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Asian Girl Vol. 1
By animegamer001   |   Watch
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Published: February 24, 2005
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I'm continuing the line of photo-realism pencil drawings! This is Asian Girl #2, or Vol. 1 (because I don't know her name, and I plan to draw a few more)

The School of Visual Arts called me the other day and wanted more direct-observation drawings rather than all my anime/manga style drawings. So I made this. Enjoy!
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MyNameIsDestinyHobbyist Filmographer
So pretty!
AngelYarn's avatar
AngelYarnHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this! I kind of like that it's blown out, but maybe I'm weird. I've never been good with with pencil drawings or shading but I look at blown out fashion photos a lot for work so I get the contrasty thing.
I love her eyes/eyelashes and her hair. :)
Tamstersax's avatar
Great job on this! Very impressive!
Being-Human's avatar
This is absolutely stunning. I love the narrowed eyes laced with such thick lashes. A very welcomed change from wide Asian eyes (though, I love them too). Well done!
TomKilbane's avatar
TomKilbaneProfessional Traditional Artist
its a great job. just keep lightly drawing with the side of the pencil to get more depth...dont be afraid to turn your page around. even upside down if you have to. you will see no need for fingers anymore. as in this one [link] the original would be better to look at, but i no longer have it. just my thoughts on it.
emeraldbeauty's avatar
wow! there is this show called avatar the last airbender and this pic looks like one of the characters named Suki!^^
cherushi7's avatar
nice! she reminds me of nana!
Biggoof's avatar
Nice Rena Tanaka!!!!
shumworld's avatar
wow that looks great. another awesome pencil rendering. anychance we can see the photo for comparison?
shumworld's avatar
wow that looks great. another awesome pencil rendering. anychance we can see the photo for comparison?
unratedx's avatar
this is superv so far but i think theres too mutch lighting on the right cheek.
baset's avatar
your shading is aweinspering.
maguro-chan's avatar
maguro-chan Digital Artist
Wow~! Very Cool~!X3
u have skill! bro~!
it would be awesome~! if u use pastel! :3
Yuffie1972's avatar
Yuffie1972Professional Traditional Artist
:wow: excellent pencil work :O
Staticcurve's avatar
good work so far on this.. I could never do this level of work with a pencil, but if you are looking for a crit I think I can help. the lighting is real nice, but a little blown out. if you are trying to draw photoreal you need another level of detail. accent the blown out areas (her nostral and avoid using all that white space. The hair could use some more highlighing and shadow.. it seems very "flat" at the moment. I also think you are losing the shape of the nose by the lack of shading. If you are looking for more of a professional Critique check out [link] I hope this helps, good luck at school, you have some amazing potential
animegamer001's avatar
animegamer001 Traditional Artist
yeah, i noticed i needed to give it more depth... I took a picture i found on the internet and upped the contrast alot because i wanted her skin to be super-highlighted and have a really big contrast with her spiky hair

thanks for the comment! i didn't know i'd get this much feedback from it ^^; i always set all my pictures to "advanced critique" and i mostly get "that's so cute!" or "that's awesome!" back ^^; i guess i'll have to set it to normal critique now lol
clessalvein's avatar
I've just started to explore drawing portraits, and drooling over your pieces is a good place to start I guess O.O

Wow on the lighting effects, but you seem to be in this for the criticism, so I'll be nitpicky and say that the shading could be smoother. I suggest using your finger (even though art teachers are always picky about not doing this. tsk tsk.)
animegamer001's avatar
animegamer001 Traditional Artist
i do use my finger to rub it in ^^; i was trying to get her skin super-highlighted though
neverman's avatar
over all i think this drawing is superb . specially the eyes.
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