around in your chair. 

    "It is useless to struggle," you heard a man's voice say. You looked up and saw a man with a black suit and wore shades.

    "Who are you?! Why am I here?!" you shouted at him. 

    "Classified. But I will tell you that we are an organization that will wipe out the existence of the personified countries."

    "NO! You wouldn't!" you screamed as you kicked your bound legs.

    The man smirked. "Oh, but we will. Those countries are what makes their government and military stronger. We cannot let that happen. The world will be unbalanced.

    "We managed to erase most of other people's memories of those stupid countries. If no one remembers them, they will fade away. And thus-" the man snapped his fingers. "Will be forgotten."

    Your eyes widened. This was the thing Russia was talking about. He said that they were fading. And you were the one of the very few people who kept them from fading. Scheisse, scheisse, scheisse! You didn't want to forget them! They help you get A's in History! Plus, they gave you motivation to do tons of stuff. 

    "But first, we need to get rid of your memories about them." The man then walked closer to you. You sank deeper into your uncomfortable chair as the strange man walked closer. The man then noticed your scarf. He took the end of it. "Oh, dear. Your addicted to the countries. You even bought this cheap scarf. Huh, I'll just take this." The man then began to slowly unwrapped the scarf.

    You growled. Just before he took it of entirely, you managed to stand up and tackle him. "Don't touch his scarf." A faint aura started to envelop you. You quickly undid your ropes and stood up. "Sayonara."

    You then walked out of the room, with the scarf waving behind you. The place seemed oddly quiet. You rushed to find the front door so that you could get out of the place.

    'Turn left.' you heard a familiar voice say in your head. It had a slight irritated sound to it and had an English accent to it.

    'Iggy?' you thought.

    '. . . Just turn left.' You smirked. England didn't even tell you not to use his nickname he didn't like. You turned left of the plain white hallway with little windows showing the outside.

    'Now what?' you asked England.

    'Erm. . Right.'

    You found a giant door in front of you. Getting excited, your rushed to the door.

    'Good job poppet.'   
Yep new series! Woo!

Can you, a human, save the countries from disappearing?! Their lives are now in your hands! Will you forget them, or will you fight with them? 

I haven't written things for a while. Sorry if I'm uploding GerxReadxPrus slow, I have to write out the chapter then type it out in Stash. And I either can't find the time to write it, or I'm just lazy to write. 

Anyways, I got into the anime Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)! I like it. Wait no, LOVE IT! Especially dreamy Lance Corporal Levi. . . 
Levi Rivaille (Tornado Slash) [V1] Levi Rivaille (Preparing) [Shingeki no Kyojin] Levi (Replies Back) [V4] Levi Rivaille (Talks) [V2] Levi Rivaille (Time to Kill) [V2]  He's mine
:iconfrenchsquealplz: He's just so. . . :iconcannotevenplz: (I'm planning to write a fanfiction about him and the reader [i already started it]. Should I?)

Original picture does not belong to me! It belongs to whoever created the picture. (I edited it so it looks like they're fading. I'm sorry if I'm not supposed to to that!

You belong to *unknown* 

Chapter 2:…

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