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Jose Carioca X Reader
Jose Carioca x Reader
Thank You For Always Being There For Me
I sighed in exhaustion as I finally finished up my last comic panel for my latest project I’m working on.
“Thank god I’ve finished,” I said as I collapsed on my bed and started looking up at the ceiling.
My thoughts then wandered to my best friend, since childhood, my crush and also my favorite character of The Three Caballeros, Jose Carioca.
“I wish I could’ve told him sooner,” I thought as I sighed sadly.
“He’s probably busy with Donald and Panchito or maybe chasing after other girls,”
I chuckled softly after I thought of Jose chasing after girls, which I found cute but sometimes would make me jealous.
My thoughts were interrupted when I heard something small and hard thrown at my window. I looked over to see a small pebble thrown at my bedroom window. I grumbled as I walked over to the window and begin to open. As soon as I opened the window, I felt a pebble hit
:iconguardianarchangel:guardianarchangel 41 30
The Princess of Prongs: Intro
There was a time when the world was young and not yet carved by the river of progress. The skin of the earth grew with purpose, stretching over every bone from the arching spine of the white capped mountains to the heaving breast of glacial ice.
Upon this sleeping and gentle giant, there was a land, once named Ötztaler by the Germanic settlers of the Iron Age, but to the beasts and breezes it was always known as Mathair Barrog. ‘Mother’s Embrace’ the stones would tell you, if one were willing to wait for their patient response. When man came to this place, and began taming it to his will, he changed more than just the name. His herd was different than the others, and after some time (far more than the passing of seasons, and much longer than the maturing of young groves into somber forests) man’s herd seemed to grow tired of living as the other animals did. His burrows became larger and more permanent. He stopped traveling with the seasons and instead
:iconboxjelly1:Boxjelly1 32 35
Revali's Regret
He couldn't help but sit and think. He hated himself.
He HATED himself.
So much.
He wanted his life to end.
And he wasn't even alive anymore.
Revali's Gale was all he had left. And he gave it away. He was nothing anymore, and he didn't refuse to admit it.
It all began just before Link left.
The Hero of Hyrule had just defeated Windblight Ganon, and the Rito Champion had just delivered his speech. He knew Link was going to leave at any second. He could feel it in Medoh. It was calling out to him, telling him that his time was nearly up. He had to say something. He needed to say something. But he know he didn't have time. If he admitted even just one of his insecurities to Link, he knew he'd break down. And there just wasn't enough time for him to say everything he wanted to say, anyway.
Truth is, the Revali had always admired Link. It was true. What most assumed to be jealousy, was in fact, admiration. The Hero of Hyrule was everything a man could wish to be, and he was only young. Bare
:icontouchofstardust:TouchOfStardust 30 17
Human!Male!Arceus X Reader - The Old Chateau
You loved sweets like no other. In fact you tried every local sweets in the whole Sinnoh Region. Except for one: The Old Gateau.
You always wanted to try this special treat but you have to go inside the Old Chateau. It's not like you're scared, it's just you're not a big fan of abandoned, scary-looking mansions.
Arceus and the rest of your Team Pokemon rolled their eyes at this. They definitely know that you're just scared and since you're a person who gets offended easily, you wanted to prove them wrong.
So one day, you entered the Eterna Forest with Arceus who doesn't want to leave your side apparently. You assured him that you'll be fine but he refused to go home.
For a Legendary of his caliber, he worries too much. But you can tell that he actually cares about you, making you happy.
Now you're standing in front of the Old Chateau and gulped. Many people said, that this mansion is the most scariest place in the Sinnoh Region. You shivered. The dark aura surrounding this mansion cree
:iconpikablaze:PikaBlaze 135 8
Human!Male!Arceus X Reader - First Errand
"Good Morning, Arceus!" The tall male nodded in your direction and took a seat. It's been only a few days since you caught him in the Hall of Origin.
You must admit, he slowly adapted to the environment. VERY slowly. He still don't understand the lifestyle of humans especially the technical things they created. 
He called your television a "electrical picture box" or your Pokedex a "weird Pokemon dictionary". At least you won't get bored with Arceus around.
"Is there something you want for breakfast, Arceus?" He's not a picky eater and eats everything you cooked. You wondered what kind of food he ate when he was in his Pokemon Form.
The more you think about it, the more you get a headache. Seriously, his whole existence screamed "mysterious". But he's the Alpha Pokemon. He can probably survive for years without any nourishment.
Arceus thought for a while. "I'm fine with anything, really. But I want to eat the round cakes again that you baked with a frying pan." You looked a
:iconpikablaze:PikaBlaze 179 35
Human!Male!Arceus X Reader - Legendary Meeting
You can't believe it. You finally got the Azure Flute to get to the Hall of Origin. And you even managed to catch Arceus. But after you let it out of the Ball, he transformed! Into a human!
Well, you can't exactly complain though because he looks pretty handsome in his Human Form but it still surprised you. Now you're standing in front of this legendary man who's eyeing you in curiosity.
"So...what do you intend to do now, human?" You glared at him. "First off: Please call me (Y/N) and right now I'm confused. Why did you transform into a HUMAN?!"
Arceus blinked. "Why shouldn't I? You can't even imagine how long I isolate myself from humanity. I want to learn more of this world. I'm sure it changed a lot since last I visited the human world."
You quirked a brow. "And how long has it been since your last visit?" Arceus looked at you. "You really want to know that?" You turned your head away. "Ehm, no. Better not."
Arceus keeps staring at you, making you uncomfortable. "Anyway I on
:iconpikablaze:PikaBlaze 181 20
Spend the Night (Arceus X Reader)
WARNING: This is not a HUMAN Arceus x reader. Arceus is still a pokemon in this fic and the reader is a human. Also the title is NOT an innuendo I promise.
Arceus watched over the many corners of the universe from the spheres that orbited around him while he floated in the middle of his dimension. His power flowed through the multiple dimensions, the one he was most interested in being the dimension of life where the planet called earth resides with the many pokemon and humans alike calling it home. A sphere quickly moved by Arceus’ vision and what was on it caught his attention, but the orb was already gone and lost in the rest; he spread the orbs about searching for the specific one he had seen until it floated by again. This time he caught it and it levitated towards him so that he could see the vision swirling inside of it, he watched as a human being sat cowardly under a rock overhang while said human’s hair swirled around their face in a whirlwind of (h/c) locks. The
:iconpiemuncher18:PieMuncher18 79 8
MLP: Cotton 'n Greg
Greg was stealth incarnate.  He was the rushing shadow in the dark, that little shape in the corner of your eye that was gone long before you could get a decent look at it.  He was the ultimate infiltrator, the perfect spy: a creature capable of melding into any environment, slipping around completely undetected.  Until he wished to strike, that is.  As a changeling, he was the perfect predator, living atop a food chain in an order that none dared challenge.
Alighting on the roof of a tiny farmhouse, Greg ditched his pegasus disguise for his natural, glorious changeling form.  In a flash of green fire, his light-blue fur and warm, inviting eyes became the black chitin and cold blue orbs he was born with.  Licking his reformed fangs, he grinned.  ‘Too easy,’ he thought as he skittered along the edge of the roof and made his way to a darkened window.  Pressing himself against the glass, he almost sighed with how easily it slid open.
:iconkildeez:kildeez 74 26
Horrortale: Date with Sans by Sour-Apple-Studios Horrortale: Date with Sans :iconsour-apple-studios:Sour-Apple-Studios 1,823 355
Strange Magic No Good Deed: Chapter 1
In the Fairy Kingdom, under a blossom tree near the castle, fairies and elves were busy at work; hanging up flowers and lanterns for that evening’s festivities. Tonight was a special night, more special than the Spring Ball or any other holiday. It was a party to celebrate Princess Marianne and the Bog King’s wedding, which was in three days’ time.
Everyone was excited for the wedding, but none as excited as the younger Princess Dawn. She was the self-proclaimed wedding planner and she loved every second of her job. Ever since Bog and Marianne announced their engagement she had spent months choosing flowers, designing brides maid dresses, preparing a guest list, arranging the food and the music, all that wedding stuff. At this point, all Marianne and Bog had to do was show up.
Dawn was looking over the decorating, wearing a blue dress with pink petals around her waist, as two of the fairies were placing up the yellow daisies she frowned and bit a nail.
“Not bad,
:iconwritterinthearthat:WritterInTheArtHat 15 5
Undertale Literature: 'If' Comic
Sans looked down at the writhing child coldly, stepping closer only to land a hard kick into Frisk's stomach. The wound was large in scale; it consumed their little body and blood pooled beneath them, staining their clothes. The stench of iron and salt was thick in the air and Sans revelled in it; his grin just seemed to stretch and grow with the pain the evil urchin endured. It was never in his nature to enjoy another's suffering, but this case was an exception... This little beast killed his brother.
They should be burning in hell on a day like this.
Frisk continued to feebly gasp and strain to live, even when there was no chance of that happening. Sans couldn't bring himself to tame his smile, if only momentarily. "That's what you get, you dirty brother killer..." He knew that Papyrus would not approve of this sociopathic behaviour. But he was no longer here to hold Sans back. As he addressed the child, there was hatred in their eyes and it spewed from their mouth as incoherent sent
:iconhazespawn:HazeSpawn 487 130
Starfire and Red X fanfiction
Ch. 1 First impressions are not always the last
Couple-Red x and starfire
"Titans, GO!" Robin exclaimed.
Since Robin was revealed to be Red x, there had been less crimes. One day, there was a break out, and juvenile deliquent. He had stolen the Red X suit secretly from Robin without anyone knowing, until there was a crime at the bank.
Starfire, Raven and Beastboy all flew out the door. Cyborg and Robin got into Cy's car and followed the signal to the crime scene.
They arrived at the crime scene, the bank. They all got in there regular stance form. "Titans, now!"
Starfire flew into the air, her eyes bright green with anger. Her hands fisted with fury ready to starbolt Red X. "I do not wish to fight you, so p- " Starfire was cut off by a giant Red x shooting at her and trapped her on the wall. "This is not right, please, let me go!" She screamed.
"Azarath, Metrion, Zenthuis!" Raven chanted as darkness fllooded her eyes and 2 poles began crunching together and flew at Red X. "Leave my fri
:iconstarfirerobin98:starfirerobin98 14 23
Hello My Friend
The shadows from the leaves silently painted a silhouette amongst the fertile soil as a lovely woman of 5'3" and chestnut-colored hair stood alongside the brush. Nimble fingers grazed across delectable blueberries as the blueberries rebounded from the impact. Picking one from the bunch, she brought it in-between plush lips, picking the skin of the blueberry with her teeth as she took in its juices.
Consuming a handful of blueberries from the bush, the woman's small frame stood out amongst the present Evergreen and Oakwood foliage surrounding her.
"A prince must always strive to make  well of first impressions," a regal stag callously interrupted his son from whatever thought process might have occurred.
"I'll behave, dad."
"Please, Bambi. Be good for Belle now," the stag implored the younger male beside him.
"Who goes there?" A vulnerable female called out amongst the tranquil environment.
The stag rustled an overpass with its firm antlers, alerting the woman of an approaching pre
:iconlilmisspeppy:LilMissPeppy 5 8
The Glade
It was strange to be there, the glade he often visited, and always alone - but for this time.
It was one of very few dwellings he considered, in a non-possessive way, to be his own.
The forest was always beautiful, even in the dead of winter - but it didn’t capture the imagination or send your heart fluttering the way this place did. It was a small place, and none but a deer would have ever noticed it upon passing through. But the Great Prince knew of it.
He knew, also, that it was from the presence of his curious guest that the surreal sensation was coming from. Never in all his life did he imagine that he could stand beside a human without the threat of death looming over him.Yet there they were, maiden and stag, looking for all the world as if they had known each other their whole lives.
The woman, Belle, drew in a soft breath upon entering the glade. It was dusk, and the visitors were graced with a rare sunset made even more spectacular by a thin veil of clouds. It cast a pur
:iconbladescream:Bladescream 3 4
Belle of the Ball
Belle stood in the corner of the gilded ballroom watching as the dancers made their graceful turns across the floor. She had promised her father she would make an effort tonight but she was finding it hard to keep her mind on the party. She couldn't stop thinking about him and all the peculiar moments they had shared, each more bewildering than the last. Oh she remained true to her word for her father and danced with any man who seemed interested, and there had been many, but the company of Earl's sons and banker's boys were nothing compared to the Prince. 
Yes she thought, and smiled to herself. He was a prince. A prince of the forest. Not quite a king for that implied too much. But a prince...He possessed the airs of such a title better than any man here. 
As a gentleman approached and offered her his hand, Belle smiled and took her place for the next waltz.
They began to dance. The spinning motion lulled her into a pensive dreamlike state. Belle hardly
:iconboxjelly1:Boxjelly1 13 22
When in Need
On the sprawling hillside behind her father's chateau, Belle was hanging laundry on a line to dry. The sun shone brightly on the wild world that loomed beyond their property. In the dazzling light of midday, this vast expanse of forest and mountains seemed to beckon against the blue and never-ending sky. Belle smiled as she draped damp fabric over the tethered rope. The wind was hiding in her skirts like a playful child and now and then she had to brush away stray strands of hair from tickling her face.
After securing the last white sheet Belle stepped back from her work and gave a satisfied sigh. A Job well done, no matter how simple, was always gratifying. As the wind picked up she turned her gaze to the mountains looking to the source of the gale. She held her hand against the side of her face, shielding her eyes from the sun as her hair continued to pull in the breeze.
Belle remembered running to the edge of this meadow, throwing her hands to the sky and wishing for adventure in th
:iconboxjelly1:Boxjelly1 10 6




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