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by mjwills

Initially, I feel the need to say that this thing of yours is quite fan-bloody-tastic. The method you have gone with is truly prodigeou...





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Q: What do you use to create your art?
For my lineart I use .5mm pencils with either regular office-supply graphite or blue-lead. In both cases I prefer to use 110lb cardstock, but regular printer paper works just as well in a pinch.

For digital work I use Photoshop CS5 or Paint Tool SAI, depending on what it is I am working on.

Q: Where do you purchase your materials?
In the event that I need pencils and paper, I usually go to office-supply stores, such as Office Depot or Staples. If I need blue lead, I normally order that online from Pentel (art supply stores are notoriously out of stock). For my other artistic needs, I either go to Utrect or Plaza.

Q: For your traditional artwork, how do you manage scanning your work? Do you feel the brand/type of scanner makes a difference?
For the time being, I use an HP Officejet v40 (…which is about 12 years old now). This is why I don’t have anything from sketchbooks or stuff from art class posted; there is no way for me to scan it in.

As far as the hardware is concerned; no, it doesn’t make a difference. The only thing that matters really is how large your scanning area is.

Q: How long does a drawing take, in all your chosen mediums?
Depends on far too many factors for me to answer easily. Some sketches have taken me a few minutes while there are some drawings I have lost track of how many hours I’ve put into it.

Q: How often do you draw?
I *try* to draw a little every day…even if they are mindless doodles when I should be taking notes in a meeting.

Q: Do you have any tips for lineart/coloring?
Yeah, draw and color. If you have a digital art program, don’t be afraid to screw around with stuff. If you don’t and money is not an object, do the same thing with any manner of materials of your choosing.

Q: Do you sketch your drawings and trace later over them for lineart or do you use the same page/layer?
Ok, seriously, it really depends on the situation again. I’ve sketched out ideas only to expand on them further on the same page because I liked what came out, others get entire new pages. Sometimes I will work a sketch, take it to a light table to make some cleaner lineart, only to take that to the light table again 2 or 3 more times before I’m satisfied.

Q: Do you draw with any tutorial-style guidelines when you begin?
While I certainly apply the concepts I have picked up from a number of tutorials (such as setting up a skeletal structure/framework), I avoid a lot of tutorials like the plague unless there is a specific effect that I am looking for. I don’t need my work to look like it came from the exact same cookie-cutter styled colorist.

Q: How do you get over an artist's block?
I usually take four or five steps to the right (or left) and then press on.

Q: What is your favorite thing to draw?
My favorite thing? Mecha, armor, weapons and atrocities…what appears in my gallery tells a different story. You see, I am actually pretty good at the stuff I like to draw, but I need to get better at the squishy stuff (and I’m not necessarily talking about female body parts).

Q: At what age did you consider/begin getting into art?
No idea. I’ve been doodling and drawing ever since I could remember. That may be a painfully common answer, but it’s true.

Q: Did you ever attend art classes/school/academy/college? Did they benefit?
Yes; I took the required classes in high school, but I also took some basic classes through the Art Academy of Cincinnati for a painfully brief time and a number of courses through University of Maryland University College. And yes, I do feel that the more consistent and recent classes have helped me a lot.

Q: Did you ever try to adapt to someone else's style or start with developing your own?
I think I have always had my own style. Even when I was a lot younger when I traced pictures from video game manuals, they still looked different from the picture I traced from. Never could figure it out really…

Q: What types of color combinations are your favorite to experiment with?
Hmmm… well, I can’t say for sure, as I really don’t color too often.

Q: Do you prefer digital or traditional? Does either have an easier skill level/set of benefits over the other?
I prefer traditional, as that is where I have the most experience. I am working to change this by doing more digitally, but that doesn’t come overnight.
Both mediums I think have their own learning curve, and you can do things in one medium that you can’t do in the other. So I really can’t say if one is better than the other. It all comes down to personal preference really.

Q: Are you happy with your current level of art? Do you wish to improve?
Fuck no, I’m not satisfied! I am always looking for ways to get better. Of course actual execution is another kettle of worms and I need to put the time into that… which I have been lacking lately. But I do what I can…

Q: Do you plan before touching a layer/sketchbook, or make it up as you go?
A little of column A and a little of column B.

Q: What kind of tablet/sketchbook do you use?
For my digital work, I have an Intuos 4. Traditional stuff is pretty much regulated to whatever is within reach.

Q: What digital painting program do you use?
Paint Tool SAI and Adobe CS5

Q: Do you feel supported with your artwork? How do you deal with the choice of life/school/work/parental advice when pursuing your art?
Not really, no. I get very little feedback from my friends, and my parents can’t be bothered to give a damn (the ones that are still alive anyway).

Right now, work and school go hand in hand, with life and art taking a back seat to them. While I don’t decline going out with my friends in favor of art…I often bring my drawing materials with me.

Q: Do you listen to music/watch TV/read while drawing?
WinAmp is always running when I am at my computer. Enough said. If I watch anything, it would be fellow artists as they stream, but that is rare because it is a distraction.

Q: Who/what are your inspirations that you feel show in your artwork?
Most “Old School” anime (mostly stuff from the 70’s through the 90’s) has been an influence. Some artists like Joe Mad, Newt Ewell, Masamune Shirow and Fred Perry have also added some influence to my style as well.

Q: What have you done in order to obtain the financial necessity to purchase your tools?
I work, duh.

Q: Do you do requests/trades/commissions? Do you have a link that explains more in depth?
I very rarely do requests. I have done one or two at conventions, but I have to remotely feel like doing it. I would do trades if I felt that someone would want to trade with me. I offer commissions when I am at conventions.

Q: Do you have any final words for me?
Reality is for those who can’t handle √-1.

Got a new furnace

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 27, 2015, 10:38 AM

Convention Status

MAGFEST: 23-26 January, National Harbor, MD
Table stuff fell through, so I'm just going for the video games and music

Katsucon: 13-15 February, National Harbor, MD
May go, may not. If I do, it will likely only be for a day.

BronyCon: 7-9 August, Baltimore, Maryland
Submitted a request for a table. Won't know whether or not I got it until mid-March.

Any other conventions are pending time, money and interest.

I DO take requests in that I will entertain any request. Whether or not I will actually work on the request is another matter entirely. The fact of the matter is that a request is just that: a request; something that you would like to see me do. This said, I am under NO obligation to do it at all.

If you're still here and want to request something from me send me a note or email and then wait. I will either do it or I won't. If you ask me whether or not I got your message about the request, rest assured that I have and that I have at least skimmed it over and am considering it. Good ways to ensure that I will NOT do your request include, but are not limited to:
- Requests that are outside of my interests (take a look at my gallery and faves to get an idea of what those are).
- Requests that put my characters outside of what they normally do or suggest that they behave differently than how they normally would.
- Badgering, pestering or otherwise being a nuisance is a quick way to see your request sent to a quantum singularity never to be heard from are on my time and I've got stuff to do.
- Should a request actually get completed, you accept it as-is. Period.
- Friends, family and business partners get special dispensation and are far more likely to be considered. Those people know who they are...and no, just because you are on my 'Friends' list here or are watching me does not make you my friend by default.

If you find that these terms are unreasonable, then put some money on the table and commission me. You will find that I am MUCH more reasonable and FAR more inclined to bend over backwards for you.

As you all know, it's snowing up north. We happen to be up north. The other night one of the roommates smelled a gas leak. Got the gas company to come check it out. Turns out there was one. The furnace in this house is about 20 years old and is finally trying to kill us all because it just decides to stop working in the middle of this snow storm.

So right now, the gas is off in the middle of winter in a house where pretty much everything heat-related (stove, oven, water) is all gas-powered. So in addition to it being cold, we also can’t cook and have no hot water (meaning no showers, can’t do the dishes or other stuff you need hot water for). Making matters worse is the fact that the gas company will not turn the gas back on until the repairs have been made.

I have done some price-checking and we’re looking at something between $3,500 and $5,000 for a new furnace. This is money that we just don’t have right now, so we’re reaching out to the internet for help.

I can do commission work (I don’t have a proper price-listing just yet), and I know that my roommates also can do this as well and I am also accepting donations.

If you want to commission me, drop me an email (, DA or Tumblr note with ‘Emergency Commission’ in the subject line, this way I will be able to organize and prioritize things. Also, because I am working a full time job *and* presently a full-time student, I cannot guarantee any sort of quick turnaround. To be clear, I WILL do what I can to get any artwork that is owed out as quickly as possible, I just ask folks to have patience because any time to work on projects is limited.

If you want to donate, I have a “PayPal Donate” button on my Tumblr or just send the money directly to my PayPal using my email address:

I understand that things are tight right now for a lot of folks, so even if you can’t afford to send any money, just getting the word out would be a huge help as well.


Between all of the help from folks online and my sister, I was able to purchase a brand new furnace from Sears on Wednesday and it was installed on Friday. While I did have a bit of a row with the gas company (would have been nice to know it took 24 hours to process a request!), the gas was just turned back on not too long ago. After everything was turned on/checked and a few tests for no new leaks was done, we are now good to go!

Again, I want to thank everybody who helped or just got the word out. I really appreciate it. Thank you!

Commission List:


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